R. Kelly accused of getting Aaliyah fake identification so that he could marry her

R. Kelly accused of getting Aaliyah a fake ID/Getty Images

R. Kelly facing another charge.

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CHICAGO — “Age ain’t nothing but a number?” R. Kelly married 15-year-old Aaliyah in 1994. But, according to federal prosecutors, he bribed a government official to get her a fake ID that listed her age at 18. Now he’s being charged with another statutory crime 25 years later. The indictment came down Thursday afternoon. Damn! If it wasn’t for bad luck, Kelly would have no luck at all. If you recall, Kelly’s nuptials were annulled by Aaliyah’s parents in 1995. The redboned damsel died in 2001. Kelly is already facing a myriad of federal and state charges tied to sexual abuse with many of the cases involving minors. Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greeberg, said his client had “no idea” Aaliyah was 15 when they got hitched — claiming she lied about her age.

Earlier this year, Lifetime released a bombshell docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly,” that chronicled an array of sexual assault accusations against the 52-year-old singer. Kelly allegedly used his fame and fortune to recruit impuissant females for amatory and sadistic purposes. Word on the street claims he wouldn’t allow members of his harem to ingest, micturate and/or defecate without his approbation.

Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning” will air on January 2nd at 8:00 PM CST with a dramatic 2-hour premiere. Should Kelly be charged with a 25-year-old crime?

If he beats his case, should he eschew young girls and bang cougars exclusively?

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  1. Age ain’t nothing but a number…..👀 R Smelly is just another thug who bragged and boasted about his criminal behaviour and now he is paying the price!😂

  2. Y’all leave him alone. He’s in enough trouble already


  4. Bribery Charges????……from over 25 years ago??? I’m sure this has to be beyond the statute of limitations.

  5. Once a monster, always a monster.

  6. Apollox44 Pollo

    I don’t care what he did. He sang “I Believe I Can Fly” so there’s nothing he could do that would convince me a man of his talent should be locked up.

  7. sorry to say it it is part of African culture to marry young girls 70/100 in Africa marry girls aver 15 yrs sorry but is is true so I see nothing wrong it is part if is gines it is in is blood from ancesterys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if he did married a girl of 17 where was the parents where they after is $$$$$$$$$$$$ like all the other girls where was there Parents sure they where expecting $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ like the parents that sold there kids to michael Jacson to open restaurants fancy cars and more those parents need Jail times if R Kelly is guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!! and those girls same for prostitutions or escorts they where all after is $ so they need jail times for the new generations to learn!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jeez, R. Kelly just cannot stay out of court.

  9. It’s funny how they trying to crucify R.Kelly but what about all these politicians presidents another Rich powerful white people whatever happened to any of them nothing cover up blow over everybody forgets that why the children still go missing if people just look until the government or the Senators and their wives people know what I’m talking about speak up

  10. This is the most craziest thing I’ve ever heard this woman is dead and gone she’s been dead for years and at this point she is well over age it’s just another way they’re trying to get him I’ve never heard of them able to charge someone for a relationship that they had a dead person that is well over age now it was well over age when she died

  11. Innocent or not.. do black men get the same statue of limitations? Because I thought only murder carried over that long? Am I wrong?

  12. Lamont Johnson

    I want to beat R Kelly’s ass for some reason 🤔

  13. How long they gone drag this case, hurry up with verdict damn..

  14. Azariah Tedford

    A rat praying on little mice

  15. RealWomen Don't Do Nonsense

    These haters never quit

  16. Good because she’s was a beautiful young lady and he’s was a old goat 🐐 that just happened to sing great. There’s no excuse for sleeping with minors.

  17. Did we put this much energy of to making sure Cosby got a fair trial? We have our priorities all fucked up. RKelly? For real????? More than “parents” are on R KELLY payroll apparently.

  18. I thought for years this marriage was a publicity stunt to sell records , an still do 💯💯💯💯

  19. Dat girl dead dumb asss leave r Kelly alone with theses fake ass Chargers he da rest of da chargers n now y’all steal fucking with da man ain’t nun but sum crooked ass white folks dat ain’t shit n they mad racist ass they always tryna to be god n they crooked ass do more shit then others damn leave r Kelly alone with da bulshit dumb fucking

  20. How are you going to straighten this out Robert? How do you explain marrying a 15-year-old? How do you explain multiple relationships with minors over the course of at least 3 decade

  21. They digging up something happen 26 years ago and even her parents say they have moved on and have nothing against r kelly he will go to prison because they clearly are out to get him and when the government want you they will lie cheat steal to get a conviction

  22. Yall killing me..They trying hard#FreeKellz💜🙌💣

  23. They trying their best to make this black man go down. They’re charging him with a crime he did 25 years ago what the hell

  24. If Aaliyah could’ve lived to see what is going on today, I believe in my heart that she May have finally opened up about what truly happened between her and kelly. Not only to purge herself of any un-wanted heart aches and memories, but also for the sake young women in our generation today of which he is victimizing. All we will ever have though is speculation. Would she have done this? Would she have done that? I know that she still cared about kelly and even loved him… But she couldn’t be a part of his life anymore. Too bad he wrote her first major hit. With her testimony about him, he would’ve gone to prison. R.I.P. Aaliyah, You’re the perfect example of my dream girl 😘💯🔥


    I hope he doesn’t croak like Michael Jackson did before they can throw him in prison. Prisoners hate pedophiles so they have a difficult time staying alive. Many get brutally fisted and bleed to death through their butt holes. Perfect punishment for R. Kelly!

  26. Prison is going to be harder on him I’d imagine because he can’t read and write. He might learn while he’s in there though, otherwise that’s going to be incredibly boring and maddening – stuck in your head 24 hrs a day staring at a cement wall What a way to throw your life away, it’s sad really.

  27. As much as I like R. Kelly’s music he’s toast. He’ll be better off pleading insanity.

  28. What happened to statue of limitations. If you have to go that far back to find something on someone…maybe there is nothing to hold him on. Just saying

  29. Let me get this straight: R. Kelly is facing charges for buying a fake ID for a woman who has been dead for almost two decades???

  30. Da feds have no case dats why they bringing up theses old ass Chargers leave dat man alone with all of theses lies just all fake lies r kelly innocent go find sum else to do with y’all life’s no one seeing no proof r evidence da white man is da only one’s making a big deal out of dis dats wat they do how much they paying you all to lie n theses wanna be victims it’s about da momey

  31. When will we start blaming the parents who let their girls be around a grown ass man?? When will the law go after other artists or people who had a part in this? I think R. Kelly needs to go “Six Nine” on some folks! 😂😂

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