Antonio Brown shuns baby mama drama, proclaims he’s done with ‘white women’

Brown claims he is done with white women/Photo: Instagram

Antonio laments baby mama drama.

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MIAMI — Antonio Brown won’t need inoculation for jungle fever anytime soon because he’s eschewing white women. The embattled NFL star proclaimed his New Year’s resolution over the weekend when several police officers encircled his Florida home after he experienced a series of contretemps with his Caucasian baby mama, Chelsie Kyriss. “No more white women 2020,” he tweeted. Um, Antonio… your kids are half white.

Privacy be damned, Antonio recorded the fiasco and shared the footage. The first video shows the 31-year-old receiver ejecting Chelsie from his hotel room as she tried to snatch his cell phone.

The second video shows a handful of patrol cars surrounding Antonio’s Hollywood, Florida residence. Fortunately, no crime was effectuated. Chelsie simply supplicated law enforcement officials to be present for a “civil standby” while she picked up some clothes for their children.

They have 3 kids together.

A pissed-off Antonio got on Twitter and posted an incoherent message imploring Chelsie’s dad to step in and conciliate. “Come get your daughter… she bringing the police to my house 3 days in a row; when she is block on my gate trying to say she stay here when she been staying in hotels,” he tweeted.


Prior to falling-out, Antonio shared a couple of vitriolic text messages on Instagram that read: “These hoes been [lying],” as well as, “These hoes be discussing your funds too.” Antonio, who’s unemployed, is facing litigation for sexual assault. His former black trainer, Britney Taylor, is the complainant.

Do you believe Antonio is done with Vanilla vulva?

Is that negro merely a CTE victim?

Watch the crazy video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. I remember when AB made an Instagram post asking chelsie to stop chasing him around the country and go home to take care of her other kids 😭 . I didnt realize they were still together.

  2. Kevin Dickerson

    Blacks athletes that make millions there downfall is white women well I agree with brown if something happens who is the cops going to believe the white women or the black man

  3. Kevin Dickerson

    First he blames the white man in the NFL for not treating blacks right and the NFL is 68 percent black called bs on that one and now he is blaming the white women called bs on that one to how bout taking a look in the mirror and blame yourself you f..king idiot this guy is a clown and I don’t feel sorry for him at all

  4. Looks Like Antonio finally woke up from “The sunken place”, I wish most black men who only wanna date gold digging white bitches, or white bitches that are only using them as a fetish would wake up!! 😂

  5. White girls are the best nd I don’t think 🤔 white girls the problem

  6. Antonio you are useless to any woman who has not fathered any kids with you. Since you already have three kids with Becky she got your bank account on lock. Becky gonna clean your bank account out. Ha ha…..

  7. Jackson Jackson

    I wish all black men stop Messen with white girls I pray to God that I don’t end up with a white woman. I love my black queen . Plus black women take shower facts white girls takes Bird bath facts ps my Opinion

  8. Guess that means less single mothers in 2020.😂

  9. He ain’t got to worry bc they not gone want him no way when he broke and down back! And I pray no black woman don’t come around to be the cleanup woman bc that’s when these black ass men always do! It’s all white when they rich but then go broke and they all black everything. Boy bye! You unattractive AND crazy as all hell

  10. I love white women 😍😍

  11. Tammy Anderson

    Y’all are full of s*** he wouldn’t say nothing about the white woman when he was in it people got such stupid ass comments about white and black if you love the woman that don’t matter

  12. Just another ghetto rat thinks he don’t have to play by the rules

  13. White girls say: “once you have black, you’re a single mom”.

  14. White woman does black men way dirtier than they think a black woman would ever

  15. Thomas Meadows

    How about focusing on football and make your money and secure yourself and your kids future then worry about the dumb shit when your finished!!! Such a waste of talent and years and years of hard work

  16. william carter

    AB don’t blame white women it’s your narcissist ego that’s got u in the mess your in… Dude like the hood saying goes TELL EM FAM “” Don’t start none won’t be none .. Giving up white women (( as treacherous as they are)) won’t solve your internal problems …

  17. Empire Jackson

    It’s too late bro! Once you go white you can’t make it right.

  18. Imagine a white guy saying his done with black chicks???

  19. Nawwwww a white women can put up with all the narcissistic arrogance a black man has to offer and he is not even attractive like ugh

  20. Women will clown you if you go broke buddy, black or white (careful) but white chicks usually go for the wealthy black man, not average dudes like me🤣. So please don’t put down our black women, cause they do give us ordinary people a chance….👍

  21. Damn sad niggas got 2 learn the hardaway about these white bitches🤦🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️

  22. Who the fuck cares if AB dates a white woman or a black woman as long as he doesn’t fucking rape her there’s no issue

  23. Isn’t his seed half white?

  24. Nope. Once you go white you can’t come back. He need to keep his broken self across the line he drew.

  25. Nana Nyantakyi

    Now that you are at a low point, “No more white girls” lol white girls are done with you

  26. TrinaGettinTight Aight

    Lawd. 🙄

  27. We are different for a reason, stick with your own kind..

  28. He’s tha HOTDOG KANG let a PLAYA LIVE!💯😅

  29. Priscilla Harris

    Black men will never learn. Grow up. I will keep them in prayer one day their hearts will change and see black women are worthy, valuable and necessary God said so. Be that man God has called you to be for your race , families and community. Remember some whites see you as their meal ticket and a threat. Black women see you as their strength and protecter. How do you see yourselves Black man. FYI black women weren’t born with attitudes somewhere down the road to their destiny they ran into a black man who changed the course of their life and caused what you see today. Love us don’t leave us, mend us don’t replace us, heal us don’t hurt us, protect us don’t punish us. Be our Black man full of strength and power 💪 working with us not against us.

  30. John De Quincey

    I’ll give him 3 days.

  31. European chicks are the hottest

  32. Capricorn Queen ♕

    Ain’t that some shit just like a dog ass [email protected]#$# 😂😂😂😂

  33. White women are not the problem. His self-hating, shallow, brainwashed ass is the problem

  34. Well, I don’t know why you’re swearing off White woman, when it’s a Black woman that lying on you about assault, trying to steal money from you. At least the white women ain’t lying on, getting you fired, all in the name of money

  35. Can he vow no Hispanic women 2020 too? That’d be much appreciated. Dude is trash

  36. Madamelogicbombdropper

    A black man giving up a white woman is like fish giving up water …how do you do that and not die?

  37. Jacqueline Pickett

    We dont you back like OJ stay with the white women dont come back to us.

  38. F*** him, Becky can have his ass.

  39. These comments are hilarious. Black Women, he didn’t say he was returning to y’all asses. He simply said he wouldn’t be with anymore white ones. He probably checking for Latinas or something now b/c he damn sure ain’t checking for y’all asses. 😂✌🏾

  40. No more white white woman for everyone

  41. EvilBlackQueen

    Good, now go with the Asian women.

  42. I’d never date a black man who has had white exes. It’s hard for me to believe black men would ever stop sleeping with women who only care whether they have black skin. They’d never rise to the occasion and meet a quality black womans standards

  43. Keep yo stank ass right where you at. We aint changed we re-arrange!

  44. Antonio Brown, making black women great again 👍

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