“Jumanji: The Next Level” garners mixed ‘reviews’ from critics on Rotten Tomatoes

Jumanji sequel has highs and lows/Sony Pictures

Critics down on Jumanji sequel. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Despite a star-studded cast featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart, Jake Kasdan’s “Jumanji: The Next Level” — the sequel to 2017′s “Welcome to the Jungle” — has garnered mix reviews from film critics. The action-packed comedy registered a score of 68% on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer. James Berardinelli of ReelViews gave the flick two and a half stars out of four. Ditto for Mark Kennedy, writer for the Associated Press, who wrote:

“Like all sequels, the second suffers from not having the delicious surprise of the first. But the seed to a third film is hinted at in the closing credits, which is more than the first film promised.”

In “The Next Level”, the gang returns but the game has changed. In order to rescue one of their own, the players will have to undergo a series rigorous challenges from desiccated deserts to snowy mountains to escape the world’s most perilous game. Will they succeed?

If you recall, “Welcome to the Jungle” brought in nearly $1 billion at the global box office.

Will the sequel generate similar revenue?

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  1. why do people mostly like 12 year old no brainer movies like this nowadays?

  2. This is the millenials version of Tropic Thunder. I can dig it.

    All sorts of dudes playing dudes pretending to be other dudes.

  3. I like the rock but jack black is the best in his roles in jumanji lol

  4. Gonna go see it 👌🏼😁☺️ can’t wait!

  5. Just saw the previous one.. It was awesome. Can’t wait to see this one

  6. Carnival Skater

    So Jack Black can play a teenage girl and a black dude?

    But is no one gonna talk about Dwayne playing a teenage nerd and a old man perfectly

  7. Nothing will beat the original jumanji

  8. SO… what kind of character do you want to play in this franchise?
    The Rock: ALL OF THEM! a girl, a geek… oh and DANY DEVITO!

  9. Dwayne Johnson acting like Danny Devito.
    Kevin Hart acting like Donald Glover.
    Jack Black acting like a black dude and a teenage girl.
    I’m fine with this actually.

  10. Jack black is the best actor in the bunch

  11. Clem Fivekiller

    Jack Black and danny Devito The rock Kevin hart, I never been more excited for a movie since rock n roll high school

  12. First Name Last Name

    The first one was actually not bad… but like anything else they ruin a concept with a sequel.

  13. Blockbuster 👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

  14. Bestknownunknown

    The Rock resembles OJ Simpson

  15. So, Danny Devito is now in Jumanji. My life has peaked…

  16. “Omg like I’m a total horse” 😂

  17. just saw the movie y’all should go see it,,,,amazing

  18. Done watching today. They Play their roles so prefect..waiting for next jumanji. # be aggressive

  19. I watched it 🥰

  20. I watched this movie today and it sucked lol. Dont waste ur time with it, its incredibly unfunny and boring.

  21. Jack Black’s weaknesses:
    J.B:How is this guy a character in a game?
    Also J.B:Man,it is hot out here!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. This movie is so funny, worth watching, would recommend

  23. Just watched this movie yesterday. Its so great and funny😍 Love all the characters, especially Eddie & Milo😂 08/10

  24. I love to see haters because they’re so miserable. Jumanji was awesome

  25. Jumanji 3 please

  26. Javiel Claudio

    Ok this literally had nothing in common with the first one!!!!!!!!

  27. Great Movie…Great cast …all different…Size, age, gender, height, background etc… Love it! …and the story line is … You will see… Congratulations!

  28. It was Fun, the action was decent too. The two older characters clearing the slate and making peace was nice. But, is there a sequel where Jumanji spills into the real world if you follow the extra scene at the end?.

  29. I Watch This Movie Because The Rock LoL

  30. White Ranger Tiger Power

    Fuckin intense man welcome back everyone it was amazing indeed

  31. uggila arrmina

    best movie 👍

  32. I watched it today
    Believe me it’s fun to watch and hilarious
    I had a great time enjoying the movie 🍿
    If you’re thinking about watching it or not all I can say is it’s a great movie 🎥

  33. I watched the movie twice

  34. Jakob Viquiera

    There’s going to be a part 3

  35. I still need to see the first new Jumanji. I’m glad they took a whole other take with this instead of rehashing what has already been done. cough cough I’m looking at you Disney.

  36. deathfromabove592

    This film will get recycled more times than michael jacksons face.

  37. I didn’t know it could get better than welcome to the jungle but it did. 10/10 was not disappointed, giggled the whole time

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