William Shatner, aka Captain Kirk, gettin’ divorce after 18 years of holy matrimony

Williams and Elizabeth are calling it quits/TMZ.com

Captain Kirk is calling it quits. 

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LOS ANGELES — “Beam me up, Scotty!” Captain Kirk is gettin’ a divorce for the fourth time. After 18 years of holy matrimony, William Shatner and his wife — Elizabeth — are calling it quits. The “Star Trek” thespian filed dissolution documents citing “irreconcilable differences.” William and Elizabeth have no children together so child support won’t be an issue. Ditto for spousal support because the ex-lovebirds are safeguarded by a prenuptial agreement. William and Elizabeth got hitched in 2001 despite a broad age aperture. He’s 88 and she’s 61.

Prior to Elizabeth, William said “I do” to Gloria Rand (1956-1969) with whom he has a trio of offspring; Marcy Lafferty (1973-1996); and Nerine Kidd (1997-1999) who passed away in August 1999. If you recall, William came home and found her butt naked in the bottom of their family swimming pool.

Coroners later determined intoxicants contributed to Nerine’s drowning.

William is worth an estimated $100 million.

Elizabeth is expected to pluck a sizable chunk.

They’re in the process of negotiating pecuniary terms.

Does Elizabeth deserve a dime?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Larry the Pizza Guy

    he’s too old for this shit

    might as well stay with the bitch

  2. Who gets divorced at almost 90. He’s single and ready to mingle girls

  3. maybe he was tired of having to set his phaser on “botox”

    (or she was tired of having to set hers on ‘vibrate’)

  4. I’m sad for them both. She’s a smart woman. Independent, and was weathy in her own right before she met him. They were on equal ground. She didn’t need or want his money. I’m betting he wants a younger wife. Not blaming him. Hollywood is very ageist. And living in Hollywood is a mistake. I’m sad for them both. They’ll survive.

  5. Shoo Shoo Lewis

    She lured him in with her younger, filthy snootch. Then she got old. Next!

  6. She better leave before she’s found dead in his swimming pool

  7. Who will get custody of all his cheap and ill fitting toupees?

  8. Better result than the last one he got rid of in the swimming pool.

  9. My best SPock voice: FASCINATING.

  10. Bill needed to trade that in anyway. That ride has a lot of miles.

  11. He can do waaaaaay. Better. Get yourself a 30 something and enjoy your birth right as a male.

  12. Menace2society.

    Which one is William Shatner….?

  13. I thought William’s reputation was always a ladies man. I’m surprised he would even get married. I wish them the best.

  14. Opus Q. Penguin

    She’s lucky he just wants a divorce. The last wife wasn’t so lucky. 😬

  15. SHE SHOULD HAVE PUT UP WITH WITH HIS “S” a few more months.

    He would have dropped dead and she would get everything.

  16. @John Wick: He filed on her. Maybe she was licking her chops too much waiting for him to die.

  17. She doesn’t really want to wake up one morning with a dead man lying in bed next to her.

  18. Shatner wasn’t the kindest person to his fellow actors who have spoken out about his “on set” behavior. Could only imagine what this woman put up with.

  19. He wants to get divorced at 88? Wtf 🤔

  20. She was taking cock from the pool boy. Now she is going to clean out his bank accounts and find a young stud to keep her full. Predictable and happens all the time. Wonder if SHE likes anal – I am available….

  21. Shatner has always been a piece of shit. You’re 88, dummy. There’s not any more pussy out there for you.

  22. Four marriages and four divorces?….Why bother with the formality of a piece of paper?….Just live together and call it done….Our license meant something to us for 58 years until she was taken from me….It doesn’t make sense!

  23. What is his problem? How many times does he need to get married before he realizes that maybe marriage isn’t for him?

  24. 2 Drink Minimum

    88 and married four times….. wow, you would have thought that he would have learned his lesson after the first bad marriage, or at least by the end of the second one.

  25. Street Philosopher

    that old nigga need to stay solo

  26. captain kirk want some young pussy

  27. What a scum piece of shit he killed Nerine for sure

  28. No problem. He will buy a new piece of ass.

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