911 Audio: NFL running back Mark Walton ‘assaults’ pregnant girlfriend & loses job

Walton allegedly beat up his girlfriend/TMZ.com

Mark Walton thrown in jail. 

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MIAMI — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” belongs to former Miami Dolphins running back Mark Walton who faces litigation after he allegedly beat the sh*t out of his gravid inamorata on Tuesday. Donning a beige jumpsuit and matching handcuffs, Walton appeared inside a Broward County courtroom on Wednesday to plead his innocence. He’s charged with one felonious count of aggravated battery against a knocked-up person which carries a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.

According to court docs, the sniveling victim called 911 around 4 a.m. and told the dispatcher: “My boyfriend beat me up!” When police officers arrived, the verklempt damsel said Walton slammed her against a wall before thwacking her multiple times in the countenance.

Walton’s chick is 5-weeks pregnant with his child.

She also sported a black eye.

Walton, 22, was released by the Dolphins shortly after the arrest. Broward County Judge Jackie Powell ordered the 22-year-old halfback to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and he’s to have zero contact with the complainant. Walton’s attorney, Michael Gottlieb, denies the allegations.

“Anybody who gets arrested, it’s never a happy experience,” Gottlieb said after the hearing. “He’s looking forward to getting out and moving forward with his life.” Unfortunately, this ain’t Walton’s first rodeo. He’s had several run-ins with the law which includes 4 arrests and a taser incident back in March.

Did Walton deserve to lose his job?

Is CTE a factor?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Damn he could’ve punch my BM & kept his check & job

  2. National Felon League.. remind us all why you thugs kneel & disrespect the flag. I hear china is looking for a team.

  3. It’s part of the black culture to beat up on women. Just listen to their music.

  4. Another spoiled athlete who is use to getting away with everything. Eventually it is going to catch up to him and it did.

  5. NFL owners and GMs need to re-think their priorities. Walton was signed by Miami even though he had already been arrested THREE times in 3 months. And now this incident. Ridiculous frame of mind to overlook poor character just because someone can play football. Giving someone a 2nd chance is okay but….

  6. Another tyreek Hill type of guy

  7. employee on my break

    Americans should boycott the NFL until all of the athletes are incarcerated.

  8. Someone gonna blame the white man for this one

  9. this needs analysis. did he uppercut her, jab her, or perform a 3 point drop, bitch slap. or did he give her the, woman stay in your place, five finger face adjustment. these things must be considered.

  10. Athletes be throwing away they careers so easy hitting these girls SMH

  11. I’m sure he’s a good guy and this is all just a big misunderstanding

  12. WTF?? Why? Just why?

  13. Chris Fitzgerald

    just another *igger

  14. I don’t understand how a man, a rich one at that could put his hands on a woman. People in this world really need therapy to prevent these kind of confrontations.

  15. Just another nfl bum. Wanna be thug idiot.

  16. Malachi Ben Yisrael

    rude boy

  17. Idiot

  18. his excuse should be that he didnt have a father

  19. Livin that Thug Life. Now he has upped his game to beating up pregnant women. Keepin it real.

  20. William Wallace

    Dade county created this criminal. They’ve been allowing him to get away with this for years

  21. She’ll sign a waiver and it’ll be over with, just like 95% of domestics.

  22. Sad he threw his career away, but he hit the mother of his child so no empathy from me. Also 4th arrest so hopefully no more get out of jail free cards.

  23. MrUnknownnoone

    All that money the house the cars don’t change what you really are…

  24. His first mistake was dating a black woman lol. When you’re a rich athlete you don’t a black woman. They literally spend their whole lives playing men for all they can get. This guy better wake up. She’s probably happily at his house laying in his bed laughing and talking to her girlfriends about how much more money she’s going to get off him for this.

  25. No worry’s Mark! Wal Mart is hiring seasonal greeters!

  26. Not only is an NFL game a complete borefest now, the player criminal element remains the same year after year. I walked away from the NFL last year. I’m sure there will be many more like me soon enough.

  27. Don’t worry, she will go right back to him in a week.

  28. Whitepeopleareevil

    This why the NFL settled with Kaepernick. They didn’t want to go into a court room trying to explain why they employ players like this but can’t employ a non violent player like Kaepernick. It would have exposed their racism. The NFL continues to employ players like this without fail because they represent every negative stereotype society associates with black people especially black men. The NFL has no problem with these images of black men being seen by the public. A imagine of strength, pride, and standing up for what’s right like Kaepernick did was distasteful to the NFL. You do the math. If you don’t like or agree with what I’m saying that’s fine but that speaks volumes about you. Not to mention it’s going to be hard to prove any point you could possibly have when there are websites like this around- http://nflarrest.com/

  29. He better line up for employment at McDonald’s lol

  30. From now on make it standard language in all NFL contracts that if one of their players pulls something like this the owners get to cut them, there is zero hit to the salary cap, and the contract is fully voidable. As though they never signed the guy in the first place. Just disgraceful.

  31. He’ll never set foot in the NFL again, thankfully. Unfortunately, he’s society’s problem for a while. Walton will get his in time, in some prison where even the most hardened criminals look down on thugs who beat pregnant women. It’s coming, he just doesn’t know it yet.

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