BH90210 actress Tori Spelling owes a whopping $1 million in delinquent taxes

Tori Spelling (left) may need a loan from co-star Jennie Garth/ Photo Credit: Amy Sussman, Shutterstock

Tori Spelling in financial mess.

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BEVERLY HILLS — Looks like somebody needs a payday loan. Tori Spelling, star actress of recently cancelled BH90210, owes more than $1 million in delinquent taxes. It’s an exorbitant summation of $1,182,760 to be exact. Damn, that’s a bunch of nickels and dimes. According to the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds, the mother of six has an unreleased state tax lien of $259,108 from June 13, 2016 coupled with another state tax lien of $31,775 from April 17, 2018. Then, according to the IRS, Tori has yet to satisfy a pair of federal tax liens — one for $707,487 and the other for $184,390.

Unfortunately, that’s not the extent of Tori’s pecuniary snafu. The 46-year-old thespian is also on the hook for massive credit card debt and an outstanding loan. Tori, if you recall, was slapped with litigation from American Express a few years ago for failing to pay back $87,594.55 in purchases.

There’s currently an adjudication against her.

Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott, also owe $400,000 to City National Bank for a personal debenture. The cancellation of BH90210 couldn’t have come at a worse time. Tori was remunerated $85,000 per episode, now it’s zero. The ’90s series reboot was scrapped by Fox after one season.

Is it time for Tori to truncate her expenditures?

Is bankruptcy an option?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Rude! Poor Tori😠

  2. Poor baby.pampered life is over get a job mutt

  3. Your are such an entitled bitch!!

  4. AMellon Keller

    Nepotism gave her movies and a decade on a hit show.

  5. All that plastic surgery has bankrupt her. Look ridiculous

  6. Ashim Chakravorty

    she is still in debt , manic depression behavior i guess ,will never change ……….what news is that …..make babies to keep any man ….oh dear….k.c.

  7. Michelle Bowman

    It is nobody’s business

  8. She and her husband need to find a job instead of making babies 👎🏻


  10. They never heard of condoms or birth control please

  11. James Benedict

    If she would quit buying red lipstick she would have money!

  12. Patrick Reilly

    Cause she lives like a spoiled bitch

  13. Tori had it all but, easy comes easy goes…and what was she thinking about making babies like crazy woman, children cost lots of money if you want them to be someone in life, nice and educated.

  14. rich bitch is a dumbshit I don’t feel sorry for a rich bitch

  15. Boo Hoo Hoo. Cry Me A River, You Spoiled Hollywood Brat!

  16. Boo boo hoo poor wittle Tori poo

  17. Rosemary Hazen

    Even if u are rich , a budget is a must. I hope things work out for her.

  18. She’s too busy playing golf, watching fox and trying to stop her tax returns being public.

  19. It’s her own damn fault, just like it was mine. Am I wrong?

  20. What happened to her face?? 😮

  21. Fun in the Kitchen!

    Tori owes zero explanation to anyone about her money!

  22. Donnahhughes1954

    Why don’t her husband work.

  23. Keep going on those vacations 🙄

  24. My husband and I lost everything in the recession due to his long-term unemployment. Home, savings, 401Ks, pawned everything and anything we could-even the wedding rings we had for 33 years. You just gotta keep going. We moved in with relatives and by a twist of fate that we still consider a miracle, my husband finally got a job (after six years of unemployment) and we’re slowly digging out. Credit trashed, driving 16 year old cars and living in our own place now. No furniture but it’s ours.

  25. Guess you’ll have to get a J O B. You know, working 40 hrs, dragging yourself home, pick up the kids at the babysitter, make dinner, clean your own house, drive a used car. It’s doable Tori. Poor Tori. Now you have to live in a 3 bedroom ranch like the rest of us slobs.

  26. Tori, pizza hut is hiring delivery drivers

  27. elizabeth hazel

    people want to bash her but they fail to realize that its actually not her fault this is her mothers fault! let me explain why! she grew up ultra rich and her mother did not show her financial modesty at all and that is a parents duty to their child. she also knew nothing but being rich so it took a long time for her to readjust to being broke. her mother made sure that she did not receive anywhere near what she was entitled to in her fathers will and she only got 800,000 which is change compared to how rich he was! i believe he had about 85 million which all went to tight wad candy. tori did not ask her dying father if she was covered in the will cuz she assumed that she was and also he was dying! now her mother lies and claims she pays her bills and that she killed her father. her mother is responsible for tori being the way she is with money you need to raise your child no matter how much money you have to respect money and to not blow it

  28. damn tori

  29. They never heard of condoms or birth control please

  30. Coke is a hell of a drug.

  31. We all adapt to our circumstances, you will too. If you want an extravagant life, work to pay for it. If you can’t pay a housekeeper, clean your own damn house. I’m tired of hearing these entitled actresses feeling like living in a five bedroom house with 5 bathrooms and a pool is like being in prison. Come on! She got what her father wanted her to have as her inheritance and she wasted the money on trips and whatever the fuck she wanted. Her mom still pays for her basic necessities, but I’m sure she would want open access to all her daddy’s money so she can buy all the crap she doesn’t need and live in the lap of luxury with her good for nothing husband. Sorry honey, you’re on your own now!

  32. Theresa Taylor

    She better tell Dean butt to get a job

  33. PlanetRockJesus

    I feel so sorry for her and her financial problems… NOT!

  34. Alexandra Trejo

    Tori’s debt is her own problem

  35. Tori’s husband only got with her because she had money and she came from money she spends a lot of money on him car racing motorcycle racing he’s a douchebag and her mother is paying for her roof over her head electric bill all the bills gas her kids school they’re clothes food but she’s used to living the best and so is he she spend everything on him he hasn’t worked since his son was born that’s pretty sad

  36. All that plastic surgery has bankrupt her. Look ridiculous

  37. margaret humphreys

    Incompetent. Over 18 million dollars gone in less than 8 months. Her husband is a free- loader. He needs to get a job and support those children. Sorry ass of a coward.

  38. is it just me, or is Tori Spelling got an even UGLIER HORSEface than Camilla Parker Bowles or even Sarah Jessica Parker? it’s a toss-up. all the old 90210 women have turned into 45-55yr old unkempt fat-butt pin-cushioned-faced HAGS. can’t believe they’re still MILKING the Entertainment system dollar. it’s no wunder why us 45-55yr old men go after the tastier juicy 22-32yr old women,….just LOOK at all the old 90210 HAGS. YuK.

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