Tekashi 6ix9ine receives a ‘lighter’ prison sentence after snitching on his own gang

Tekashi snitched and received a light sentence/Photo: New York Times

Tekashi received lighter sentence. 

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NEW YORK — Embattled lyricist Tekashi 6ix9ine got a slap on the wrist Wednesday morning when U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer gave him a measly two-year prison sentence coupled with credit for time served. The squealin’ artist must also complete 300 hours of community service and pay a $35,000 fine. Tekashi, 23, has already spent 13 months in the penitentiary so he’s looking at a manumission date of late 2020. The “Gummo” rapper could’ve been sentenced to 47 years behind bars for a plethora of felonies that included racketeering and orchestrating a shooting that left a female bystander wounded with a bullet in her foot. Tekashi did, however, offer to recompense her medical expenditures.

Rather than spend an eternity in lockdown, Tekashi accepted a plea indenture that entailed snitching on his own gang — the “Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.” As the prosecutor’s star witness, Tekashi commenced to singin’ like a canary. His avowal led to the convictions of two high-ranking “Nine Trey” members.

Once he’s released, Tekashi will be placed in witness protection and he’ll need round-the-clock security for reprisal purposes. Remember, snitches get stitches. There’s going to be a bounty on his head for sure.

“Your cooperation was impressive. It was game changing,” said Judge Engelmayer.

“It was complete and it was brave.”

After Engelmayer announced his comeuppance, Tekashi lamented his decision to join “Nine Trey” by vowing to do better moving forward. “I’m not a victim. I put myself in this position from Day One,” he told court members. “I made a lot of bad choices in life, but that does not make me a bad person.”

Do you agree with the sentence?

Did snitching pay off?

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  1. Gator McCluskey

    Dead man walking!, but then again who cares?

  2. Degenerates like this belong on a cross.

  3. Please let him stay in jail until everything dies down because I don’t want to see him dead

  4. Feds played this perfectly…the new reality is snitches get riches…all those loyal gangsters sitting in jail and prison are going to sink into a horrible depression….maybe some of their street bro’s will visit from time to time and update them on how much money and fame 69 is making

  5. he’ll be dead within 5 years. watch.

  6. Zoltan Kenebisz

    Tekashi : I ain’t stoopid fool , i am going home , i am snitching so what blood ???
    Judge : I don’t like your attitude , do you wanna serve more time ?
    Tekashi : No, no . They manipulated me , was not my fault , forgive me ! I am just playing my role ! I wanna go home ! Please , stoopid

  7. Well cya in 2020 when Tekashi is announced dead from a car accident.

  8. Yeah snitching pays. He will be dead within six months. ☠👍👍

  9. I can’t wait till this kid gets whacked 😎🤘

  10. Snitching pays off…thats why white folks do it…

  11. He gonna be a target in prison yo

  12. Danielle Parra

    I want him dead.

  13. Toonbarmyarmy83

    What a waste of oxygen

  14. Damn that’s crazy the judge gave him time served

  15. Snitch 9

  16. Clint Hamilton

    Wonder if vegas will have a over/under on how long till 69 is shot dead🤔 hes probably safer in prison.

  17. Judge – youre free to go 69 😊
    6ix9ine – really your honor? 😳
    Judge – No STOOPID 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Judge: “you’re looking at 47 years”

    6ix9ine: Tupac is alive and never died same with biggie, lil Wayne is gay af nipsey hustle was a bitch xxxtention was a joke

  19. Satan is working overtime and his demons are possessing these rapers and making them act like damn fools…no other music acts act like these damn fools…rap = violence and eithe prison or death.
    Do these people NOT believe in God almighty and where they are gonna end up after what will be a shooting and then death…satan is waiting for you……

  20. Matt Stephenson

    He is gonna have to shave his head and spend the rest of his money on tattoo removal and then live underground in a bunker

  21. Tbh, in this case, snitching definitely payed off 🤷‍♂️😂


    Tekashi won’t last a week after he’s released. The malti million dollar deal he cut while in prison is a set up for him to come back to the industry where he will be valnarable. After prison he will make records, he get killed .. boom, … who benefits? The label ofcoz. And thats how they will recoup the 10 mill from him. Not by record sales but through his death. We all know what happens when rappers die, people tap into their music and the numbers go up. Stay woke!

  23. It’s snitches get stitches for a reason.

  24. screamindemon6x

    His new album called McSnitch Donedizzle

  25. Snitching don’t pay off. Just don’t do shit. He was never going to jail

  26. 99.9% of all y’all are snitches 😆😆😆

  27. Thank god he bout to die

  28. he’s not going to live long at the rate he’s going.

  29. Judge: was Billy Jean really Micheal Jackson’s lover?
    Six Nine: yes

  30. I wonder who will be surprised when 69 is shot dead

  31. I have been to the top of the mountain

    You’d snitch too if you were facing 25 years. This dude has the number 69 tattooed on his body 69 times. Who gives a damn if he a snitch.

  32. This just shows that if you are famous and ritch you can get away with anything. Rape, money laundering, fraud, murder. It’s bullshit, like that chick that paid a quarter million dollars to get her daughter into that nice university. And only got 14 days in jail, wo dumb should be illegal for favouritism

  33. RawRezTheWalrus

    Who wouldn’t snitch

  34. Can’t wait to see him dead

  35. Santa Claus: opens mail
    69: list of the bitches that been naughty.

  36. Snitch or not I guarantee a lot of people screaming for justice are the same ones bitching. There’s parents looking for their children’s killers, missing family members etc… All out here crying daily till they die looking for justice because people want to protect the mfers out here doing shit.
    As long as people feel like snitching is the highest of all crimes and everyone all the sudden are some blind ignorant fools then these criminals will continue to take people out one by one. A true OG in the hood who’s been around the block will steer your ass away from this lifestyle not towards it, look for those advancing your environment not working to tear it down.
    Yeah yeah I’m white but I am straight from the hood, we don’t have to have the same skin color to have knowledge and shared experiences. I’m tired of seeing all these young men dying for nothing!

  37. Jennifer Power

    He’s a nauseating little turd.

  38. He snitched because they were out to kill him…he would have been stupid to stay loyal and serve 47+ years for people who wanted him dead.

  39. He won’t live long

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