Chris Brown & Ammika Harris welcome ‘newborn’ son, their first child together

Chris Brown and Ammika Harris welcome a son/

Chris & Ammika welcome a son. 

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LOS ANGELES — Chris Brown is a proud papa for the second time. That’s because his baby mama, Ammika Harris, gave birth to their son, Aeko Catori Brown, on Tuesday. The maternal communiqué was disseminated via Instagram. The 30-year-old vocalist posted a pic of himself looking down at the neonate with the caption “11-20-19.” Chris also wore a hoodie with the word “BORN” stitched across it. Ammika posted an Instagram anecdote that contained the idiom, “I was in love, when I first saw you.” This is Ammika’s first child. Chris has a 5-year-old daughter (Royalty) with his other baby mama, Nia Guzman.

Chris is reportedly very excited to introduce his baby girl to her little brother. “Chris is happy with being a father again,” a close source told HollywoodLife during an exclusive chinwag. “He is really looking forward to getting Royalty involved in everything and expects her to be the most amazing big sister ever.”

Are you happy for Chris?

Is it time for him to settle down and get hitched?

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  1. Despite his many many many flaws, at least he is not a deadbeat

  2. I hope they get married .She looks like a nice lady for Chris Brown.

  3. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD

    How long until he begins beating the kid?

  4. WOW!!! Who in their right mind would lay down with a woman beater!!! She must be pretty hard up for money. When he beats her a** black and blue in front that child CPS will come take it away.

  5. CB put a ring on the finger..commit.


    Good for him I wish him the best

  7. Congrats Chris 🎉

  8. Who cares! Lol😂😂😂 next!

  9. She looks like Karrueche

  10. Positivity Only

    I’m old fashion and I don’t give a shit . Anyone can have a baby but a wife is whole other respect period! I will not be looking all around in the train station for someone to help me with my damn baby carriage up the stairs while the baby father is doing him . Unapologetic!

  11. Shanika ANIMATION

    Chris Brown sold his soul and he’s on crack

  12. Who gives a fuck about this cokehead nigga at this point. He’s still in love with both Rihanna & Kehruche because this broad is DEFINITELY a mashup of the two in the face

  13. Wüstenblume ci

    I wanted to give you your next child🤷🏾‍♀️💜
    Congrats to the babyboy💙

  14. Dankalicious402

    He probably beat that kid already

  15. Sir _shmokesalot

    Chris whoops rhianas ass and still has women popping his kids out. How are people so cool with empty, money based, nearly emotionless relationships for “security”? ..this world is fucked unless we change some serious core beliefs about the opposite sex in the mind of society. …yeah lol.

  16. Lillie Williams

    Congratulations Chris🎈🎈🎈🎉for your new Baby!!!

  17. Wow, this man’s breeding mutts!

  18. Is ammika Harris the Karrueche look-alike👀 graduation to him

  19. The Oak Park Open Air Open Mic

    It’s funny how niggas love they babies but trash they baby mamas. But then agian they are raised by baby mamas that trashed their baby daddies so I get the cycle…

  20. As long as he take care of his kids it don’t matter who get pregnant

  21. Mr Keep the peace

    I see Chris brown has a taste in woman his BM look like Karrueche. Guest he figured she got a restraining order against him he’ll go get a look a like and her birthday a day before Karrueche damn Chris

  22. I don’t congratulate people for having kids cause anyone can do it unless they’re infertile and this world will never be an ideal place to bring an innocent soul into

  23. Okay where the baby at?☺😭😡😭😭

  24. Saudia Jacqueline

    Hope that baby genetics dont go back to those black roots & come out dark with kinky hair. What he going to do put it up 4 adoption..

  25. Gernita Jackson

    IM SAD 😥.

  26. Why do people get congratulated for having kids smh all they’re doing is bringing another poor soul into this world that has to conform to this lame corrupted ass society

  27. #1 Teach him better than WHOEVER taught your ass!! Oh yeah niGGa… ConGrats.

  28. Unsuccessful filmmaker

    Chris Browns son beat up the doctor after she slapped him

  29. chris, get ready to pay out mo’ child support

  30. 90% of the heffers in here are bastards so I can see why they salty at cris. Oh, THAT and the fact they been wanting cris since he was 15 😁

  31. Masangu Kasolo

    I hope they get married .She looks like a nice lady for Chris Brown.

  32. 2 kids is enough……. start wearing condoms


    Great Chris Brown got another child out of wedlock by another groupie. Watch he will complain and moan about this one too soon when she drag him through the mud for child support. Just stop wrecklessly sleeping with groupies, go find another good woman with a career, get married Chris and this time don’t f$ck it up by cheating on her. Be a role model for a change, for the culture. Sick of all these dudes glorifying being a hoe and having baby mamas and rolling with groupies. 😒

  34. Good for him💓😇

  35. Cherish Sherry

    Yayyyyy BREZZY 😊❤️

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