Fatality Video: Hood chick killed while “twerking” in the middle of the street

Woman killed while twerking in the street/MTONews.com

Woman is killed while twerking. 

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KINGSTON — Law enforcement officials in Jamaica are investigating the brutal death of a woman who was struck by a vehicle while twerking in the middle of the damn street. The vehicular homicide transpired in the city of Kingston. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the braided damsel gyrating on the road when a truck speeds through and runs her over. Rather than pull over to check on the lady, the driver kept on going. The fatality transpired at night so you have to wonder if visibility played a factor.

The bystanders also stood and gawked as the victim’s encephalon leaked on the pavement. There was zero urgency. Nevertheless, the woman was expedited to an area hospital with a severed spine and massive internal bleeding. She was pronounced dead shortly after.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Harry Ikponmwen

    R. I. P

  2. thats a fucked up way to die

  3. Agbon Joshua JESSE

    May her gentle soul rest in peace

  4. Gracie Luvs Taehyung And TAEter Tots

    She was not twerking. She was dancing.

  5. she’s laying dead in the street….. why is everybody standing around all calm?

  6. All this foolishness people are doing for likes! Just ridiculous! Just one more idiot who lost their life over foolishness! Smh. Prayers for the family.

  7. Thomas Chandler

    Alas, her thickness was the death of her

  8. SWe3tCinDe3h90

    This is funny

  9. The car kept going… they fucked up for that.

  10. Now THATS how u blow a bitch back out!!

  11. As calm as these hoes are they set her ass up she standing in the bitche s fucklgin brains all chill lmao shit rude


    Imagine when ur mangled ass get to the pearly gates and St. Peter asks how u died? 🤣

  13. The driver gotta be drunk

  14. @SWe3tCinDe3h90: what is so funny about somebody dying???

  15. Bet her dumb ass won’t do it again🤣🤣🤣

  16. Sad and scary. Horrible.

  17. Dancer For Jesus


  18. She was a prime example of what’s wrong with women

  19. People are so busy recording or watching something on social media to do anything, it’s a shame and sad.

  20. Oh well

  21. Melissa Rebecca


  22. Crack kills

  23. Omg … just seen this …. so sad …RIP sweetheart… 😪❤

  24. Cherie Hopkins


  25. JESUS IS THE SAVIOR يسوع هو المنقذ


  26. OMG Girl😅🔥💯

  27. It's Me Carlos

    she shouldve did that shit on the sidewalk

  28. lesson learned

  29. Megan Corin Estrada

    Poor baby that’s so sad!! No matter the case, that’s a horrible way to die

  30. sad but couldve been avoided had she kept her ass out of the street…. smh

  31. Ouch! That shit looks like it hurts

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