“Ice Ice Baby” rapper Vanilla Ice finally divorced after reaching big ‘settlement’

Vanilla Ice and Laura have called it quits/TMZ.com

Vanilla Ice, Laura granted a divorce. 

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MIAMI — “Alright stop! Collaborate and listen…” It took three years. But Vanilla Ice is officially single. After 22 years of holy matrimony, the “Ice Ice Baby” rapper and ex-wife Laura Van Winkle have reached a divorce settlement. The dissolution, filed in 2016, was recently signed by a judge in Palm Beach County, Florida. The severance would’ve went through much sooner had the ex-lovebirds not hit a stalemate over pecuniary issues tied to health insurance and alimony. If you recall, the 52-year-old lyricist and Laura got hitched in 1997.

The marriage, however, was derailed by a pair of domestic battery arrests.

Word on the street claims he beat her ass on the regular.

Vanilla Ice (legal name Robert Van Winkle) and Laura have two children together. But they’re both adults so custodial issues and child support won’t be a factor. Rumor has it Laura grew weary of Vanilla phallus. But it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is the exes had a problem and the judge solved it.

Word to your mother!

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  1. She is attractive, should’ve had more kids.

  2. Vanilla got “iced.”

  3. Satan Is A Liberal

    Alimony Alimony Baby

  4. She’s putting him on ice…ICE, baby…

  5. If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.

  6. word to your mother

  7. Did Vanilla Ice cheat on his wife, with his dancing partner?

    I did not read that anywhere in the article.

  8. Old Fred Bear Skin

    His marriage went cold! And Mrs. VANILLA ICE is now dating Ice T! They plan to marry in the winter,, outside of course!

  9. dontreplytomeimcrazy

    she wants the royalties to ice ice baby.

  10. they have been seperated for awhile now…..yes, they both cheated in their marriage, even in the earlier years…he’d be gone on tour, & she partied….true facts…

  11. Ok, so she no longer likes vanilla, will she try chocolate now or strawberry, or rocky road or banana or………

  12. He will tell that judge, I’m on a roll, time to go solo

  13. Seems the ice, ice melted.

  14. Rob Van Winkle’s wife is leaving him for a well-hung black man, called Chocolate Infusion…

  15. Collapsing Society

    To this day, no other white guy could dance Hip Hop like him.

  16. I would’ve thought he’d prefer the sistahs.

  17. I don’t know this rapper and I don’t care.

  18. I hear he’s back with a brand new invention, something that will grab hold of you tightly.

  19. She wants to trade her Vanilla Ice for some Hot Fudge!

  20. Hey, Laura, He don’t have to stop, collaborate, and listen for me. I’ll take him. Woo Hoo! One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure. Okay? okay!

  21. How much money did this guy REALLY make off a 1 hit wonder???
    I mean seriously… the very fact that he is still hanging around is a testament to his tenacity.

  22. I had no idea he was married. I guess I figured he was way too annoying for any woman to actually be married to him. I don’t know how she lasted this long.

  23. I’m the only black guy in America who thought he was cool. Dude still looks basically the same. Prince’s Purple Rain, Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby…..songs of the century….there- I said it.

  24. Chimmie Chonga

    Did she finally sober up and realize she was married to vanilla ice?

  25. cheaper to keep her

  26. Everyone loves Ice!!!

  27. she sick of vanilla dick, time to try chocolate

  28. Still better than 98% of the rappers out today.

  29. He wanted to be M.C Hammer..

  30. paul anthony walsh

    ice has guts,
    respect to this man.

  31. divorce divorce baby!

  32. He’s still rich so he got the last laugh.

  33. It's Me Carlos

    white people never stay married

  34. I respect him. He caught a lot of grief from people that just wanted to make themselves feel more important.

  35. niggas need to stop puttin a ring on it

  36. Richard Krivik

    Still and Allways will love his music.. 90’s kid ☝️💪

  37. I got respect for Ice.

  38. Living The dream

    If I was ice I would fuck up Suge Knight

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