Marvel Shadow of Atlantis: Black Panther, Avengers face challenge from Tiger Shark

Black Panther and the Avengers face stiff challenge/

Black Panther and Avengers face test. 

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HOLLYWOOD — In episode one of Marvel’s “Shadow of Atlantis,” Black Panther and the Avengers meet one of their most formidable challenges yet when they’re tasked with defending New York City from Tiger Shark and his minacious army of sea monsters. At the same time, Black Panther tries to safeguard Wakanda from an ancient, esoteric commination while severing ties with old alliances and obsolete ordinances to become the type of King he wishes to be. With succor from his sister Shuri, Black Panther outlines a new stratagem for himself and the patriotic populace of Wakanda.

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  1. Love this newer stuff. Tired of seeing the same character’s.

  2. Don’t like this show, avengers earth’s mightiest heroes was way better

  3. Thor finally comes to the same conclusion as Black Widow and Ash Ketchum: That soaked enemies are highly vulnerable to electric shock.

  4. Big Moves Academy

    Looks like Thor should have aimed for the head again 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. This show is very suspect!

  6. Seriously where is hulk I wanna see some smashing

  7. I have-to-ask the obvious, “WHERE’S-HULK”? Come-to-think-of-it? Where are Vision, Falcon, Hawkeye, Strange, Ant-Man, and Wasp? Lazy writers vanish half the team to insure a part 2. Leaving Avengers to-get-their-butts-kicked in part 1!

  8. Whoa the animation looks awful bring back the old style plz it was so much better!

  9. I wish they went back to the old animation

  10. Wasn’t a big fan of this animation looked cheap and dialogue was cringe worthy. Liked Earths mightiest heroes. To each his own I guess.

  11. What is up with the animation

  12. Milton Emanuel

    They need to work more better on the animations

  13. Yahnamore Zebulun

    Tigershark isn’t from Atlantis

  14. Can’t Captain Marvel tear though that sea monster? Let alone…Thor?

  15. It’s too cartoonish

  16. Just bring back Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes 😞

  17. The animation is wack it looks like they used Microsoft paint

  18. Many are complaining about the quality of the art however I actually like the way the animation looks it reminds me of the way cartoons used to be back in the good all days of the 80s and 90s today cartoons look too colorful and childish

  19. Pretty Boy Steve

    this cartoon is ass

  20. Animation looks horrible. What happened to the older animation? This is a huge downgrade

  21. Animation is a big down grade.along with the dialogue.and the voices.i dont think ill be watching this season they should of left it how it was now its broke to me..

  22. “Hail 2 T’CHALLA!!!!!!”

  23. Not bad; the animation’s okay, though the fact that it switches between the characters having shading and not having shading looks a bit weird at points.

  24. that shit look low budget

  25. did an 8 year old make this cartoon?

  26. isaiah telfair

    Tchalla has curls
    Captain Marvels hair is long
    shuri has braides and does not have necklace

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