Police Arrest Video: Black woman “suing” Waffle House after police body slams her

Chikesia Clemons suing Waffle House/TheGrio.com

Black lady sues Waffle House.

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MOBILE, Ala. — Chikesia Clemons, a black woman in Alabama, is suing Waffle House for racial discrimination after a video went viral that shows her being tackled to the floor by police officers during an arrest. The grapple transpired last year inside the greasy eatery in Saraland — a suburb of Mobile. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a scantily clad Chikesia having contretemps with officers roughly two minutes after entering the damn restaurant. Two measly minutes.

Once inside, a Waffle House manager accused Chikesia and her retinue of being inebriated and told an employee to call police. Chikesia’s embonpoint and panties can be seen during the arrest. As she was being handcuffed, one of the cops said, “I’m about to break your arm.”

All hell broke loose when a white waitress informed the group they would be charged .50 cents for plastic utensils. Chikesia argued that white customers aren’t required to pay that type of bill. Another white waitress allegedly chipped in with “You need to learn your place.”

During the 911 call, the dispatcher asked the employee a series of gender-specific questions but, instead, was told “they’re black.” Chikesia was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The lawsuit says Chikesia should be indemnified because she was brutally apprehended as a ramification of spurious reporting. She’s also seeking a boatload in recompense for pain and damages.

Does Chikesia deserve a solatium?

Did officers react inappropriately?

Watch the disturbing video and judge for yourself.

Share your thoughts.


  1. she deserved it.

  2. MadakiNomaroishi

    Black people just can’t think with reason 🙄🙄🙄

  3. why do they resist? do they think the cops are gonna give up and let her go?

  4. That black woman just could not resist becoming…….”The panty girl,” could she?

  5. What reason did they arrest her!? Those cops are guilty of assault and unlawful arrest as possibly hate crimes

  6. A well educated black woman would have simply gotten up left the place of business ,tell everyone how she was treated and never gone back . It seems like it’s always these non compliant uneducated black women that are always fighting with law enforcement .Are they suppose to be above the law ?

  7. Tattooed Geezer

    She got scattered, covered and smothered.

  8. Ruthless Lover

    I can tell she got some good puzzy

  9. David Whitfield

    I notice most of these smart people can’t even speak correctly so not at all surprised…

  10. Jamarquavis Jefferson

    I’ll tell you one thing though, these ratchet black women put on some show for the camera!!

  11. This just make me so sick.. until we come together this will continue

  12. Soo the employees of the waffle house called the dogs out on Shikisha Clemons? The employees of the waffle house will need to earn money to eat, feed their kids, and pay rent and other bills. No one of color should patronize the Waffle House restaurants until there is an apology and a settlement given to this woman. Police are Police and are not a friend to people of color especially in the deep south, so their actions are not surprising and the white establishment in that area actually will uphold and support those policemen’s actions against that woman. The Waffle House is to blame and should pay the consequences as a result.

  13. Yeah she resisted she should have just listened.. but dude purposely was pulling it down before he flipped her


  15. Law Abiding African American

    Why couldn’t she just ( COMPLY!)

  16. I was told how our black sister was mistreated, and how terrible was. So I pulled up the video, expecting to see some injustice SHE WAS RESISTING ARREST. Of course she got taken to the ground, and of course they wrestled her into submission, because she was fighting them. She’s lucky it wasn’t me, cause I ask you once, and then you get a non-lethal. If she was innocent, she should have complied and then lawyered up, but fighting the cops ain’t a good idea folks. .

  17. Consistent Promises

    Bruh these police need a reform I’m telling u… 😠

  18. She’s just trying to find a fake reason to sue. The police was only trying to do his job.

  19. Akisha Washington

    Police man says “You under arrest”, you need to comply or it gets worse. If you didn’t do anything, tell it to the judge, plead not guilty
    and they have to prove you did the crime. WHY ARE YOU RESISTING and making it WORSE?

  20. If my pants got pulled down during an arrest, i wouldn’t worry, I always wear underwear.

  21. Valencia Woods

    So sick of this bullshit!!! Being an African-American woman this hoodrat was acting a damn fool. Stupid. I really think that some people do this shit on purpose because someone is going to record your dumbass. Then they want to sue. Sorry dummy no sympathy here. If she would’ve listened there would not have been a problem.

  22. The way they arrested her was extremely inappropriate rather she was wrong or right no man should ever arrest a women that way.BUT YALL WHITE SO JUSTICE FOR HER

  23. Really? Arguing over 50 cent charge for utensils.

  24. Her fuckin top wouldn’t have come off if this bitch woulda complied

  25. When will you dumb ass black folks learn, respect goes BOTH WAYS! when an authority figure, PO PO or whoever, tell you to do something, YOU LISTEN! Until you get it in your thick heads not every whitey is out to get you, nothing will change!

  26. Just because your skin is BLACK does not give you the right to break the law of trespassing. Laws are made equally for all races. Any BLACK person falsely accusing white people of racism should be arrested for HATE CRIMES.

  27. Blacks folks stay out these white folks restaurants period

  28. Uspatriot219 Gainz

    That’s her fault for wearing loose ass clothes

  29. Sure, I bet the managers called the cops out of pure boredom right ? …

  30. This is why I don’t go to a place called WAFFLE HOUSE

  31. This woman defines stupidity. They told her to leave, she said no, they advised her she was under arrest, she refused to comply, she fights the arrest and resists, all the while asking “What am I doin?” She is just looking for a lottery judgement that I hope gets dismissed. All 100% avoidable if you followed the basic rules of society.

  32. Dude the witnesses in this case all tell the same story. She was drunk, belliherent, making violent threats. How is this racist or unjust!?!? You are not above the law because you’re black or a woman. Stop acting like a dildo and RESISTING ARREST and your titties won’t fall out, nor will you be thrown on the ground.

  33. She probably wouldn’t have been disrobed if she wore clothes that fit her.

  34. They just wanted to see them chocolate tiddies

  35. All three officers should be terminated.

  36. Chicken head

  37. Wow, I’ve seen some completely asinine women acting a fool then claim abuse but this woman is not one of those. She’s speaking clearly, explaining what happened calmly and they still are being aggressive. All she is asking is what’s happening. I’m so sick and tired of police officers doing this to undeserving people.

  38. Brain$torm ✌ 👊

    Fuck the police bitch assess

  39. She’s just trying to find a fake reason to sue. The police was only trying to do his job.

  40. The title should say: “Edited video that tries to make cops look bad as a belligerent racist woman gets what she deserves.” However, since the woman is black all the racists will ralley behind her.

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