Classroom Fight Video: Truculent teacher “assaults” female student in classroom

Vivian Noirie caught on video assaulting student/

Another teacher batters student. 

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MARLBORO — Tiffani Lankford, hold my beer. This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” belongs to 36-year-old Vivian Noirie, a Maryland high school teacher who was arrested after she beat the sh*t out of a 17-year-old student in class. The ass-whuppin’ went down last week at Largo High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. It was also captured on video. Police Chief Hank Stawinski called the scuffle “very, very disturbing” during his press conference on Friday. “The teacher engages in physical assault of that student,” Stawinski said.

“The nature of that assault was extraordinarily violent, and that conduct is criminal in nature.”

Cell phone footage shows Vivian punching and kicking the teen repeatedly before slamming her big ass to the floor. Several students rushed in to intervene. The bellicose teen intentionally collided with Vivian and stomped on her foot because she received a bad grade, sparking the melee.

“I am extremely disappointed by the horrific actions that took place in our classroom today,” said Monica Goldson, CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools. “It’s important to know that we have set high expectations and standards for our staff and students and what you saw on that video does not represent the hard work that over 10,000 teachers do every single day.”

Vivian faces charges of second-degree assault and child abuse. She was also fired. Vivian’s bombardment comes on the heels of Tiffani Lankford’s assault on a special needs student. Tiffani, 32, was serving as a substitute teacher in Kyle, Texas. Both are black women in their 30s. Do we have a pattern?

Are sistas losing patience with kids?

What’s my take?

Teachers are in a really tough spot. If a student hits you and you do nothing, the entire classroom will laugh at you and assume you’re a wuss. If you hit ’em back, you’re going to jail. It’s simply a no-win situation for today’s educators. They’re screwed either way.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Black community pay close attention to where we are going in the future to come if we do not address issues in our homes and community. The enemy don’t have no need to try to destroy us; we are doing a good job at it. We are our own worst enemy! RESPECT!!!!!!!!

  2. America needs to put metal detectors in all schools and bring back the paddle and physical discipline in schools. American children are out of control and need to be put back in their place immediately. Don’t want to get punched and kicked? Well don’t put your hands on an adult or anyone for that matter. I have my kids in a charter school and in a few years I will home study. Public schools are a jungle

  3. Screw that student. she’s an asshole.

  4. It seems as though the student accidentally brush the teacher because she is heavy and was carrying the bag. The teacher definitely overacted. Is the teacher taking kickboxing classes?😒 She beat the student up. All she had to do was call security to escort her from the classroom😒 Why all the anger? Think before you act and calm down “woman” kickboxing champ!

  5. elliot waveday

    This story is incomplete. According to police, the 17-year-old student was upset with Noirie for contacting her parents the night before about grades and lack of homework. Police say that the student ‘admitted to stepping on the teacher’s foot and bumping her with her shoulder.’ The teacher struck back to defend herself. The detecs will be bringing charges onto the student but the student is a minor so we wont hear about these charges –

  6. Her ass probably was skipping class and got mad because her grades wasn’t good, as y’all can see she was talking trash before she push that lady 🤦🏽‍♂️ that’s unacceptable parents should raise they kids to be respectful

  7. Just Passing Through

    She beat that girl ass, im sick of disrespectful teens im glad the teacher stood up for herself but im sad she will lose her license. If it was me i would have let the kid hit me then i would press all kinds of charges send em to juvie for a lil while.

  8. Yup. Parents won’t whip that azz so u need to. Great job teacher 👩‍🏫

  9. Surprised? Nope. This school is 91% Black, 5% Hispanics. Algebra II scores: 1% (State average is 27%), Algebra I scores: 5% (State average is 29%), English scores 29% (State average 43%).
    Most likely, the injured student had a question about her English grade.
    Jokes aside, I think it all starts with the parents who teach valuable lessons of respect and behavior. Let me guess.. I’m pretty sure all these students probably have the latest iPhones (the student who recorded the video had one), but they don’t want to spend a dime on education.

  10. Students emulate their parents, apparently that girl has no upbringing nor social skills. Teachers have a right to defend themselves and should not suffer abuse from students/kids

  11. Should have hired me🤔


  13. Sherise Rascoe

    The student deserved it…if you teach your kids at home they wouldn’t even have the audacity to approach a teacher in a disrespectful manner.. Student pushed teacher, teacher unleashed an [email protected]# whoopin…Goid for her..

  14. Andrzej Andrzej

    fucking #niggas

  15. I want to date that teacher and pay her bail money

  16. This was all planned cause why else would a student be filming exactly where its going to start before it starts?

  17. ChampionChains

    My sister-in-law was a teacher in an all black middle school. She lasted about a year. Said it was the most depressing experience of her life. Constant fighting, intimidation by students, threats of violence, and students and parents simply not giving a damn about anything. She said her students wouldn’t read the books they were supposed to read in class, but instead would bring in Zane novels (very graphic erotica) and when she reported it to the principal he said to let them keep reading it because at least they’re reading something. She left after that first year, went back to school, and now works as a delivery nurse.

  18. if these kids are our future, this country has no future. I have never seen this type of behavior when I was in school.

  19. The student deserved her @$$ beat… need it beat some more too.

  20. This happens daily across the nations in every school. The majority of the time, teachers have to ignore this behavior and still teach. You have to be a teacher to understand this! Teachers are bullied more than students and nothing gets done to protect us. Too many grown teenagers in a class. This student provoked the teacher and touched her first. This is self- defense on the teacher part. No child abuse or assault charges should be filed. In the past, I have witnessed a high school teacher get attacked, stumped, kick, etc because he failed a student. I pray for both parties involved. The teacher is not at fault! Thank you to the students who intervene. (Prayer Warriors-Let’s Pray for our teachers!) We are losing good teachers one by one.

  21. Maddison Maddhatter

    The pay rate is not worth the headache.

  22. you can’t tell the teacher from the student. total disgrace! the student had no regard and/or respect for the teacher. wrong on so many levels.

  23. Renee Lovelace

    These kids are out of fucking control. Too bad they aren’t being raised right. Sad statement on the quality of education these days…in and out of the classroom.

  24. When I grew up, teachers treated minorities like shit. This is just the domino effect from all that. But it’s still not right. It wasn’t right when teachers did it (and still do it), it isn’t right that kids today do it. There is an absence of respect.

  25. Sunshine Richardson

    We don’t know the story as to what led up to this but from my family & friends that work in the school system, most of the time the teens are uncontrollable and disrespectful and sadly the teachers have no help because majority of the parents are as ignorant as their offsprings and encourage it. I thank my children’s teachers as much as I can as they have a job that I could not do. The term “ it takes a village” no longer applies when the villages are so divided meaning parents are raising their kids “ new school “ and the “ ol school” standards have been eliminated in most homes. This is hurtful to watch as a mom.

  26. Raine Raine go away

    Absolutely pathetic!!! This teacher was DEFENDING HERSELF!!! Here we go again teaching our young black youth that there is no respect for authority!!!!! And they wonder why their kids are being shot dead 8n their streets!!!

  27. Vincent Coccotti

    Broken culture 😖 catch the death threats at the end by the student?!? Now let’s talk about the failure that is the parent….

  28. if these parents scared of their own kids or whatever and aint got the heart to check’em, then we will. These kids nowadays think they can say or do whatever they want to anybody and they aint gonna say or do nothing. They talkin bout they want respect…well you gotta give it to get it.

  29. Apache Warrior

    Is there a gofundme for the teacher? I would like to donate.

  30. I think that you’re in the wrong profession if you can not handle what these young people are bringing today. I don’t condone disrespecting your elders. Not at all. I’m saying no one could tell who the adult and who the child was. At first you thought you knew but for that grown ass lady to put her hands on that child the way she did was uncalled for. Period. She’s college educated and stupid af. What lesson did she teach? That she can whoop a girl ass half her age!? I mean no one was right in this situation but teachers have been brushed by students before and there are ways to handle it. I’ve seen it done and it didn’t involve thrashing the student and got the results that was needed. For anyone to agree with this teacher I would question your mental health as well.

  31. Treat others the way you want to be treated. You can’t bully people, one day you will meet your match. Energy will be matched. I really wish it wasn’t the teacher though. The teacher could have handled it way better. I still hope the teacher gets off for a light sentence, because that girl is damn near legal, and it’s not always easy to make the smart decision when you have been violated. She acted with class then she was violated! These teacher dealing with teenagers with no home training. This 17 year old wanted to act like an adult, she got treated like one. Then up top of that, the 17 year old went after the teacher and punched her! The 17 year old assaulted the teacher too!

  32. MrPunchthru2dub


  33. Stephanie Aponte

    She would of never made it out the building of the school if this was my child. As a teacher, as an adult she crossed the line. No one has to right to hit my child. I hope the child’s parents sue the teacher and the school.

  34. This is why youth keep getting worse and worse with respect because they get away with everything. Bring the spankings and God back in school.

  35. Dauseana Doingme

    That’s what her disrespectful ass get. You get tired of these kids who think they are adults. I personally wouldn’t have hit her but I would’ve press charges on her.

  36. The girl just had and attitude the teacher did way too much the girl didn’t even wanna fight her. Her hands were in her pockets and everything the girl just started to fight back when she had the chance

  37. @TLuv: Forget being a Grown Person. These “So Called Children Some of Them are Fat and Big and Mean as Hell” will Stomp, Punch and Kick these Teachers and the other Students will just “Watch and Film With their Phones”!!!!! “No Help What So Ever” How Many Teachers have Ended Up in the Hospital because of Student Outbursts?” Spoiled Ass Children Make Spoiled Ass Adults!!!! “Black On Black Crime” “Where is the Black Lives Matter Movement People At Now?” All Things Considered At the End of The Day the Student Got What She Deserved!

  38. See what happens when the government makes parents scared to discipline your kids? They end up like this and most likely in jail or prison because they never learned how to respect authority!

    This used to be a white people thing. Kids hitting adults and now black kids have morphed into these clowns!

    This is the result of not raising kids to know a child’s place.

  39. Robbie Rayburn

    Big girl got wrecked!😂🤣

  40. GoFundMe for the teacher. This girl was disrespectful and bumped her to push her back. Now the teacher is charged with Child abuse and 2nd degree assault while this fatherless bastard get away Scott free

  41. When I heard this story I thought the teacher was the bad guy. That’s how the article I read made it out but after seeing the video the teacher had every right to fight back. They expect teachers to put up with this kinda crap and do nothing about it. That’s just messed up. I think ppl. are safer when the ppl are allowed to deal a little street justice to ppl. Beat the crap out of that girl and she’ll slow her roll a little. She wasn’t there to learn she was pissed and had one thing on her mind. She’s the instigator and she should be treated as such 17 or not. The system has failed this teacher. I wish her the best.

  42. I read the story the student was mad the teacher called her mom the night before so what you didn’t see was the student walked past the teacher stepped on her foot and bumped her with her shoulders yall really don’t know what these teachers go thru with these ignorant students she probably snapped

  43. What type of ghetto shit is this like my school is ghetto af but like this shit never happens

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