Viola Davis & Tiffany Haddish headline remarkable cast in ‘Good Times’ reboot

Davis and Haddish to star in Good Times reboot/Atlanta Business Journal

Good Times is ‘coming back.’

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LOS ANGELES — Everything is “Dy-no-mite!” After a 40-year hiatus, “Good Times” is returning to network television. Officials at ABC Studios announced the cast for “Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Good Times” on Thursday. The ghetto-based sitcom will feature Oscar winner Viola Davis in the schmaltzy role of Florida Evans. Andre Braugher will portray her jinxed husband, James Evans. Ex-Saturday Night Live comic Jay Pharoah will star as goofy J.J. Evans. Asante Blackk will play juvenile scholar Michael Evans.

Jamie Foxx’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, will fill the part of hopeless romantic Thelma Evans and upstart comedienne Tiffany Haddish will mimic gossiping neighbor Willona Woods.

The ‘Live in Front of a Studio Audience’ series will be produced by Kimmelot, ACT III Productions, Gary Sanchez Productions, D’Arconville, Simpson Street, and Sony Pictures Television. The executive producers are Norman Lear, Jimmy Kimmel, Brent Miller, Kerry Washington, Will Ferrell, Justin Theroux and Jim Burrows. Pam Fryman and Andy Fisher will serve as directors.

“Good Times” is a classic. It’ll be interesting to see what type of issues are addressed. If you recall, the Evans family went to war with those who sought to animalize the ghetto; namely bone-crushing pimp/loan shark Sweet Daddy Williams, Lootin’ Lenny, Ned the Wino and the Junior Warlords.

Today, those type of amoral personalities are socially-accepted and often glorified.

Sh*t, pimps and gangstas receive VIP treatment in the new millennium. Case in point, Jay-Z was a cocaine dealer who used drug money to finance his record label. Now he’s filthy rich, adored by millions and part owner of an NFL franchise. Diddy is just as dirty. Ditto for Snoop, Dr. Dre and countless others.

In other words, this ain’t the ’70s.

Times have changed.

That said, are you excited about the reboot?

Is it sagacious to depict a black family in the ghetto this day and age?

Are you enamored with the cast?

Share your thoughts.


  1. I always liked this show always a positive message in the storys. JJ the kid dynomite was hilarious Thelma was so beautiful and obviously still is what a nice lady. the whole show was great I have been watching reruns on TV they bring back a lot of memories.

  2. I didnt like JJ part it made blacks look real bad and it sterotyped us .

  3. I’m curious to see what issues they will touch on in todays society

  4. livelove &laugh

    I see viola and Andre as the parents, Tiffany as the neighhor, jay pharoah as jj jamie Fox’s daughter as Thelma?not sure on that one. The rest dont know?

  5. The show is not actually coming all the way back they are just going to recreate one episode on live TV..I saw when they did “The Jeffersons” & “All in the family” live a few months ago & they did a great job with those so this Good Times episode will probably be great as well..I’m lookin forward to checking it out.

  6. Oh hell no won’t be watching…you could NEVER capture the essence of my show

  7. I don’t approve especially if they try to change it and play “hi and mighty”!

  8. Porsha would be perfect as Thelma

  9. Sorry! It don’t look right!

  10. Hmmm. I’ll see how this plays out. At this point i think they shouldn’t reboot shows unless they have all, some, or one person from the original cast just for familiarity for viewers from that time and and create relevancy with the youth to know who they are and continue the respect that these shows had during their era. If this can’t match that, then they need to leave the show alone.

  11. “””””None of theses people look like the cast anything for a quick buck.””””””



  13. This is one tv show they should leave alone.

  14. tawanna colbert

    I was excited until I saw Tiffany Haddish name 🙄

  15. HUNTER Manderson

    Why is it all of those old show had ugly parents and teenage eye candy? Ester Roll, Isabel Sanford ( Jeffersons), Mabel King( What’s Happening), the obese woman from Tyler Perry’s House of pain. They are all forced to be buffoonish stereotypes. I’m glad they slowed down with the live blackface. That’s what it is. Black people paid to make themselves look bad. I hate the devil. They should know pain 1st hand.

  16. Good times vs family matters

  17. This should be interesting. I think Porcha Williams (RHOA) looks like Thelma to me.

  18. I think they should leave this one alone

  19. Lol. Why would u all want to see black families in the ghetto?

  20. All sounds good except for racists MS. Haddish

  21. Not one white person. Thats ffjjkkn racist . Where are the equal opportunities

  22. LaTanya Porter

    Nope the show..but won’t watch …this to important to mess up n they did…castin. No..way..

  23. NICE!! I love Andre Braugher!!

  24. Andre Braugher is my favorite black actor. Been a big fan of his since Homicide Life on the Street.

    And Viola is always awesome.

  25. viola is too pretty to play florida evans

  26. Tiffany kinda looks like Whitney Houston to me LOLLL

  27. the cast could be worse

  28. Shortblock Flexinit

    Good Times was my show. It’s the only sitcom I’ve watched from start to finish. I’m not sure they can pull it off but I’ll watch it – just so I can judge it. Lol

  29. Corrine foxx as thelma! No way can she pull off playing that role. The moment you see foxx’s body and compare it to the original thelma’s…..stop the camera’s show’s over! Re’cast!

  30. Give it a try first. Give these actors a chance and then say what you will. I am not happy with tHe casting either, but I want to see how they do. People can surprise us..

  31. butterflybloom1

    That’s good news. Comedies back then were funny. These nowadays are not a n my opinion.

  32. IceManLikeGervin

    Corinne Foxx (Jamie Foxx’s daughter) as Thelma, they are recreating her black character with a bi racial casting- wow the colorism is real. Tiffany Haddish as Wilona…nope. I’ll have to give this show a thumbs down. I won’t be watching it.

  33. chanel middleton

    Excited AF!!! Tiffani will be perfect!!

  34. I will lose it if Janet Jackson makes a cameo. Just lose it. #Penny

  35. Crazy Chick Shena

    It’s going to be water white people tv show I’ll pass 😹

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