D-Wade defends homosexual son from “Twitter” trolls after photo went viral

D-Wade defends gay son from Internet trolls/Instagram

Wade’s gay kid attacked online.

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MIAMI — Dwyane Wade’s 12-year-old son Zion came out the closet a long time ago. He even perambulated Miami’s Gay Pride Parade while switchin’ like a runway model. But there’s still a profusion of detractors who are less than congenial when it comes to Zion’s homosexuality. Sh*t hit the fan on Thanksgiving when D-Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union, circulated a family photo that shows a feminal Zion donning hooker-esque fingernails and a crop top. Social media trolls went on the attack, prompting the retired Miami Heat star to tweet out a reprisal. “I’ve seen some post-thanksgiving hate on social [media] about my family photo. Stupidity is apart of this world we live in — so i get it,” D-Wade, 37, wrote. “But here’s the thing — I’ve been chosen to lead my family not y’all. So we will continue to be us and support each other with pride, love & a smile!”

Several Twitter users chimed in with homophile succor. One fan wrote, “Shout out D. Wade for setting the example of a Black father loving and accepting their children as they are,” while another added, “There’d be a lot less trauma in our community if more Black dads were like this.”

Do you agree with them?

Should more dads be supportive of their gay kids?

Should haters keep contumelious comments to themselves?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Wade is the true definition of a weak man. His wife is an evil woman that’s trying to get points with Hollywood at the expense of that poor child. This is child abuse and those children should be taken from that wicked home. And I don’t give a least bit of damn who gets butthurt about it.

  2. his child has a right to be a faggot just like everyone else

  3. O God have mercy 😥

  4. TheChronicDocumentary DreGame

    Wade is the best. Fuck them haters

  5. GOD destroyed SODOM and GOMORRAH for a DAMN good reason.

  6. D-Wade and Gabrille Union is doing nothing but short of Grooming that poor boy to be on some director casting couch in the near future.

  7. I was going to comment, but being a gentleman…. Sick, just sick.

  8. Drop Dead Pretty Please

    Who/where is this boy’s bio mom??

  9. I wonder what that kid’s biological mother thinks about Dwayne allowing Gabrielle to indoctrinate that young child’s mind.

  10. Jacqueline Davis-Nicholson


  11. Frank Drackman

    Fuck D Wade !

  12. blame popeyes chicken

  13. David Mcclaughry

    When did men get so fuck n soft men you have to stand up to your girl for your kid I don’t care if you never get ass again from your girl are job #1 job is to protect your kids even if it’s from the mother. Kids don’t know what is right from wrong tell they do it or tell the parents teach them so you have to man the fuck up and tell your kids the truth about sex an what a male is an what a female is and then you tell them what they are and y they are an here’s a lil tip if it’s an innie you have a lil girl or an Audi you have a lil boy so man up an stop being so fucking soft

  14. Jennifer Arigo

    Gabrielle Union is a piece of 💩!!!

  15. Dwayne Wade should be arrested for child abuse. This is not acceptable for a child 12 years old. I am ashame of his foolishness. May Almighty God remove this young boy away from his parents immediately.

  16. Man teach your son to be a Fricken man, not a woman!!!! Obama said it was OK that our Blackmen be feminine, well HELL no. Cmon D Wade. Adam & Eve not Steve. Don’t do this Wade, Damn!!!

  17. The future generation of men are in serious trouble…

  18. Dwayne Wade looks gay himself

  19. Sickening! God burned Sodom and Gomorrah!

  20. What a great dad! And good for his son for being him self, especially at a young age! A lot of kids feel like they have to hide. Wich is sad! Everyone should be able to be them selfs, with people judging them!

  21. FUCK that your son is 12 you the farther it’s your job to tell him right from wrong. I guess he will still be playing wit balls 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Dewayne Wade is a sorry ass excuse for a man. How can a real man condone this behavior. So what this clown is saying is the bible is stupidity. GOD IS LOVE. THIS ISNT.

  23. I’m wondering if Dwayne and gabby cheered the little boy on when he was practicing at home for the runway twitching and shaking his ass like that. Can you imagine them cheering him on saying “yes queen… work it” 🤮

  24. Black people better stop following the ways of the world. STOP excepting what is not of God!

  25. Barbara Graham

    Dwayne is one of the ugly,s brother around to me. This little boy would no
    long,er be looked at as a little boy. A lot of people will be look,n at him
    as fresh meat. I don’t think they know what the hell they are doing. They
    are put,n him out there to young. And Dwayne better watch his friend,s.
    We all know how some of you brother get down…

  26. Gabrielle, it’s not even her God damn child, i hate woman who wants to raise another woman child, if it was hers, i wonder what she could do?? Their SICK 🤮!!!!!

  27. Letitia Hepburn

    Sexual identity is a personal thing…Zion hasn’t had that much privacy because of instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. He needs guidance in this direction he’s chosen and I truly don’t think it’s from his father….😏😔😖😣😰😤😥😣😒😰

  28. Its always the same with these satanic celebrity sellouts, from will smith making out with his son and raising his kids to be opposite genders, peyton manning forcing his son to make out with him, pink raising HIS daughter gender fluid ect ect. This is SO common with celebrities but not in normal households, because It is one of the MANY prices of their fame, pushing satanic agendas.

  29. Toussaint Louverture

    The sickness is real. Wade is most likely gay himself. They all are. Wearing women’s attire.

  30. Michael Mensah

    Blind leading the blind

  31. If you support every whim a 12 year old has this kid won’t make it to adult hood….if your son wanted to be a porn star or a gang member at 12 you won’t support that….but you support him wanting to be a female????

  32. He pimped out his kid!!!

  33. We live in a world where some parents “mostly the weirdos” teach their kids that anything goes and are actually causing more harm than good. Its one thing to be born gay which is ok, but you still actually have idiots who wont point out what’s ok or not and that tends to confuse kids leading to depression, bullying and even suicide. Kids should be thought what boys do and what girls do because no matter what if the child is gay, he still will be, instead of play with this or play with that and the kid not really knowing.

  34. His 12yr old son is fucking somebody dress the way he is. The illuminati probably fuck him for fame for Dwade and his wife on many levels

  35. No one is attacking his son for being gay or whatever…but that is a 12 year old child why is he dresses like he a grown woman 😬😬😬. There should be limits since we are talking about a child. For the love of God can we drop the gay agenda for a minute and let the kids be kids? 😒😒😒

  36. Why do people care what other people do ?

  37. Dwyane is a little bitch,real talk fuck him

  38. He need to give that child back to his biological mother

  39. man this world is goin to shit…no take that back ..gone to shit …hell i thought it was a girl till i looked

  40. His son went Gay in order not to be sacrifice to the Illuminati

  41. The Magnificent Marc Kristian

    What do you expect from a woman that tell’s young girls to sleep with as many men as possible? Gabby’s an industry pass around and Dwayne’s the fool that fell for the pussy.

  42. Father ADAMAH LightofYAHAWASHI

    Just like Magic Johnson did his son too = SHAMEFUL.

  43. Jacqueline Pickett

    Because Gabrielle will go for anything because she’s up in Hollywood and sees everything is okay and the fact that she sucks up is the reason why his son is turning into a girl and it don’t make no sense that he needs to be home and maybe not in the NBA for 16 years and where is his mama at because I would be freaking going off.

  44. I think Dwayne got a little sugar in his tank too especially since he let Gabby eat his ass

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