Former NFL star Clinton Portis & several players nailed for health insurance fraud

Clinton Portis and several NFL players accused of fraud/

Many NFL players busted for fraud.

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KANSAS CITY — Former Kansas City Chiefs Joe Horn, Tamarick Vanover and several ex-NFL players could end up spending the next two decades behind bars for their alleged complicity in defrauding the league’s healthcare program. The United States Department of Justice has filed criminal charges against Horn, Vanover, Clinton Portis, Robert McCune, John Eubanks, Ceandris Brown, James Butler, Frederick Bennett, Reche Caldwell and Etric Pruitt. All ten are accused of purloining mazuma from the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Plan for retirees and their families.

“Ten former NFL players allegedly committed a brazen, multi-million dollar fraud on a health care plan meant to help their former teammates and other retired players pay legitimate, out-of-pocket medical expenses,” said Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski in a statement.

According to court docs, the defendants submitted roughly $4 million in spurious claims then cashed in reimbursements for expensive sh*t like hyperbaric oxygen chambers, electromagnetic therapy devices and ultrasound machines. They’re staring at a maximum penalty of 20 years in the penitentiary.


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  1. This is ridiculous. Sad that these few players did this but as a former collegiate athlete I know about injuries that effect your daily life. NFL should offer lifetime benefits it’s a shame they do not it’s damn near criminal.

  2. I dont feel sorry for them niggas. They all millionaires

  3. Its not right what they did but some guys really be struggling but its mostly they fault because they don’t handle they money right still the nfl should give lifetime benefits especially to the guys who played for a while because the cte and other issues last for the rest of they lives.

  4. Professional athletes at it again..

  5. manuel Villalogos

    All black. Every. One. Of. Them. But we shouldn’t profile. Uh uh.

  6. As much as the health insurance industry steals from American citizens every month I dont feel bad for them at all. It was only 10 players does this really warrant a DOJ press conference? Seems like a planned attempt to distract from those hearings on capital hill, I think ummm oh yeah the impeachment hearings

  7. Sounds about black.

  8. The Road Warrior

    The reason they got caught is because it happened in the private sector and the private sector looks into fraud. Medicare? I hate to think about how high the fraud is there.

  9. As if these lowlifes didn’t earn enough as NFL players that have to steal from ex-players who really need the medical help. Let them pay the fund back then do prison time.

  10. Can`t a brotha catch a break?

  11. More NFL Players on the wrong side of the law… Sad but this is a recurring theme, at least this one is not violent.

  12. Blame it on CTE

  13. Time for, “The Longest Yard 3” I wonder witch player will play Paul Crew?

  14. All that money and they still need to cheat.. weak

  15. These guys are late to the party. That’s a very old Medicare fraud trick. No wonder they (rightfully) got popped.

  16. Can’t blame greed, or stupidity on CTE.

  17. Gumbo Jambalaya

    Greed– its the American way

  18. SuperBoomshack

    The common denominator is…🤣

  19. 👋 off to prison you go…

  20. blog king didnt mention their race….. wonder why? hmm

  21. And they’re all black players? I’m gonna research this and see if they were all raised by only their mothers. If they did do this then the root of their corruption is single motherism.

  22. The NFL uses a lot of former law enforcement personnel as investigators, therefore they still have connections in law enforcement like the FBI. The NFL is just sending a message to its players that we run the NFL, not you. Isn’t it ironic this comes out the same time the NFL says it’s moved on from Colin Kapernick? Think about the pharmaceutical companies that have robbed us Americans. When is the FBI going to indict them for fraud and price gouging?

  23. Lock all their asses up, give them maximum sentences and send a message loud and clear !

  24. Clintons money was stolen by whiteboys who are never prosecuted for steal black athletes money ever nowhere in america you think these black fools would learn something

  25. Maybe if they was given lifetime health benefits they wouldn’t have to lie to get benefits

  26. Well…thats a good way to get some Free Room and board…

  27. Riding The Holocoaster in Reverse Is a Must

    they was good boy’s ,, they di’ndu nuf’fin

  28. The DOJ overlooks corruption from people with the white complexion or the right connections….but low level offenders with dark skin get the full brunt of it’s bureaucracy.

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