Browns lineman Myles Garrett pummels Steelers QB Mason Rudolph with helmet

Myles Garrett clubbed Mason Rudolph with a helmet/

Garrett pummels Mason Rudolph. 

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CLEVELAND — In front of a “Thursday Night Football” audience, the Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time in 5 years. Browns 21, Steelers 7. But the victory was overshadowed by a donnybrook that broke out when Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett tried his best to paralyze Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. With the Browns up two touchdowns in the waning seconds, Garrett wrestled Rudolph to the ground during a sack attempt. A pissed off Rudolph retaliated by twisting Garrett’s head and kicking him in the nuts.

As teammates tried to intervene, Garrett ripped off Rudolph’s helmet and used it to crack him upside the head. Hell, Rudolph is lucky he’s not ingesting sustenance through a straw right now.

Rather than play Good Samaritan, several players rushed in to join the melee, including Steelers offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey who was caught kicking Garrett in the head as Steelers teammate David DeCastro pinned him to the turf. Multiple players were ejected and many believe Garrett’s attack was the most violent to ever transpire on the gridiron. Hmm… not sure about that.

If you recall, roughly 13 years ago, Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth stomped on an opponent’s head with his cleats, drawing a 5-game suspension which, at the time, was the longest for on-field behavior in NFL history. Garrett’s punishment exceeds that.

He’s now suspended without pay for the rest of the season.

Reaction on Twitter was off the chain.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes tweeted: “Bro I can’t even believe that just happened.”

Former Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant tweeted: “He’s done for the rest of the year.”

Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner tweeted: “I have no idea what I just saw on TNF w/@MylesLGarrett? How in the world can u be so unaware? How can you allow ur emotions to go unchecked & swing a helmet at another player’s head (who’s helmet u tore off to hit him with)? I’m physically upset right now & I was watching TV!”

After the game, Rudolph addressed reporters.

“I thought it was cowardly, bush league,” Rudolph said of Garrett.

“I’m not going to back down from any bully out there.”

Fortunately, Rudolph is okay.

But it was foolish on his part to go to blows with a D-lineman.

Here’s why:

There are generally three softies on each football team.

1) The punter.

2) The placekicker.


3) The quarterback.

Dude… quarterbacks are so frangible, they don red jerseys during practice which means you can’t hit ’em. Today’s signal callers are so f*ckin’ soft, the NFL concocted a separate set of rules to discourage defenders from tackling their candy asses. Garrett is 6’4″ and weighs 271 pounds.

Dude is practically all muscle.

Hell, he probably bench presses 600 pounds.

In other words, Garrett is the wrong negro to f*ck with, especially if you’re a quarterback. As mentioned earlier, Rudolph is lucky. He could’ve been hospitalized, paralyzed or even dead. As a quarterback, you gotta know your place. Can you imagine Mahomes throwing blows with Aaron Donald?

Suicidal move on Rudolph’s part.

Hopefully, he learned his lesson.

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  1. That hit with 8 seconds left is ridiculous. Garrett trying to hurt Rudolph, and his intent proven in the scuffle. If you can’t control yourself to not swing a helmet at a player’s unprotected head, you really shouldn’t even be a member of society. He’s the type of guy to get into a stupid argument and then shoot you in the face.

  2. What a trashcan of a human being

  3. Watch the replay the QB was trying to take Garrett helmet off first but didn’t succeed. But still what Garrett did was a 💯 wrong. Both need to be punished.

  4. Treat him like a normal citizen, charge him with assault with a weapon

  5. S.T.U.P.I.D !!!!!

  6. Jessie Cordell

    Pouncey pounced on that ass lol

  7. Blake Grandersen

    Myles should have hit punk ass Mike Tomlin.

  8. Redlobsterr Sucks

    Football became exciting for a brief moment again

  9. Finally the browns are doing something the fans want to see

  10. Rudolph started it all with the face mask, and head twist by back of the helmet. Not condoning what happened next.. But.. You get what you give. And some.

  11. Bad night for Rudolph

  12. rudolph is a pussy anyways

  13. America is so pussy these days ..they are grown ass men going at it all night someone is gonna snap

  14. Fuck the browns though seriously, they have such an arrogance about them I just hate. Reminds me of the ‘09 bounty gate saints one of the most hated teams in nfl history. The game is already over like seriously man fuck the browns

  15. Does no one realize that Mason Rudolph started it? Lol
    Sure, Myles Garret coulda killed him and he should be kicked out of the NFL. But still, Mason Rudolph started shoving Myles’s helmet

  16. I love how they victimized Rudolf even though he tried to do the same things, but was just unsuccessful.

  17. Yep, time to ban helmets …..they are dangerous in the wrong hands……wait, this is the NFL not the NRA… bad…😂

  18. SaltedCaramel Ballz

    Instead of just getting ejected, they should let football players fight one on one just like in hockey. Take off their helmets and let them fight until one of them hits the turf, then have them each sit out a drive or two.

  19. Myles Garrett needs to be banned from the NFL there is no place for that fucking bullshit in this sport. It’s violent enough there and this could have been fatal worst case scenario. I personally wish pouncey would’ve kicked him in the head a couple more times!!

  20. Racist POS! F#$K HIM FOREVER!

  21. BadNews Chill Will

    This is ridiculous. QB’s can do whatever they want in today’s league. What’s was he (Mason) thinking about running back at Myles Garrett talking trash like that? What did he think was going to happen. SMH this NFL is very SOFT!!

  22. Flip And Barter

    If he was white…… he’d probably get a 3-4 game suspension

  23. Journey of the Blessed

    But Rudolph started it🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ this is bs

  24. LOL…he’ll be back next season…thuggin’ it up with the rest of the clan!!

  25. King Killmonger

    I’m not condoning Myles Garrett but every action is going to have a reaction and Rudolph wasn’t innocent in all this

  26. Mason learned a valuable lesson don’t sign checks u can’t cash buddy, Miles went overboard but he should of known better than to start ish with Myles🤕👊🏽

  27. Fucking Cleveland niggas🙄

  28. That’s not the black people i know

  29. Mason Rudolph playing the innocent victim is annoying af!

    Garrett deserved a lengthy ban (6-8 seems fair, as a punishment and deterrent) but Rudolph is at least partially responsible. Yet there has been not a single word of apology or regret from MR.


  30. Black people —> *supports Garrett*

    White people —> *supports Rudolph*

    I hate all you idiots.

  31. James Sullivan

    This is my thing…. anybody who has played football and have had a helmet wrenched while on your head knows it’s just as violent as swinging a helmet. Some people wear their helmets a little tighter and I’ve been done like that and have felt like my neck was about to snap.

  32. If a guy runs up on you with a brick you take the brick before he hits you,he continues to pursue you do you drop the brick or him with the brick 🤔

  33. Carolyn Miller

    Lmao white man starts it and then plays victim… yawn whats new

  34. The only person that was 100% right in this was Pouncey, you don’t let anyone assault your QB even if he started it.

  35. Fratboy Fitness

    Myles smollet

  36. Swatting a bee off dudes head ?

  37. Mason Rudolph provoked this brawl and he didn’t even get fined!!!!
    That’s an OUTRAGE!!!!!!!

  38. Should’ve cracked his skull wide open!

  39. Draymond Green

    Myles Garrett just needs to give this thing some time to wear off, just like I did when I kicked people in the nuts

  40. putting on the foil

    This guy was wrong to go as far as he did, but the NFL has gotten SO soft. One of the reasons I love football is because it’s physical and competition is high!! It should be! Garrett shouldn’t have done it, but Rudolph acted like a woman ! I think folks talking about Garrett needing to be suspended for the rest of the season are overreacting a bit. I mean, honestly, there are players who have beaten up on women and their kids, and they’re only suspended for a few games. This guy got caught up in the moment (still wrong), but he’s being punished in a much more harsh manner than some other players who truly deserved to be banned from the league.

  41. Rudolph tried to rip Garrett’s helmet off first as I see it. Take the sack and move on. He felt like Garrett was trying to twist him up. Unprofessional from both guys.

  42. WWE should sign these guys!

  43. I blame popeyes

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