Fast Food Fight Video: Popeyes workers recorded fighting inside “greasy” venue

Two chicks fight over chicken sandwich/Facebook

Popeyes worker whips customer. 

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DETROIT — Law enforcement officials in Motown are investigating after a Popeyes Chicken employee assaulted a 20-year-old customer while stripping off her raiments in front of everybody in the restaurant. The donnybrook took place inside the greasy fast food venue in Detroit. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the worker and patron having contretemps over a damn chicken sandwich. Seconds later, the employee ripped off the customer’s blouse and they proceeded to reciprocate blows.

Boobs were everywhere.

It’s hard to tell the difference between chicken breasts and female breasts.

Rather than step in to conciliate, other employees and patrons looked on in bewilderment. Then, in a separate incident, another cell phone video went viral that shows a handful of female employees at a Popeyes restaurant in Milwaukee pummeling each other in the dining area.

Twitter users are calling it the ‘Popeyes Fight Club.’

Has sandwich pandemonium gotten out of hand?

Is it time to proscribe the artery-clogging entrée?

Watch the disturbing videos.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Black queens fighting as usual.strong and independent as usual.

  2. They all should be fired

  3. Popeyes.
    Soul foods is for crazy people


    I rather see a fist fight instead of a Mass shooting. At least everybody involved in this conflict can go home to their family. A lot of people involved in Mass shootings don’t make it home.

  5. spike witwicky

    Popeye’s + all black employees = a fight. That’s why I will only go to chick-fil-a

  6. TheDailyTechDose

    The chicken sandwich is just bringing the ghetto-ness of Popeyes to light.

  7. Don’t mess with Popeyes chicken employees, they’ll slap you with there chicken fingers😘😂love it!🥰

  8. Sad. Black folks…wake up!


    Welcome to Popeyes.
    How tough are you?

  10. Popeyes chicken sandwich has set black people back 150 years.

  11. The idiot chose to record the fight instead of breaking it up smdh

  12. Burris Yard Man

    This is outright embarrassing Mann…. proud to be black but again you got ones that make you feel a certain way PLEASE BLK PEOPLE stop the SHIT.

  13. I don’t get it all the chicken at Popeyes is just nasty puke what’s up with y’all

  14. Michael Elliott

    It’s not that serious concerning a chicken sandwich. 😊😚

  15. Popeye’s may overtake Denny’s as the place to go for food and fights.

  16. Never once in a life of living in a white area have I even once seen a shouting match let alone a fight in a restaurant.
    I feel like I’ve missed all the fun

  17. 😂😂 This is the United States of America

  18. Stop giving savages air time!!! Police have been attempting to deal with this thuggery for decades, but the media ( easily intimidated via violence) has done a 180° flop and seems to support this draconian mentality by giving air time to the millions of incidences daily instead of pushing a more positive & uplifting narrative 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  19. That chicken from popeyes was created in a lab….and probably lace with some shit to make black folks bugged out….Get Out

  20. Tinofaatasi W.

    I wouldn’t trust eating there at all…crazy!

  21. Franklin Starks

    That’s that steroid induced chicken flowing threw the system causing u to lash out 😂maaaan fck dat chicken

  22. Kailee Sessions

    My ppl have no shame to record that bullshit


    That damn Chicken sandwich –

  24. Black culture, I never see Indians, Asians, Latinos and Whites do this. Blacks need take a chill pill, and y’all get so mad when no one wants to hire y’all!!! 😡

  25. A black man is the black man’s worst obstacle to overcome. This is what the aftermath of enslavement in institutionalized ghettos has caused. You Just world star each other rather then try and stop this madness. Think this shit is funny… They want you to destroy yourself, that’s why there’s fast food and liquor stores at every block with no cop in site. Dark fucking world ran by Zion and Israel.

  26. Anna Rodriguez

    Shut the whole place down !

  27. Chris VanHeusen

    And they say.. black lives matter??!!!
    Funny…but it seems that black lives matter only when it’s convenient for them 🤔
    I’m not, nor have I ever been a racists person but I’m soooo sick of hearing about how much black lives matter when every time I watch the news all I see is black people killing other black people.
    If black lives matter soo much to them, then act like does!!!
    Lead by example!!

  28. Black people at Popeye’s I hope they shut down Popeye’s and don’t hire black people 😔.

  29. Female employees? Sounds about right

  30. Yassine (Yassine)

    Chicken sandwich got them going crazy 😅🤷‍♂️

  31. Daam that chicken is that good?

  32. Charge them with assault and battery with serious bodily harm. That will ruin those people’s lives for years to come. Try getting a job with that on your record. Try renting a place to live with that kind of felony on your record. Good Luck.

  33. Typical black girl behavior

  34. Political accountable Theory

    Imagine them making ur food

  35. Larry the Pizza Guy

    beautiful black queens

  36. It’s so sad this is why the other nations laugh at the blacks because they are entertainment for the other races of people, just sad

  37. Thats why u cant have no blacks folks running no chicken Joint, we be 2 serious bout our chicken

  38. KFC is good enough. Damn!

  39. Kevin Guillaume

    Someone call ANIMAL CONTROL !!!

  40. Wilson Gardner

    That’s how you fight. Yeah boy. [email protected] America

  41. I give the fighters a 1 out of 10 for the fighting skills or lack thereof. Seriously, did you see how they were swinging? Most of those swings went right over each other’s heads. It just needed to be said.

  42. I think 🤔 the girls got mad for having to make more of those Popeyes chicken sandwich lmao 😂

  43. well these idiots just screwed themselves in finding employment somewhere else… who the he’ll would hire them with the character and conduct they displayed in the video

  44. These females can knock Mayweather’s lights out 😂🤣😃

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