The Obamas tweeted out family image on Thanksgiving, then served turkey dinners

The Obamas sent out a family photo on Thanksgiving/Instagram

The Obamas are looking real good. 

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CHICAGO — Former President Barack Obama and his better half, quondam First Lady Michelle Obama, celebrated Thanksgiving at home then circulated a contemporary family portrait that shows the Democratic lovebirds with their two adult daughters — Malia, 21, and Sasha, 18. Barack then tweeted out a photo of the charitable quartet volunteering and serving meals at a local food bank. “Today, we give thanks for our blessings, give back to those around us, and enjoy some time — and turkey, and maybe a little football — with the ones we love,” he wrote.

“From the Obama family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.”

In an effort to advocate tranquility, the whilom Commander-in-Chief also disseminated an exhortation on dinner table deportment. “Before arguing with friends or family around the Thanksgiving table, take a look at the science behind arguing better,” Barack tweeted. “And it’ll never hurt to try this: ‘Listen to people, get them to think about their own experience, and highlight your common humanity.'”

Do you miss the Obamas?

Should Barack be given a bonus term?

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  1. He has to do some thing good because all he’s done is screw us over.

  2. Even though i don’t celebrate Holidays. It’s something to see Obama, and compare him to Trump in the White House now.. Obama run circles around Trump. it’s almost unbelievable.

  3. I think this portrays a very wonderful thing. The president and his family serving the most unfortunate among us. God bless him for this.

  4. Terrible president but a nice man

  5. i miss this president thank u obama for serving our country. Thank you! Thank You Very much!

  6. service excellent job of president !!!!!

  7. ⫷ B A L A N C E ⫸


  8. I am so impressed , not .

  9. obama is an attention whore

  10. hey look a turkey serving turkey what a dumb cluck

  11. Thumbs up to Obama, and live with it haters.

  12. That was so very thoughtful and they all look amazing. The girls are just beautiful and Sasha’s hair really grown. God bless the President and his family. There are many of us that still love him, respect and value him and his contributions to this country.

  13. “Thanks Obama”

  14. Obama asking them how they are like “MF I’m homeless” suprised no one said that. And well this is the most he will do for these people is just pose for the cameras to appear righteous.

  15. Fuck that guy. Pretends to help during thanksgiving like he actually gives a shit. I don’t make enough money to pay for medical but taxed $800 every year. That’s definitely change. Thanks asshole

  16. I may not agree with Obama but at least him & his family is helping & being with the poorest of the poorest in the United States.. Yet we have trolls here insulting him

  17. Viva Obama!!

  18. he only serves black people … kinda racist …

  19. Good Guy Obama.

  20. The racists, idiotic comments on this is only a reflection of someone in an extremely dark place in their lives who are in need of a daddy hug. I’m glad to see the President doing this, come to think of it I haven’t seen any of the Dems and Republicans candidates doing likewise at this time of year. Anyway way to go Mr President and family!

  21. good man , president Obama good job and happy Thanksgiving

  22. Good job Mr president,happy Thanksgiving to u 2…

  23. Happy Thanksgiving Mr. President God bless you and your family

  24. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss


  25. only pretending to care.

  26. Obama is cool and all , and its nice to see them serving those less fortunate

  27. I miss this man’s humor, I miss this man’s professionalism and I miss this man’s integrity

  28. Street Politician

    obama is my nigga


  30. Gerald Greenfield

    He’s an arrogant, corrupt, lying hypocrite that should be EXTERMINATED!

  31. let’s re-elect barack!

  32. Sofiya Vyshnya

    Oh boy, we need the Obamas back. We really do.

  33. Well, at least I can remember what it was like to have a great president…

  34. This is class and culture awesome president and family!! We missed them a lot!!

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