‘Saturday Night Live’ cast pokes fun at “pandemonium” over Popeyes Chicken

SNL made a funny skit about Popeyes Chicken/YouTube

SNL pokes fun at Popeyes Chicken. 

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NEW YORK — The cast of Saturday Night Live poked fun at the pandemonium encircling Popeyes chicken sandwiches with a sketch that features musical guest Harry Styles as a UK intern who tries to purchase the artery-clogging entrée for his co-workers (portrayed by Kenan Thompson, Melissa Villaseñor, Ego Nwodim, Chris Redd and Heidi Gardner). After everybody weighs in on what to ingest for lunch, the naive intern suggested Popeyes chicken sandwiches because he’s heard good things about them.

The white employees appear comfortable with the intern’s recommendation. But the black workers are terrified for many reasons. For one, the fast food joint is located in a high-crime vicinity between Foot Locker and a liquor store. Popeyes is also maligned for several violent incidents throughout the country.

Nevertheless, in the skit, the intern pops off a handful of bad ideas as to how he plans to patronize the greasy venue which includes traveling alone, donning a trench coat, cutting people in line, yelling at cashiers and procuring every sandwich in inventory. His approach is basically a death wish.

It’s not the funniest skit in the world.

Some even believe it’s racist.

Watch the goofy video.

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  1. Mercurial Pierrot

    This is one of those skits that shouldn’t have made the cut…

  2. I’ve only been to Popeye’s once. Now I’m afraid to get within a block of the place. It’s been too stabby around there lately.

  3. That is one of the most racist sketches I have seen in awhile.

  4. Talkindurinthemovie

    Popeyes sandwich was good but the cashiers were yelling at each other….that part was bad

  5. Okay- this is the best one 💀💀😂

  6. SNL has been unfunny crap ever since it started being political…. make SNL funny again

  7. funny thing is that sandwich ain’t that great

  8. Tomorrow's Leader

    This is so racist but I love it…lmao

  9. That skit fell short. It had tons of potential

  10. Pinkannabanana3

    I’m sorry but Harry reminds me of Harry Potter! 😂😂

  11. I am a black American and never tried the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Chik fil A for life!

  12. Hahahaha….I’m white and I know better than to pick a fight over a popeye’s chicken sandwich! Hahahaha…oh, oh, and I have a lot of black friends, at least 1 anyway! Don’t be racist against the whites!!! Hahahaha….😂🤣😂🤣😂 Anyone else really wanted to see him try, yes I said “try” to get him 15 Popeye’s chicken sandwiches???? 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I almost peed myself!

  13. And people wonder why racism is still a thing in the United States

  14. As a white guy, I must admit I don’t get this skit.

  15. Christian Williams

    you definitely can’t go the Popeyes by the foot locker 😂😂😂😂

  16. The Busy Bastard

    What a weird racist sketch

  17. Get this racist shit out of here.

  18. Beware of DANS: Deadly Ass N—s👌

  19. That was just funny.
    All this fuss over an over priced greasy piece of pigeon meat. Can not wait for BK to come out with the vegan rat burger.

  20. Blessed Protected

    Kenan in 5 seconds into the skit and I’m dying laughing 😂

  21. Are they saying black people are violent?

  22. this skit gay as fuck

  23. Nick Jefferson

    SNL died a long time ago. *yawn Mad TV never failed to impress.

  24. Man snl your characters and writers are some creative people dis funny sh yt … keep it up. 😅

  25. CEEAKI 22nd century

    Was that’s racist…?? it felt a little racist. I’m not a 100% sure but you can never be certain here in america.

  26. Death wish. Lol

  27. Love how they brought awareness about the dangers of getting a popeyes chicken sandwich 😂😂😂

  28. Chantel DuBose

    This skit was clearly for the black audience

  29. Stupid white ppl 😡😡

  30. dumb thicc wizard

    This is ridiculous lol

  31. @Chantel DuBose: im white and understood every bit of it LOL just saying. No offense this is why i dont watch SNL much anymore..while i love watching the musical guests and the funny sketches, including some ive watched since i was a kid, it’s become so political its not funny. its always the white or black jokes, something to make fun of white people..i can take a joke but some of them just go too overboard because they start to run out of ideas. The political jokes need to calm down some. While they did make fun of the clintons a lot, but rarely picked fun with Obama..god forbid that happens lol Ive seen a fair share of hating on Trump and stirring more drama up..smh
    All together, it was a funny sketch. Just be safe where you go to get food, no matter what color you are lol

  32. I hate that the chicken sandwich is portrayed as a black thing, but I live in a predominately white area and getting through a popeyes still takes 45 mins out of your life.

  33. Rumpel stiltskin

    Why is this show even still on the air? It’s even worse than it was in the 80’s.

  34. best skit yet

  35. This is fucking terrible

  36. CasuallyObservant

    Let’s not forget the black-on-white attempted murder incident recently (11-10-2019?) where a 55-yr-old white woman was double charged on her Popeye’s order and when she called the restaurant number, she was told to go back in to receive a refund. When she did, the nearly all-black staff started screaming and yelling at her and didn’t want to refund her money, telling her to leave. One older female worker who was also white, tried to pull one male worker back who was getting in the customer’s face, but he continued screaming at the woman calling her names. He later claimed she called him the n-word, but she says that she didn’t, but if she did, it would have been in response to him calling her a ‘broke-down cracker’.

    She stood her ground and calmly requested her refund, and with no satisfaction, calmly walked out. As she exited, the muscular 29-year old male worker rushed her from behind, picking her whole body up horizontally and threw her hard onto the concrete pavement, breaking all kinds of bones in her body. Several videos captured the events from inside to outside. As she lay on the ground weeping and crying out in pain, the male and female workers all stood around her yelling and cursing at her as she writhed in agony, trying to get up. The male who assaulted her stood over her to make sure she wouldn’t get up, and the rest of the workers went back inside. The male worker has been arrested. The restaurant is now shuttered and permanently closed, as this was not the first incident with these employees.
    New reports say she suffered nine fractures, including six cracked ribs and a broken knee. She had to undergo surgery. Here’s the link: http://www.massappealnews.com/2019/11/06/employee-fight-video-popeyes-workers-recorded-fighting-over-chicken-sandwich/

  37. This was so unfunny

  38. 🤣🤣🤣I cant believe this SNL skit was funny! I havent been watching in a loong time but this one was funny!

  39. Can’t trust a negro, they ruin everything.😉😏😼👌

  40. Cristalyz Santos


  41. SNL made a funny skit?! Great job

  42. How does referring Popeyes as lunch is racist lol wtf …. would it be racist if you refer taco Bell if the office was full of Mexicans lol 😂😂 this world omg thats what the beginning felt

  43. i don’t get this one

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