Football Fight Video: Fans of the Dallas Cowboys & Chicago Bears “duke it out”

Fans of Dallas and Chicago duke it out/

Crazy fans throw blows after game. 

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CHICAGO — Dallas Cowboy fans are apparently jaundiced losers. Shortly after Dallas’ 31-24 loss to the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football, rabid fans from both sides got embroiled in a virulent bout of fisticuffs at legendary Soldier Field. The donnybrook took place inside a stadium concourse. The brawl was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows punches being hurled from all gradients. One Cowboys fan was beaten to a pulp after getting double-teamed. A second Cowboys fan was also pummeled.

It’s still hard to tell who won the fight.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Once again NFL fans don’t disappoint! and the reason viewership is at an all time low. Great Job you’re doing Roger keep up the good work! Whats the term??? Oh Yeah THUG LIFE!

  2. That fight was weak none them didn’t know how fight properly. Wouldn’t surprise me if nobody won the fight. 😂

  3. Look at that puny, punk wearing the #52 jersey. He gives a cheap shot and then hides behind his buddy. What a typical, ghetto, punk pussy move.

  4. Salvatorus Maximus


  5. Javier Becerra jr

    Hahahaj fuck them cowgirls

  6. Typical bears cowards. Have to jump people. Fight 1 on 1 losers so you can get beat up.

  7. Those cowboys fans took two Ls that night.

  8. Enrique Sanchez

    Stupid asses

  9. Fuck Dallas! 😂😂😂….🦅

  10. robert roberts

    Haha drunks fighting over two 500 teams ,the 21 guy has more fight then the real 21 I’ll say that

  11. hell yeah ….fuck them cowgirl fans up 🐻🔽

  12. Paul Lindbergh

    It’s a football game the players get paid millions to play they don’t care about your city they go where the money is but some people are like it’s my team and all that B.S nothing better to do then act a fool over it

  13. LOL this is not a beat down. This was just a bunch of drunk goobers that really didn’t land any solid hits.

  14. Wrong title! It should be Cowboys holding down theirs while bears walk away like lil bitches! Go Cowboys!

  15. Over a stupid football game

  16. WHY!!! IT’S ONLY A GAME !!!

  17. Brandon Canady

    These niggas stupid actin like sum damn wild pitbulls frfr

  18. Sticks N Stones

    Cowboys fans are the most hated fan base in any sport in the world! They deserve every punch and I say this not knowing how the fight started, just knowing how cowboys fans are

  19. Lol over a gay ass football game. Haha I bet they are trump supporters

  20. Isaiah Bamburg

    Hahahaha bunch of fucking idiots. Rename the video, Chicago bitches jump Dallas bitches over abunch of millionaire’s that play grabass for a ball, and who could careless about these dumbasses spending thier paycheck to come see them both be shitty teams.

  21. looked like a bunch of school girls fighting. LOL what could you expect from these losers.

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