Black Friday Fight Videos: Nasty brawls transpired inside pair of shopping malls

Brawl breaks out at shopping mall/

Thanksgiving brawl derails the holiday.

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AUBURN — Law enforcement officials are investigating after a pair of donnybrooks broke out inside two shopping malls on Thanksgiving. Both were captured on video. One of the brawls transpired at the Auburn Mall in Alabama where cell phone footage shows a corpulent black chick body-slamming a diminutive contender before their entourages ultimately intervened. The second fight transpired at the Lehigh Valley Mall in Pennsylvania. Cell phone footage shows a bout of fisticuffs between two pugnacious loiterers in front of a “Forever 21” store as a handful of security officers rushed in.

A damn shame.

Watch both brawls.

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  1. whaat the hell???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Smdh , a mess.

  3. Tracey Williams

    Smfh. Stupid people. Probably over a pair of shoes.

  4. It’s called Black Friday for a reason.

  5. Malls around me are on the verge of closing because of this exact thing. This and gang control and shootings and drug dealings.what the hell they fighting over, the last Tickle Me Elmo?

  6. The Christmas spirit at its finest..

  7. Steven Markoll

    Blacks causing trouble and harming society ?? WHo would of thunk.

  8. Have these crazy people ever heard of shopping online for black Friday much easier and no fighting wow.

  9. and yet, we are supposed to pretend we don’t know which ethnicity has the most violent trouble makers.

  10. ClaudiousMaximus

    Black people fighting, so what is new??


  12. Anthony Castillo

    I guess this is what Black Friday is all about?

  13. Wow just adding to the stereotype

  14. Didn’t even need to view to know involved blacks.

  15. I knew it would be blacks.

  16. I came for the racist comments.

  17. SHAMEFUL!!!

  18. Basement Berean

    The day after Black Friday should be YouTube Saturday.

  19. On Thanksgiving rly y’all,is this what y’all thankful for lol

  20. No day off for those animals ?
    Not even on Thanksgiving

  21. Jason E. Graham Sr.

    Just sad 😞 really getting tired of seeing and hearing about this mess. The world 🌎 is some much bigger then just fighting One another over nothing. Wake up youngsters, you gonna find it harder to get anywhere in life with a Criminal record. Then you will be tag 🏷.

  22. And they wonder why they talk about us. Hot Ghetto Mess. We gotta do better smh

  23. Titanium Golem

    No rest for the wicked.

  24. lock em up then throw away the key

  25. must have been over a popeyes chicken sandwich

  26. niggas niggas niggas

  27. Black women must do better….

  28. Just sad

  29. Typical shopping experience for those people.

  30. Daleel El-Noor

    Buy online, problem solved

  31. Just jigs jiggin it up. Nothing to see here.

  32. Dumbasses

  33. “♪♪Everybody was kung-fu fjighting♪♪”

  34. Good young black kids need to speak out against this type of behavior to their peers. Too many good black youth are getting tarnished reputations because of episodes like this. Its sad.

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