Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend harassed by Patriots fans, security had to “intervene”

Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany Matthews harassed in New England/

Mahomes’ chick heckled by fans. 

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FOXBOROUGH — Patrick Mahomes’ inamorata, Brittany Matthews, tried to make herself sedentary in the stands of New England’s Gillette Stadium on Sunday to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs. But she received a contumelious introduction to east coast hospitality that elicited a swift relocation. During KC’s 23-16 victory, Patriots fans treated Brittany so bad, security had to escort her ingenuous ass to a safer section. The blonde damsel attended the contest with Patrick’s little brother, Jackson Mahomes. “This place is horrible,” Brittany fumed. “This place is horrible! People yelling every time I stand up. Am I not [allowed] to stand up for football games?”

Brittany said the harassment began as soon as she reached her seat. “As soon as we sit down, a drunk dude said, ‘Hey everyone, this is Patrick Mahomes’ girl and brother, let’s give them sh*t! This shall be fun,” she recounted. As the goading intensified, security eventually showed up to intervene. “Gillette security came and got us and moved us to a safe place,” Brittany explained. “That’s how you know it was bad.”

After the game, Brittany exacted some lex talionis upon churlish Patriots fans.

First, she shared a public kiss with Mahomes to make ’em jealous. Then she logged into her Twitter account to disseminate a little shade. “All patriots fans ‘we still have 6 Super Bowls’ Lololol,” Brittany tweeted. “Once Patrick has been in the league as long as [Tom] Brady, then chat to me about Super Bowls! Patrick is 24, Brady is 42 you just wait.”


Do you agree with her?

Will Mahomes surpass Brady’s accomplishments?

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  1. Yikes! That’s the best he can do?! That girl fell out of the ugly tree and hit every single branch.

  2. Ruthless Lover

    damn pat….. time 4 an upgrade

  3. Stacy Honeycutt

    Patriots fans can fuck off, it’s awesome when you can love a cheating. Quaterback!!!! Good job fans lol!!! Go Chiefs

  4. I blame the bad behavior on the $12 beers, which has everyone front-loading on their tailgates before the game to save money…

  5. RiskTheNugget 23

    Seriously people say that the pats suck because they win. Nah it’s cause some of them and their fans are crybaby’s and can’t take a loss
    Tom Brady stormed off the field after the game.
    A patriot defender shoved mahomes into the Gatorade after he ALREADY went out of bounds
    Patriot defender tackled Sammy Watkins #14 into the sideline and wouldn’t let go of him

    Get it together

  6. This is a game. You should always treat everyone with dignity no matter who they are. That is the proper way to treat others no matter what team they root for. No one should feel unsafe at a sporting event or be threatened. This is a very sad world we live in when we don’t treat others as we want to be treated. Very sad story.

  7. pat needs a black girl with a big ass booty

  8. Kevin Cummings

    I hate to say it. But his gf is after the money. No girl dates a cartoon character

  9. These super stars have the most average wife’s/girlfriends

  10. She is one ugly girl. Prob a 4 out of 10. NFL MVP should have a lot higher standards. We all know she is dumb as a stump so what gives?

  11. 😆 pats fans can’t take a dose of there own medicine 🤣 🤣 🤣 😆

  12. boohoohoo, fans of the other team didn’t treat me like the princess i obviously am, boohoohoo

  13. Devonta Draper

    I swear to god this is why nobody likes wild patriots fans their wreckless fools who can’t except a dying dynasty or a lost this is why nobody but ur selfs can take u seriously and im not saying all patriots fans are like this just the crazy pyscho ban wagon ones. before u go attacking mahomes he didn’t give you guys the lost the refs did and patriots fans tell me right now. How many damn times have the refs helped u win. Brady is on the decline and this what we get from the fools of idiotic fans…

  14. Marine Assassin

    Totally uncalled for.

    Pat is a quality guy and so is his wife. She’s a classy and nice looking young lady.

  15. Thought the brother Mahomes would have better taste than a white stick figure

  16. I’ll be honest, Mahomes’ girl and his brother looks so annoying. Maybe i’m wrong but a quick look at their social media gave me that impression

  17. Patty Motorhomes is scraping the bottom of the whyt chik barrel with this one…

  18. Militantreturns

    Patt manhomes can do BETTER
    Shes a dog 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  19. Patriots fans are mad because they lost by 3 quarterbacks that are not white

  20. That’s ok…. the loser patriots will pay one day soon. Go Chiefs!!!!!!! Love them!!!!!

  21. Patriots fans actually booed Tom Brady. Amazing. 6 Super Bowls…..and you boo him. 10-3 and you boo your team.

  22. Mahomes Girlfriend? Yeah right. LOL

  23. Damn Shame….Chiefs Kingdom for life.

  24. Anthony Mckinney

    Mahomes girlfriend doesn’t look that good

  25. Not a Patriots fan, but if Maholmes has half the number of rings Brady has by the time he’s 42 he will be lucky. What the Patriots have done defies all logic.

  26. Charles Campbell

    His girl and brother should’ve been in a suite anyway

  27. Pats fans are spoiled they think if you lose it’s the end of the world

  28. patriots fans mustve ate popeyes chicken

  29. Foolish mistake! Wait till they come to KC. There will be 76,000 fans waiting on your stupid asses.

  30. If you can’t win..cheat…if you can’t win and cheat..harass the opposing fans. Real classy patriot fans…

  31. notorious neil

    I’d be so embarrassed if I was Patrick Mahomes. His GF and Bro are so childish. His girl is fugly, she a skinny Miss Butterface, 100%. His flamer bro wants to be a woman, he acts gayer than a bag of D’s. Both act like 10 year old kids. Fans should butcher them everywhere they go.

  32. Many Pats fans are disturbed by such news of the treatment of Patrick Mahomes GF and brother. How about the Philly fans literally starting fights physically assaulting fans of visiting teams on numerous occasions.

  33. damn pat too cheap to put that bitch in a suite?????

  34. Patriots fans are jerks salty MFs

  35. Ravens Own AFC now. There is always an end to the greatest. Bradshaw and Steel Curtain , Montana & Co , Johnny Unitas , Joe Namath etc.
    Now Brady is a victim of Father Time. America is Loving it 👍👍

  36. whiney ass bitch, your not allowed to whine at a boston sports event. stay out.

  37. Your boyfriend makes enough money to get you better seats. Imagine if she was a Red Sox fan sitting in the bleachers of Yankees Stadium?

  38. Macarthur Bates

    Imagine that. Hes got a white girl. Go figure.

  39. You don’t matter

    Yeah your generation always needs a safe place.

  40. I hate Tom Brady

  41. He should’ve left that freeloading GoldDigger in Kansas City

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