Child Abuse Video: Crazy mom assaults daughter on Snapchat livestream video

Mother abuses her daughter on Snapchat video/

Crazy mom beats daughter on video.

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NEW JERSEY — Law enforcement officials in New Jersey are investigating after a video went viral that shows a belligerent mother beating the sh*t out of her 12-year-old daughter in Rodney King fashion. The pummeling was livestreamed via Snapchat to thousands of viewers. In the video, the mother begins with an elucidation to the audience as to why she plans to batter her inquisitive 6th grader. “This little girl is 12-years-old. She’s only in the 6th grade,” the mother explained.

“She wanna be grown so I’m gonna show her who’s grown.”

At her mom’s behest, the little girl removed her trousers. Seconds later, the mother started thwacking her with a belt. Then she upped the ante by punching and kicking the child repeatedly. The mother also stomped on the caterwauling youngster as she laid helplessly on the floor.

It’s one of the most disturbing child abuse incidents ever seen.

To mom’s chagrin, the little girl posted nude pics on social media.

It’s probably safe to assume she’ll never do it again.

Watch the crazy video.

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    Blame all violent acts like this on them dam Popeyes chicken sammiches👈🏿 smmh 👈🏿

  2. sandra vigileos

    She was stomping on her own daughter!! WTF??? DAMN I’LL SHOW THIS TO THE COPS!

  3. That so called mother needs to go to jail!!

  4. That bitch mad because she having man problems. So she took it out on her child.

  5. WTF?! NAW MANE that’s waaaayyyy TOO far!!

  6. she stomped her like kane stomped buddy in menace to society

  7. Now discipline is one thing but this shit is cruel,evil,an disgusting. Her mom needs help she has some real issues within herself. Treating your child like trash an putting it out in the open for the world to see pitiful. Wow!!!!!!

  8. Smh😴🤦🏽‍♂️ she didnt have to do all that

  9. the stomping crossed the line. she needs to go to jail for that shit. I’m all for discipline but her stomping the child shows she has no control. kid needs to be moved away from home asap

  10. She went way to far. What a piece of shit.

  11. Anything for clout

  12. gimmieasmallslice

    I got quiet at 47bseconds. I thought she died

  13. This some scum bag shit all day if you wasn’t conditioned to raise a child close your fucking legs because calling her a bitch and stomping her out was over the top lock her up and throw away the key

  14. crawlŚpaceČreeper1060

    I can’t wait til she get her raggedy ass to jail so they can stomp her ass out!!!!

  15. I actually thought this was fake, why tf would you disrespect your daughter like that?

  16. quizackhaderack

    That’s called nigga love.

  17. theworldisending

    A lot of y’all are soft. Where the fuck do you think the phrase “break my foot off in dat ass” came from.

    Maybe she’ll think twice before being a little hoe on snap. Hell, she went way too light on her.

  18. That was unacceptable where are the cops did they arrest her did they find out where she was I am worried is the little girl okay I need to know

  19. she should go to hell

  20. wtf!!!! 😡

  21. MidnightWolf 687

    Me: takes belt
    Me: looks up
    Me: smacks the woman

  22. havent seen as ass whuppin like that since Roots

  23. Somebody call the doctor

    even rodney king says damn!

  24. Street Philosopher

    damn that mother wasnt playin

  25. Good & Bad Fly Villain

    I despise my Black Women with Blonde hair! That’s how you can tell they have self-esteem issues! Like Wtf, y’all fake Blonde hair ignorant Black bitches wish y’all was White? 🤷🏿‍♂️ Go kill yourselves! Here’s the gun 💥🔫

  26. Keviante Montezzo

    Well that’s what the bible says do😡😡😡

  27. That was too much , I was cool with the belt but the punching and stomping……. hell naw fuck her stankin ass, she took it too fair with her own child .

  28. Yup here comes cps

  29. I just see a frustrated over stressed Mom that was pushed to the limit. If you hear closely she said something on the lines of oh you want some dick. This little girl was probably online talking to and sending nasty pics to older men. It doesn’t look like she gets help. It’s hard enough working dealing with daily life then having an unruly kid on top of that. I’m not saying what she did was right. I can just see and feel her frustration over her child.

  30. jarrod fletcher

    Stay prayed up the devil is running wild WoW!!!

  31. MovingNsilence 42018

    This is disturbing on so many levels. I hope when she gets to jail someone stomps her then let’s her heal and stomps her again for the remainder of her time. Disgusting excuse for a mother!!!

  32. That little girl is doomed! This isn’t the first time that woman done beat Earth wind and fire out that little girl..she just happened to record it..smh

  33. Abuse. Straight up. Don’t have children if you do this when youre angry. Period.

  34. Keithan Richard

    Man I would have whooped that ass to. That’s the problem with these kids there parents let them get away with to much

  35. Galilea Oliveras

    I don’t like that the way her mother beat her and it looked like it hurt really bad. Like gour making your own daughter scared of you and that’s bad because then they will stop trusting you and keep secrets from you. And if you think about it what is her daughter going to tell the world about her mother. That she would beat her al lot or that she was a loving and actually cared about how that would effect her life. I don’t like when mothers do this because I know she did something bad but please why beat her so hard she could of at least just slapped her or something simple but she basically just beat the black out of her.

  36. Wtf!!?? Black people stop beating your kids!

  37. Hate to say this but this is typical of black mothers; they teach their children to fear them rather than respect and love them.

  38. She needed to discipline her little fast ass but she should have never posted this. That’s the problem, people posting all their personal bizness! Stop that mess, and keep it in your house offline jeez! People are so stupid!

  39. she need to go to jail! that’s fuking abuse

  40. If you think that beating was normal then your probably not normal. It’s no way in hell a beating like that is gonna help her succeed in doing sh t but hating the hell out of her mom. FACTS

  41. I bet theres no father. Take fathers from the home and this is the crap thats left, crazy violent mothers.

  42. It’s definitely teaching her a lesson, but it looks like it may have went a little too far. I am not against it because these days, you can’t afford to have a child (especially African American females) slipping and conforming to the sex-driven media. This mother does not want her daughter to be some statistic or to not advance to the next level because of such photos and actions. God forbid the company she wants to work for look up this information. BUT I do not agree with abuse for punishment. There should’ve been another form of discipline that would have made her realize that it’s too much of a risk putting yourself out like that. It’s risky

  43. joseph charlot

    tough love…smh

  44. We Iive in a society where its not ok to put your hands on your children. So what about kids growing up in the 60’s 70’s or even 80’s. They will tell you that this is not abuse by any stretch of the imagination. We have become pussified as a nation.

  45. Officer I DinDuNuffin

    The true enemy in the black communities across this country is not the white police, it’s not White people. It’s these black single mothers. Black women are rewarded to breed. Black women are government sponsored and funded to destroy black children and the black males who produce black children with black women…
    And black women are willful participants in destroying the black community across this country. (Fuck You Black BITCHES…)

  46. Idk how this turned into a race thing but okay lol you’re an idiot. Furthermore justifying child abuse because they did it back in the day and no one batted an eye isn’t a argument. They also considered black people to be 1/4 of a person, women had no rights, etc. If we actually functioned on that “back in my day” mentality we be in the dark ages. Look up the effects of child abuse on children. Look up alternate ways to discipline your child and stop taking the easy way out. Parents in these situations failed in life, resent their children, take out their frustration on them. Do fucking better.

  47. Welp.. Someone sounds bitter, saying F you black b****es.. Is from someone who is extremely bitter.. Seek professional help.. Anyways.. This video is disturbing and disgusting.. If your 12 year old is sending x rated pictures.. It’s probably because you’re not monitoring her.. So beat yourself for that.. Why is violence the first instinct when a parent is pissed?? I have deep conversations with my 12 year old.. So she can understand the repercussions of sending x rated pictures.. I go through her phone often.. Her social media.. I know her friends.. This is the problem.. Not a lack of “discipline”, but a lack of being involved in your child life.. She is the reason her child sent x rated pictures..

  48. Stomping on the kid? Is there anyone who doesn’t think that is child abuse? Filming your abuse and putting it on facebook? This is a mean disturbed mother. I hope they took the daughter away from her. I’m actually a pretty strict mother and I believe a belt sometimes needs to find its way to a child’s butt. I can even see making the child strip down to her underwear. But the rest of it is just way over the line. Intolerable.

  49. To the women who beat up her daughter you need to be locked up you a stupid nigger bitch if you was raising kid right and doing you job she wouldn’t be in situation I said you fuck no hair 5999$ weave wearing bitch stoping on a 12 year old I know ufc women that have your getup ass for breakfast I said it niggger bitch did your mom beat you down like that you need to go jail fuck that take those stupid jump ropes out of your head and then you film it

  50. i dont like this

    i mean like the belt was enough but the kicking and punching and stomping on the child was wrong she thought in her fucking brain she didi it right and when you look at the video you see that she ask the child to take of her pants and also that when the child said yes mommy she started to punching the kid and you can see her stomping on her like wtf that was to much and i bet she did not care that the fact maybe the police saw the shit like this is not the islands like the hell man

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