Anthony Joshua spanked Andy Ruiz by unanimous decision in heated rematch

Joshua spanks Ruiz in rematch/Andrew Couldridge via Reuters

Joshua dominated rematch with Ruiz.

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SAUDI ARABIA — Six months ago, Anthony Joshua (23-1, 21 KOs) suffered a gigantic upset at the hands of Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-2, 22 KOs) in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Given an opportunity to make amends, Joshua aced the exam Saturday night in a highly-anticipated rematch in front of 15,000 rain-soaked fans at Saudi Arabia’s open-air Diriyah Stadium. Speaking of exam, the British champ must’ve did his homework because the bout was never in dubiety. Joshua, the recipient of a lopsided unanimous decision, kicked ass from the outset using a tactical machination to retrieve a trifecta of heavyweight championship belts.

British judge Steve Gray registered a score of 119-109. Glen Feldman of the United States and Benoit Russell of Canada submitted identical tallies of 118-110 in favor of Joshua. “Last time, I hurt the man and I got caught coming in,” said an elated Joshua, 30.

“I gave that man his credit. There was no excuses. I respect Andy and his family and his trainers so much. I just wanted to put on a great boxing master class and also show the sweet science of this lovely sport. It’s about hitting and not getting hit.”

Ruiz, who was affable in defeat, blamed the pummeling on partying and poor eating habits.

“It was his night,” said the corpulent 30-year-old. “I don’t think I prepared as good as I should have. I gained too much weight but I don’t want to give no excuses. He won, he boxed me around but if we do the third, best believe I will come in the best shape of my life.”

Ruiz entered the fight weighing 283 pounds, roughly 50 more than Joshua.

Would you like to see a third fight?

Would it be a waste of time?

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  1. It’s a tie.
    We need a 3rd fight.
    Otherwise it will always be a tie. 🥊

  2. AJ was all business!

  3. Really thought Joshua would knock him out, and early…before round 4. But the fight went pretty much as expected with Joshua dominating the fight and cruising to an easy victory.

  4. Joshua strategy was to keep running away from Ruiz, to be able to win with a cheating unanimous decision. The second strategy is after the fight by not giving Ruiz a third fight. Shame.

  5. Great fight from both fighters Ruiz still can get it back and Joshua still legit this the time for him to fight Wilder

  6. The dude just can’t stop eating burritos 🤣🤣

  7. Wilder knows if he fights Joshua it’s an easy tko . If Ruiz made Joshua run wilder will def. have an easy fight. Joshua will need to punch and run all night to stay away from wilders massive punches

  8. First fight was fixed duh… So much money to be made…. Sorry

  9. Charvas Willis

    I honestly think Andy Ruiz won that first one by luck

  10. Could have least K.O him out ummmm you can’t fight Wilder going 12 rd bro Joshua the win was not that impressive 💯💯💯

  11. Joshua wanted no part of actually fighting with ruiz. Just was gonna Mayweather and win by points. Weak af

  12. King-Emperor Botolf

    Ruiz looks like a drunken construction worker

  13. Ok so Joshua got woke in fight 1… Ruiz got out boxed in fight 2… Ruiz now has to learn how to get inside of a boxer’s defense and cut off the ring, if he can do that it’s over for Joshua. My boy Ruiz will be the Mexican Tyson !

  14. This fight was terrible because Anthony Joshua was afraid to actually fight, he played it smart by not exchanging like before but at least make it interesting

  15. Joshua would never beat Wilder like that

  16. Dude is fat as fk, how did he expect to win against Black Panther? LOL

  17. Anthony Joshua is just “the great Afro-European HYPE”. Joshua is just propaganda.

  18. Deontay is the one and only heavyweight champion of the world

  19. He shouldn’t get a 3rd fight

    time to move on

    Wilder or Tyson should be the next fight

  20. Vincent Torrez

    2 Garbage girls…. this is why Joshua did not want to fight in the United States cuz he knew he would lose here……

  21. Christopher Kahn

    The better boxer got out-boxed. A.J. learned some new tricks. Well done.

  22. Aj isnt man enough to call out Fury or wilder. A coward.

  23. Othello Smalley

    I like both of those guys but Andy is way bigger than he was in the first fight and he’s looks very soft the reality is if he wants to be a contender and continue to fight at a top level the fact is, he’s gonna have to take his diet training and conditioning Sirius he’s far too talented to be looking like that

  24. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee 😎

  25. Styles make fights and you gotta give credit to Joshua for a sound strategy. Ruiz could’ve kept in shape and tried to make himself more than a one fight wonder

  26. People sleep on AJ skills .. hes WAY better than Tyson Fury only Wilder has chance to KO Joshua, cant wait for Wilder to expose Fury in February

  27. This was a little bit like a small kid trying to slap his dad and running away before he gets a real slap.

  28. Joshua knew he had much faster hands and a master of fighting on the inside he did what he could to slow him down. I love the technique and it paid off. Yall wanna see a brawl and he just wants to regain his title.

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