Comedienne Mo’Nique files discrimination lawsuit against Netflix over Amy Schumer

Mo’Nique sues Netflix over Amy Schumer comedy special/Photo Credit:

Mo’Nique files Netflix lawsuit. 

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LOS ANGELES — Mo’Nique is finally putting her attorney fees where her mouth is. After spending the past few months bitchin’ and complainin’ about Netflix policies, the blackballed actress is suing the popular streaming service for racial and gender discrimination. In the lawsuit, the 51-year-old comedienne is accusing Netflix of paying Amy Schumer $13 million for an hour-long comedy special while offering her a measly $500,000 for a homogeneous stand-up routine. Amy, 38, is white. Mo’Nique is black.

In addition to that, the disgruntled Oscar winner claims Netflix officials allowed Kevin Spacey to use the N-word on the set of “House of Cards” without comeuppance. A vexed Spacey allegedly told his security detail, “I don’t want n*ggers on my set anymore.”

The lawsuit also alleges gender inequality when it comes to remuneration. In the Netflix drama series “The Crown,” the actress who portrays Queen Elizabeth II was initially paid $14,000 per episode less than the thespian who stars as Prince Philip.

The salary aperture was eventually tapered amid public indignation.

Like Amy, male comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle received $13 million apiece for their comedy specials. Amy, however, was originally offered $11 million. She renegotiated after finding out what Chris and Dave got. Mo’Nique is asking the court for an unspecified amount to account for damages. She’s also seeking an exhortation to assure Netflix officials revise their discriminatory procedures.

Does she have a strong case or is this sour grapes?

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  1. How are you going to sue someone or a company for not wanting to rock with you?

  2. Ariel and Melvin

    Okay Monique is not relevant right now. Amy is relevant right now. It’s that simple. This is not about race. Sorry if it hurts.

  3. Stop complaining just work period. Crack dollar 🤔 legend really😂😂😂

  4. Nobody would even watch her Netflix special.

  5. Amy Schumer – trash

  6. Ive heard of Amy Schumer….i havent heard of you Monique. Youre a B+ player

  7. Monique is an amazing performer, But unfortunately she doesn’t know how to play the Hollywood game. Too proud I guess. Love her.

  8. She don’t deserve what others make. Definitely deserves equal to or more than what Amy Schumer makes, but she no Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock. Since Netflix made a mistake on Amy, that doesn’t mean they should continue to make mistakes w/ Monique

  9. the rich complaining about not getting paid enough lol

  10. But Amy isn’t even funny

  11. She USED TO get asses in the seats but are u getting that kind of pull TODAY????? Apparently not and the offer reflects that


  13. Amy Schumer ain’t worth 13 mill for her stand up. When she flipped about only getting 11 mill for her stand up ,Netflix should have down graded their offer from 11 mil to coupons for the Piggly wiggly. I say Let her graze on cherry bon bons from the piggly wiggly. That’s payment enough for that garbage she calls comedy.

  14. Monique is not very good

  15. Katt Williams broke it down perfectly.
    Does ANYBODY think Monique can sell out the Garden 2 nights?😏

  16. Shreese Vanderhorst

    I agree with Monique. She didn’t do anything wrong. She reminds me of myself, I can’t help but to speak my mind and stand my ground especially when it comes to my money!

  17. This is what happens when you start comparing yourself with others. If she didn’t know how much others were paid, would she have passed off on the offer?
    How would you go to a negotiations saying “pay me this bc that’s what you are paying others”, why measure ur self worth like that. You aren’t saying pay me this bc I am me…

    Let’s always remember to be grateful… and not take anything for granted.

  18. Amy sucks, don’t know why people think she’s funny, Monquie is 100 PERCENT better

  19. That’s why you don’t talk about your money. Amy was popular when she got that deal. It’s about timing too. Monique was under paid regardless.

  20. Love Monique speaking her truth about Hollywood. Wish you the best dear.

  21. The Perfectly Fine Line

    Amy isn’t even funny.

  22. She wants different rules for herself than everyone else and lets be real noooooone is inviting her big butt up to any hotel room

  23. The Italian Alien

    I’ll make my netflix comedy special for 10 bucks

  24. Jessica Ramirez

    Didn’t this woman win a fucking OSCAR!

  25. This was not a race issue. It is because of relevancy, and MO isn’t that popular anymore.

  26. Schumer needs the money. weight watchers ain’t free you know

  27. literary_warrior

    Arsenio Hall, Wanda Sykes, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Tiffany Haddish, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart & now Eddie Murphy all have worked alongside Netflix without any issues. Mo’Nique just thinks she’s bigger than she actually is. She hasn’t been relevant since she won that Oscar for Precious. Sis needs to have several seats and stfu nobody cares about this 🤦🏾‍♀️

  28. Poor Monique. She digging a deeper grave for herself. She must need some money. She’s going to find herself unemployable, no one will want to hire her. So sad.

  29. She fucking weird. Only thing they were discriminating against is losing money.

  30. Jay jay Freewoman

    I still don’t believe she’s going to win because she is the one that did not accept their offer. I can’t see how someone can go into a company and dictate to them how much to pay them. I’m sure they are going to be able to explain their offer. But even if she accepted the job with an agreement to negotiate the pay, they have a right to lay down their final offer for her to accept or reject. You can’t accept a job and then get in their and demand a higher pay that what you negotiated for.

  31. They could argue that she breached contract when she went on the internet and did radio interviews bashing their name and throwing out numbers and other employee names. She could get countersued.

  32. Monique and Netflix will never get along she needs to quit Netflix dont want her she is to old for them !!!!

  33. She needs to let this go, for her own sake😕

  34. Kenneth Frazier

    I love Monique, I hope she wins her lawsuit!!!

  35. What she feels she’s worth…she’s not to Netflix…how come she doesn’t just find another venue??? It’s not discrimination in my opinion…she’s just not that talented as she thinks.

  36. She was neither a contract nor employee of Netflix! And while they may not have bargained with her in “good faith,” it is not illegal nor is it against the law. And claiming this occurred because of some protected status will be impossible to prove. What she received is similar to an offer. If you are not agreed, you would reach out to the company and counter the offer for a more favorable outcome! You do not raise issue with the general public and drag and trash the company! In my opinion, she does not have a legitimate case, but is miserable and needs someone to blame (besides herself) for a failed career!!!

  37. Women love to talk about what they “deserve”. Men talk about what they’ve “earned”. Just something I’ve noticed.

  38. Daniel Abramson

    The real crime here is that Amy Schumer got $13M

  39. Monique got ruined by that oscar for Precious. She considered herself a star just because of that, and now can’t come to grips with the fact that she’s just a c list celebrity.

  40. Lashea evans-smith

    Netflix has deep and endless pockets!! But if they are paying white women more money with less clout than she has to stand up and show out. She knows what she’s worth.

  41. See where telling Oprah to suck your d**k gets you.

  42. Snoop Chappelle

    Keep it up Monique or you’ll be performing at Popeyes Chicken parking lots🍗🍗🍗

  43. Treacherous J Slither

    When did half a million dollars become chump change?

  44. Was Netflix her “employer “?

  45. She could’ve spent her time getting back on stage, doing her stand-up, trying out for movies. She is tripping tripping. Nobody won’t hire her again after this!!!

  46. I’m confused! What is she suing about? She was offered a show, she didn’t like the price, she negotiated but they weren’t interested and she turned it down. What leg does she have to stand on? Then using rumours such as Kevin spacey’s remarks is weak because it is just that, hearsay. Then you got the Crown actor’s Pay being discussed when he actually WORKED for it. In my opinion this is about popularity and not about discrimination.

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