TMZ obtained prison menus for celebrity ‘inmates’ on Thanksgiving, all had turkey

Celebrity inmates received turkey dinners/

Celeb inmates got turkey & dressing. 

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CHICAGO — Bon appétit! TMZ obtained penitentiary menus for a quintet of incarcerated celebrities to see how they spent Thanksgiving. Ravenous inmates R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, Kodak Black, Suge Knight and Michael Cohen made the cut. All five were given turkey entrées that were accompanied by traditional side dishes. Some even had their salads tossed. But not in the manner that you’re thinking. Here’s the comestible breakdown: Kelly, who’s serving time at MCC Chicago, ingested turkey, gravy, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, pecan pie and a helping of fresh fruit. Yummo! Cosby, who’s locked up at Pennsylvania’s SCI Phoenix, devoured roasted turkey, gravy, stuffing, whipped potatoes, green peas, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls and pumpkin pie.

The warden, however, wouldn’t allow Cosby to distribute beverages.

Rapper Kodak Black, who’s behind bars at FDC Miami, got fat on smoked turkey, dressing, macaroni and cheese, green beans, potato salad, dinner rolls and a choice of holiday pie. Former Death Row music exec Suge Knight, a podgy resident of San Diego’s Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, had to make due with roasted turkey, seasoned chicken, salad and dressing, cranberry sauce, yams, mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread, mixed vegetables and a choice of cake.

Last, but not least, Cohen — a former lawyer for President Donald Trump who’s imprisoned at New York’s FCI Otisville — chowed down on turkey roast, gravy, stuffing, baked sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, dinner rolls with margarine patties, fresh fruit and a choice of holiday pie.

Were the celebs treated well?

Who received the best meal?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Robert Christerson

    Yeah ..and us law abiding peasant slaves on low income are lucky enough to get powder potatoes fake Jew coffee seeds that grow in water crock butter with fake dollar bread and spam or fried baloney ..😂😂😂😂..or Marie calender turkey in a box ..

  2. Next year trump will be added in the pic

  3. No fried chicken 🍗🍉 and purple drank ?

  4. They’re lucky to get anything

  5. Bill Cosby should have got a Smokey Turkey flavored Pudding Pop!!!

  6. Cosby should’ve only gotten a bologna sandwich!

  7. At least they have a meal!There are people out here don’t have nowhere to lay down

  8. Donnie "Loser" Dump

    Can u get knuckle sandwiches in prison? Just asking 4 a friend…

  9. Frugal Taxpayer

    Why should they get a fucking Thanksgiving dinner? Them niggas should get a fried boloney sandwich on stale bread with a piece of hard cheese.

  10. Fools gold nugman

    Prisoners be eating better then me today. Also enjoying Thanksgiving with more people then me

  11. Thanksgiving with the Trumps

    Donnie—in bed whining w/bucket of extra crispy.

    Manlania—drinking vodka, practicing holiday pole dance, after regurgitating ‘dinner.’

    Barron—detached and withdrawn, glued to ‘the Hub.’

    DJTJ—splitting time between wife and Manberly Manfoyle while housekeepers raise kids.

    Ivan-ker—walking around, contemplating her next rhinoplasty and waiting for Jerod to return from the downtown men’s bookstore.

    Tiffy—eating away her daddy issues.

    Eric—blaming always being last on degenerative middle child syndrome.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the trumps!

  12. Bathhouse Barry

    Black Friday should be banned because it is racist

  13. They even eat good in prison!!! 🤣🤣🤣


  15. While all the criminals are getting a 8 course meal many Americans are homeless eating whatever they can find to eat. America treats there criminals better than people down on their luck.

  16. Are these Turkeys eating or being eaten?

  17. Show of hands: who really gives af what these sicko prisoners eat for Thanksgiving?

    This is a non-story. Quit wasting our time.

  18. give them jim jones kool-aid!


  20. them niggas eatin better than me

  21. this makes a nigga wanna get locked up

  22. there are better ways to spend my tax dollars than feeding these bastards

  23. Smart n Stupid

    so glad to hear cosby didnt serve drinks

  24. Chester Cheetah

    these fools should be eating bread and water…….. sends the wrong message

  25. who gives a flyin fuck?

  26. Kodak Black’s meal don’t sound too bad…

  27. No pudding pops?

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