Carolina Panthers star Cam Newton held “Thanksgiving Jam” for 1,300 children

Cam hosted 8th annual Thanksgiving Jam/

Cam shows love at Thanksgiving Jam.

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CHARLOTTE — Cam Newton is known for donning flamboyant habiliment at weekly press conferences. He’s also revered for his charitable benefactions in Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite suffering a season-ending foot injury a few weeks ago, the Carolina Panthers star hosted 1,300 kids at TopGolf on Monday for his annual “Thanksgiving Jam.” It’s the eighth year of the jamboree and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Like many athletes on “injured/reserve,” Cam is coping with life without football.

“That is what you miss the most, interacting with fans,” said the 30-year-old quarterback. “It has just been a long process, but yet doing things like this can put anybody in a great holiday spirit.”

“It has been a trying year for me in multiple ways,” Cam continued. “But at the end of the day, being in this type of atmosphere helps you and would help anyone. This is what the holidays are really about, giving back in many more ways than one. Doing things that impact the community is just as important as your performance on the field.”

After the emcee exhorted fans to strain their vocal cords, Cam proceeded to dish out sustenance while posing for selfies. One of the children even asked, “Did you make the food?”

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  1. This special…..♥️

  2. QB1💙

  3. ThatGamingBrotha

    I miss my QB

  4. 😘😊🙏 So glad to see your great big heart isn’t rehabbing. I miss you more than you miss the screaming children: waiting for that football, after every touchdown😭😢. But, a stronger, healed, and more sufficient Cameron Newton is worth the wait. I truly Love and Miss U: TRUTH. Blessings to you and your family for the holidays.

  5. How about the “1st Annual Cam Newton How to Budget Your Money and Quit Being a Drain on Society Thanksgiving Jam?” I’m not giving one dime to see these parasites shoving turkey and cranberry sauce into their big fat mouths.

  6. It’s crazy how shit works in the NFL

  7. Can’t wait to see you back SUPER CAM

  8. Smokey voice: that’s my dog

  9. Michelle Ezeugo

    I miss you Cam. I hope you can play next season

  10. The ONLY QB that does this

  11. Shelia LaFrances Jackson

    I really miss you too💜

  12. cam is a selfish asshole

  13. typical cam always want the spotlight

  14. #1 Quarterback

  15. Keep pounding cam👊💪

  16. People are always hating on Cam , this guy is out here supporting and helping out the unprivileged and needy from the bottom of his heart , and assholes out here talking about what Cam is and ain’t , but I can guarantee you the mfs can’t do half the shit Cam can do , and that’s FACTS!!!!!!!

  17. Alexandra French

    Love seeing NFL players do good to their communities. Cam Newton is a wonderful guy!

  18. love it

  19. noneya bizness

    Cam, I appreciate you.

  20. Y’all can say what you want about Superman Cam, but nobody else doing it B.I.G. like my boi. It’s all about giving back. Brady? Stafford? Big Ben? Vick? Nobody else out here contributing off the field as much as on the field as Cam Newton. The fans who we do it for. #TheKidsAreOurFuture #YesWeCam #KeepPounding

  21. God protect this man ! Bless his Family #HappyThanksgiving #KEEPPOUNDING #QB1

  22. cam is my kinda nigga

  23. Cam gonna come back as MVP next year

  24. I love this guy

  25. LOL no disrespect to this man cam! But this is only beneficial to him to regain control of the people! Charity itself is BEAUTIFUL! The Organization will always take part in that! This is a business move! And if cam comes back next year you better bring your A game dawg! Or the wave riders will be back against you! Seems like it’s less about football with GQ!

  26. There’s alot of Cam being displayed by the Organization lately. Shouldve been showed some love. Hurt or not you dont try and sweep this man under the rug like kitchen dirt.

  27. cam is the coolest nigga in the league

  28. Be blessed 🙏

  29. Bishop Hollywood

    That’s what it’s all about. Showing thanks and love for the community. Keep pounding.

  30. Im hopeful for a speedy recovery ace boogie

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