Murder Video: Rapper Ayyo Dev commits “suicide” through Instagram Live video?

Rapper Ayyo Dev commits suicide on Instagram Live/

Rapper Ayyo Dev commits suicide. 

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VICKSBURG — Law enforcement officials in Mississippi are investigating after rapper Ayyo Dev appeared to take his own life while busting a freestyle rhyme via Instagram Live. The alleged fatality went down in Vicksburg, Mississippi. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows an inebriated Ayyo addressing fans on Instagram Live before taking a hollow-point bullet to the cranium. “I swear to God, I’m the hardest n*gga from Mississippi,” he proclaimed while speaking to the camera.

“I’m on some f*ckin’ sh*t!”

Seconds later, the gun went off.

Authorities originally ruled Ayyo’s death a suicide. But many believe he was either sniped by adversaries or faked his own death. Shortly after the shooting, Ayyo’s friends disseminated a “lay in peace” communiqué through the rapper’s Instagram account as a hip hop necrology.

The video has received millions of hits.

Watch the disturbing footage.

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  1. This man did NOT commit suicide he was KILLED 😩🙏🏾😿

  2. BBBBBWWWWHHHHHAAAAAAHAHA….LMAOO! Pls shoot him again, this time in that pavement ape’s mouth so he won’t talk shit anymore.

  3. These young kids will do literally anything for a meteoric rise to the spotlight these days, huh? Work on your craft and stop trying to find an easy road to success; everyone who ever tried that shit eventually went down in flames.

  4. Fred G. Sanford

    I guess not everybody likes his music

  5. Who tf shoots at somebody ONE TIME‼️ That man thought he took that clip out no disrespect to the fam this not funny people are‼️ Clearly told him hit that button slide that down ITS OFF so he could flex that gun for the gram lol y’all gone make me get his friend in trouble‼️😆

  6. this aint no suicide somebody popped son

  7. Nah he shot himself by accident u can hear him and his homies talkin bout the safety bein off

  8. He was murdered

  9. The gun sound was too far away for it to be suicide. It would have been a lot louder up close.

  10. The TruthfulOne


  11. Leroy The Last Niggah

    Sh!t reminds me of the opening scene to Dont Be A Menace to Society While Drinkin Your Juice in The Hood…

  12. Kallie Lockwood

    He was in the middle of rapping, he wasn’t distressed or have any signs of wanting to attempt suicide. He was literally in the middle of rapping. You hear a pop noise before he went down and then you hear a car speed off and then another gun shot at the end. Someone shot/killed him on live and this needs to be dealt with accordingly and be justified.

  13. Someone killed this man bruh🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. This doesn’t look like a suicide, it looks like he was mudered on a live stream, this murder needs to be criminally investigated. This definitely sounds like a drive by or someone jumping in a car after shooting him. I hope whoever’s involved in the death of this young man, is brought to justice. DEFINITELY NOT A SUICIDE!!!😥

  15. Gangsta till the end

  16. christian fulk

    Kid was playing with a piece and shot himself by accident. He has it in his left hand near his head when he fixes his hood. Homie in the car was tryin to tell him to chill I think

  17. it can’t be suicide, because if you watch the video in slow motion, he was adjusting his hat with one hand and recording himself live with the other. These streets are SAVAGE.

  18. It seems like he had his gun in his left hand but was shot from the right side in his head u can see the impact & from the way his body fell this was no suicide

  19. Cassandra Butler

    And y’all still don’t see anything wrong with this dumb ass generation

  20. He shot hisself. U can see the gun in his hand omg that is so sad 😞

  21. Someone shot him

  22. He didn’t kill himself y’all dumb no kinda gun in his hand

  23. his left hand reaches up to his forehead briefly when the shot happens, and hes holding the phone in this other hand…. unless he a octopus this is straight murder

  24. Dear Mankind, I'm Just Sick of You All

    Good, rap music is garbage.

  25. Clout chasing a hell of a drug now you wanted for faking yo death lol clown

  26. he might be alive brah. type ‘back from the dead ayyo dev’

  27. Naw that was murder…smh 100%

  28. this is my cuz and he is not dead

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