Ex-NFL player Terrelle Pryor stabbed by girlfriend after he beats her up at home

Terrelle Pryor and Shalaya Briston got into a fight/TMZ.com

Terrelle Pryor is stabbed in chest.

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PITTSBURGH — Former NFL player Terrelle Pryor spent Thanksgiving weekend under the knife (in more ways than one) after his inamorata, 24-year-old Shalaya Briston, perforated his ass following a domestic dispute early Saturday morning. The stabbing transpired around 4:30 a.m. inside Terrelle’s apartment located in the 200 block of Heinz Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to police reports, Shalaya patronized a nightclub with friends after she experienced a series of contretemps with Terrelle. The couple got into a fight earlier that night and needed time to cool off.

When Shalaya returned from partying, a truculent Terrelle was waiting in the hallway. Seconds later, he started cussin’ her out and beating her ass. After the scuffle spilled into the kitchen, Shalaya allegedly grabbed a knife and went Zorro by stabbing the 30-year-old receiver multiple times in the torso.

Rather than let the Ike Turner impersonator perish, Shalaya and her cortège drove Terrelle to UPMC Mercy Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Detectives showed up to interrogate. Shalaya reportedly told investigators, “The only reason I’m here was to make sure that he didn’t die.”

However, a member of Shalaya’s retinue was heard saying, “We should have just let him die.” Shalaya was arrested and charged with criminal attempted homicide and aggravated assault, while Pryor faces litigation for simple battery. Witnesses said domestic violence is quotidian between the two.

Terrelle lost 3.5 liters of blood after the stabbing.

Shalaya smiled in her mugshot.

Should her deportment be construed as self-defense?

Will Terrelle learn to keep his f*ckin’ hands to himself?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Ruthless Lover

    aint no pussy worth dying for

  2. Bet she was a Michigan fan

  3. Domestic violence smh

  4. They charged him with simple assault, her with attempted murder and aggravated assault. How in the hell is he getting charged with assault if she is getting an attempted murder charge?

  5. TheRacingSoul 42

    This sucks for Pryor man I watched him at Ohio State. Hope he gets better soon.

  6. He is 30. His nfl career is definitely over now.

  7. Oh no!… I wish him the best…

  8. I’ve dated/slept with hundreds of ladies in my time as a singer/musician.. Often, multiples at a time. NEVER has one stabbed me, or faught each other, or caused any drama. Hope he pulls through, but young guys these days gotta learn how to handle their females. C’mon, man!!

  9. Lil Chromosome

    What a crazy bitch.


    fucking women…

  11. Holy shit

  12. damn she diced that mothafucka

  13. He was beating his girlfriend who then stabbed him. Shitty thing to happen, glad he isn’t dead, but honestly, fuck women beaters.

  14. He’s expected to make a full recovery. The police interviewed him and asked if there was a fight..”yes” he replied. ” “were you stabbed in the fracas?” the cops asked. ” No about two inches above it”, Prypor replied.

  15. “Keepin it gangsta”…..right?

  16. Dang man.🙏

  17. How’s that for thanksgiving ,pretty sure whatever it was didn’t need to stab the guy ,wtf !

  18. Eric Matterson

    Almost had another episode of Snapped

  19. When will you fellas learn these hoes dont care about you especially if you got all it is to lose come guys start thinking with the big head.

  20. She’s going to get away with it. F*ck!ng cops also charged Pryor with simple assault, and that’s all her defense attorney will need to scream self defense. Disgusting.

  21. Loves Greatness

    It’s dumb for a pro Athlete to trip over a broad and have her as a live in girlfriend. No drama with escorts that have to leave.

  22. She is beautiful

  23. terrelle mustve had a popeyes chicken sandwich

  24. theultramangofighter

    The sluts and hoes are lying. Terrelle wouldn’t ever go that far.

  25. Her mug shot looks like a headshot. She’s crazy as hell. Probably has some skills. But very dangerous. No visible injuries unless she received a makeover. As light as she is she bruises easily.

  26. any woman who smiles in her mugshot is a woman who doesn’t care about anything or anybody. also she jeopardized his livelihood and he can do some serious jail time for this.

  27. I’m going to hold off judgement until I get all the facts….. cause this will have you tripping either way.

  28. She had it planned all along she was just waiting on the right time to execute it but didn’t expect to have a witness in her twisted plan.

  29. How Terrell Pryor get an assault charge, and he’s the one in the hospital. Smh, the system is fucked up for black men. And black women need to stop provoking men to hit them.. women think they can get away wit shit, just cus she’s a woman

  30. Stay away from negative people and places💯🙏🏼

  31. Crazy bitch

  32. Prince 9th Ward

    We are in the times of Jesus, when king Herod ordered the killing of all born male babies. As the Bible objectively stated, the skin color of Jesus and T Pryor is identical to that of a penny…… the black man will continue to be crucified until The Christ our Savior returns.

    Acts 5:30

  33. These two DESERVE EACH OTHER.

  34. sleep with dogs get fleas

  35. Romance Lipscomb

    Husband and wife boyfriend and girlfriend fight all the time but when is gets physical it’s time for someone to go it should never go that far to the point of putting hand 🖐 on that’s not 💕 love ijs

  36. Sounds like the normal life of a married couple 😂

  37. ultralightbeing

    women only stabbing you if you cheatin.

  38. Crazy women usually have outstanding pu$$y, but you are definitely playing Russian Roulette

  39. Why is TERRELLE living in a APARTMENT???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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