Police Homicide Video: Arkansas cop got “murdered” execution-style in squad car

Officer Carr murdered execution-style/Washington County Sheriff Office

Police officer gunned down. 

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FAYETTEVILLE — The Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas released a series of disturbing videos detailing the “heinous” murder of police officer Stephen Carr who was gunned down execution-style by Landon T. Phillips while on duty. The homicide transpired on December 7th at a precinct stationhouse in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Surveillance footage shows a sedentary Carr inside a patrol vehicle in the back parking lot when Phillips sneaks up from behind and opens fire.

Carr was shot 10 times in the head.

He was 35.

Phillips was killed moments later during a police shootout.

Critics are lambasting the Sheriff’s Department’s decision to divulge the footage.

“We have hesitated to release the attached video of what transpired that night due to the heinous and shocking nature of this crime,” the Sheriff’s Office explained in a statement. “But in an effort to keep the public informed of exactly what happened that night, we are releasing video of the incident. Our concern, first and foremost, is for the family of Officer Carr, so prior to sharing any of this information publicly, it was first shared with them.”

Watch the disturbing footage.

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  1. This world needs more love and less hate

  2. Who in their right mind would want to be a Police Officer?
    Police have a target on their back, thanks to the Moronic Liberals who support Criminals over the Police!
    The Turd who killed the Officer was White; however, the biggest concern are group like BLM, and the Liberals who support BLM.
    Criminals belong in the ground; whereas, they will never harm anyone again.
    Start closing prisons & jails and start building Gas Chambers, so we can put hundreds of Criminals to sleep at the same time.
    If the Moronic Liberals (Democrats) have a problem with executing Criminals they can be marched into the same Gas Chamber as the Criminals!!!

  3. We are all just living, to DIE!

  4. The Police Officer got what he deserved ! Karma! I have no respect for Police Officers in the US.

    They step over their boundaries . You are here to protect and serve ! Not to use your authority as you want!

  5. How do you shoot a person ten times in the head? That’s cruel!

  6. Cynthia Lawson Neal

    Horrific, but what the hell were those black shadows flying around right before the shooting

  7. Now White Folks killing White Cops! This is crazy… It’s a bad day when a cop is killed and you cannot blame a black or Mexican. I agree with Trump build that Wall!

  8. Boy I was hoping the shooter was black! I was ready to attack! Oh well, what else is going on in today’s news??? RIP Officer! Prayers for the family of the deceased…

  9. he was white guys don’t worry.

  10. He’s with god now, or the devil 😈

  11. Fat ass cops…and the female officer was scared to come outside….. pathetic!!!

  12. Wow your job is to get killed sooner or later. They forget to tell you that at cop school?????? Way to be there for your family dude. Should of been an accountant.

  13. There is no god

    Couldn’t possibly care less. Police often start shooting for no reason, perhaps it makes sense for the public to do the same.

  14. Pigs do this to us everyday and get away wit it what goes around comes around

  15. Shooter forgot his MAGA hat.

  16. Eye for an eye . Millions of innocents killed every year for absolutely nothing , doesn’t feel good walking in others shoes 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. Konformation07

    If the officer didn’t resist.

  18. To all those who are making negative comments toward police officers. Think about how your world would be without law and order. It’s not perfect here in the US but compare it with Mexico for example. These officers put their lives on the line everyday to try and bring some order to the chaos these worthless thugs are causing. There are some officers out there that have no business being in law enforcement and are just as corrupt as the criminals, they deserve swift justice. Before you bad mouth these officers imagine your Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, child or whoever you love ( if anyone) being in a world where thugs take over. If you think your life would be better without them then maybe you need to do some soul searching because YOU may just be part of the problems we have now.

  19. This little piggy got blown up… Now how many more can died in the same way. Jajajajaja

    People should blow these MFs up all the time.

  20. As a law-abiding citizen who hates violence,I am glad to finally see the cops a little frightened.Think they’ll EVER look in the mirror?

  21. Rot pig

  22. My heart breaks for this murdered officer, his family, friends, and fellow officers. This officer gave his life protecting others and he is a hero. To all you scumbag POS losers out their celebrating the death of this officer know that most real Americans appreciate the courage and bravery law enforcement officers display everyday. Thank you to the officers that killed the man in self defense. To all the criminals that hate law enforcement, GO FUCK YOURSELF because you are irrelevant and nobody will ever care about what happens to you. Back the badge 100%!

  23. Riboflavin Folate

    So it’s “bad” when it happens to them, but not when they do it to someone else?

    Sorry but police behavior has made me numb to their “tragedies”.

  24. Another piece of garbage cop dead!….good!

  25. Dead cop. Yay.

  26. It’s about time…….

  27. R.I.P. LONDON PHILLIPS your a hero to many only a villian to few.

  28. Thats insane i hope the cops shot the shit out of him

  29. Good. One less power-tripping pig in this world. And Im not talking about white cops. Im calling all cops pigs. Wanna know what kind of sissy becomes a cop? The one who was bullied senseless in school and failed to get women. Only cop there is, is a bad one. Plus they’re fat. Fat and eat more than they actually take care of business

  30. I don’t Answer questions

    If police weren’t so corrupt, maybe they wouldn’t be getting killed. But since they’re aso corrupt, they’ll continue to get shot and killed.

  31. As a veteran who hates the government I am torn on this one. Part of me could give a crap less that he died because of all the corrupt and stupid cops out there and the harsh sentences being given out for low level crimes and violations for second amendment…the other part empathizes and feels horrible for him and his family…Tough to just take one side of this. The Cops in my town don’t even arrest illegal aliens, even if they’re stealing from gas stations. They go after American families in cars and ticket and harass them. Even the militias in my town claim a good amount of our police force is infltrated by Cartel or MS-13. I damn sure don’t and never will trust a badge. They are human traffickers in my eyes.

  32. gundriller man

    Like anyone gives a fuck

  33. I wonder how many cops have done that to black people. Imagine that a pig gets shot in a town where the college mascot is a pig

  34. Nice shot

  35. Inside job

  36. This is horrible!!!

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