Kid Rock said “F*ck Oprah” during his performance, fans called him a ‘racist’

Kid Rock slams Oprah while performing/

Kid Rock slams Oprah Winfrey.

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NASHVILLE — To say Kid Rock ain’t a fan of Oprah Winfrey would be a vast understatement. As a matter of fact, he hates her f*ckin’ guts. While performing at ‘Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse’ in Nashville last week, the inebriated musician lit into Oprah with a profanity-laced obloquy so vitriolic it would’ve made Richard Pryor blush. The diatribe was also captured on video. As a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, Kid Rock is an intransigent adversary of Oprah’s feminist ascendancy. The “Cowboy” rapper believes she has a deleterious influence on women.

He feels the same way about Joy Behar and Kathie Lee Gifford.

“F*ck Oprah,” the rocker screamed in the microphone as he was being escorted off stage. “Oprah Winfrey is like ‘Hey, I just want women to believe in this sh*t.’ F*ck her. She can suck d*ck sideways.” When descrying the video, female fans can be heard calling him a racist.

Kid Rock, 48, also put Oprah on blast via Twitter, claiming he shunned her chinwag request a few years ago. “My people tried to get me to do The Oprah Winfrey show years ago and her people wanted me to write down 5 reasons why I loved her and her show,” he tweeted.

“I said f*ck that and [f*ck] her. End of story.”

If you recall, Kid Rock’s disdain for Oprah goes back more than a decade when he told The Independent, “I just don’t believe her. Maybe it’s because I’m not one of the 150 million brainwashed women who heed her every word.” Contrary to public opinion, Kid Rock swears he’s not a racist.

Do you believe him?

Is the tirade being blown out of proportion?

Watch his rant.

Share your thoughts.


  1. skippy badonkadonkfoofoo

    He said he doesn’t like Oprah. How does that make him racist? He doesn’t like the other two women he mentioned either. They are white. These girls who yelled “that’s racist” don’t even know what the word racist means. Look it up in a dictionary before you point a finger and yell racist. This world has gone freakin bonkers.

  2. What an Old Evil Drunken piece of Bigot Garbage. America will be a much better place when humans like him leave this world and go Downstairs where they belong…

  3. fuck that white nigga

  4. strawberry10cs

    He needs to be Black Balled. 👊👊

  5. So criticizing someone who happens to be black…. is now racist?? God damn, can we just stop using that word for everything?

  6. Christine Currie

    Trump’s supporter

  7. “He’s racist!!” “Get him, get the racist!!” How is this any different from n-word lynchings?

  8. He’s with a black woman and has a child with a black woman. I don’t like Oprah either. That makes me racist?

  9. Oprah is a raciest behind closed doors and has supplied Harvey Weinstein with young girls for decades until they threw him under the bus….and EVERYONE Knew and went to his parties…….She sold her soul for money and fame many years ago…..Oprah is fat women always telling everyone how to lose weight and endorsing weight lose products from her neck up……..A women who has never been married yet gives everyone marriage advise…….A women without kids, yet gives parental advise…..

  10. Mermaid Monroe

    He just ended his whole career

  11. I’m black and I dont think he is racist

  12. I’m black and didn’t hear him say anything directed towards black.. people overdue things sometimes smh. That was personal not racist

  13. Wow! No comment! 🤐😲😔

  14. Ladies and gentleman THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS! I don’t like OPRAH either.

  15. This was hilarious😅😅

  16. Kid Rock is completely worthless. this man actually seriously considered running for public office when he knew he had a freaking drinking problem. Another GOP degenerate.

  17. Digital Witness

    The real story here is that two females do not understand the meaning of the word racist

    TRUMP 2020!

  19. No talent, minidick rapper wannabe. Ha! Pathetic! The guys got no Talent at all!

  20. HAHAHA, the one dipshit yells OMG he’s racist. That word is so worn out and has no substance because it’s been established that everyone is a racist.

  21. Kid Rocks talks about Oprah but loves Trump, enough said. Kid Rock must be smoking Rocks

  22. I’ll never lessen to his misic ever again.
    “Ignorant drunk Racist “

  23. Oprah aint shit I feel kid rock she has done nothing to really help real causes and I feel the same I don’t love Oprah neither

  24. I agree with kid rock.

  25. Terrell Gaither

    Funny how he was all on the black D when he first came out then that country trash picked up and then he like I’m a rockstar 😂😂😂 🖕🏿him and oprah

  26. Crazy Cat Lady

    In some people, booze brings out the Worst.

  27. Kid Rocks son is half black. He raised his son as a single dad and loves him with all his heart! He is not racist. He just doesn’t care for some liberals. He is good friends with Sean Penn.

  28. Elipido Espinoza

    How is hating Oprah racist?

  29. They are ignorant calling him racist. His song is mixed black and white and he has several black people in his band. Sensitive ass p.c. people talk so much shit like they never went on a drunken rant. Thank God kid rock isnt afraid to offend any1.

  30. Righteous Teacher

    He is definitely racist, probably has been for a long time but he likes rap music and he likes black culture, he is very confused. May commit suicide

  31. Angel Dominguez

    Hey its his opinion you will run into people who you dont like . And if kid rock felt like he needed to say something about how he felt let him say it. There’s nothing wrong with that. I mean dont you guys speak up about something you don’t like just to get it off your chest.

  32. Cynthia Campbell

    🤣🤣☻ He may or may not be racist. But he’s right! Oprah and Behar and Joy Reid are flaming C*NTS! I remember if you said you hated Barack Hussein Obama you were immediately accused of being ‘racist’. Because we all know blacks can do no wrong!

  33. Good job kid Rock. Oprah is an anti-white elitist, who should be called out.

  34. Kid Rock is cool – Oprah’s a tool. Oprah went off on a store clerk in Europe because the store was closed and she couldn’t buy the purse she wanted. She claimed racism etc, even though the store was closed. She thinks she’s entitled.

  35. I’m a black man and I deplore Oprah. She’s a vicious demonic person. The end.

  36. Who cares, say it to a black “dudes” face. Oprah won’t punch your skull in…

  37. origins of man

    I agree with Kid Rock!

  38. Why is this white man so obsessed with Black women… in particular successful Black women??? He also targeted Beyonce years ago. Its weird when any grown man targets a woman but when a white man picks on Black women… particularly weird. This guy seems like the type who yearns for slavery days.

  39. I think Oprah is a secret racist.

  40. Kim Centofanti

    Even drunk he speaks the truth

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