Wife of NBA forward J.R. Smith confirms ‘rumors’ of his affair with ‘Flash’ actress

J.R. Smith’s wife (right) confirms his affair with Candice Patton/YouTube

J.R. Smith busted having an “affair.” 

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CLEVELAND — Jewel Harris, the estranged wife of NBA forward J.R. Smith, put her husband on blast Tuesday with a bombshell Instagram Live video that confirms scuttlebutt of his dalliance with actress Candice Patton. Jewel also uttered a verbose orison for the cheating couple that came as a shock to her 80,000 followers. “It’s a battle, it’s an obstacle. It hurts, it’s unfortunate, but that’s what it is,” Jewel explained while coming to grips with the affair. “We are all hurting. Everybody is hurting. Not just me, but my husband, he’s hurting. And Candice, Lord father, God. She’s hurting. I pray Lord Father God for Candice that you please just mend her heart, for her to go out here and sneak [with] a married man.

“I pray you give her grace and mercy.”

If you recall, rumors of amour ran rampant back in October when J.R. and Candice were spotted canoodling at a Halloween soirée. A verklempt Jewel issued the 10-minute prayer while alone and sedentary inside her car. She also wore a black baseball cap with “I Love You” embroidered across it.

J.R. last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Candice stars as Iris West in the DC Comics series “The Flash.”  J.R. and Jewel got hitched in 2016. They have four children together. When asked about the affair, J.R. said they’ve been separated for months. Is it time for Jewel to seek a divorce?

Did she embarrass herself and her family with the prayer?

Watch the emotional video.

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  1. Why did he marry this worthless freeloader who thinks prayer solves her problem with her imaginary friend god? She is obviously delusional and attention seeking. Even steph currys wife who seems to have the perfect life can t get enough attention. Why would any man put his finances and sanity on the line to marry one of these things. If you’re a NBA player and you marry one of these things, hold an L.

  2. Leave him.

  3. Once a cheater always a cheater…

  4. Danyelle Carter

    I will never stay with a nigga that broke his vows. Her marriage is trash.

  5. Niggas and females cheat everyday what’s the big deal🤣

  6. She’s a strong woman because she prayed instead of letting anger take over and The Lord will answer her prayer.

  7. Infidelity in my marriage….
    Solution: pray for husband and mistress on live

  8. this is embrassing. why film your prayers when your husband just embarrassed you publicly.

  9. Social media has ruined people’s logical thinking why put all your business out there take care of your kids and move on from jr Smith remove negative p from your life

  10. These nba players been cheating, don’t think lebron ain’t smash a couple bitches on the side either 💯

  11. Dam JR……smh

  12. Out here praying for a man who doesnt even care about her.
    He got his [dick] in her right now while she is praying for him and hurting

  13. So this is why Savitar wanted to end Iris.

  14. Strong Blk woman 💯🙏🏿

  15. Layin' Down The Law

    Lmao clown for makin a video about it…what purpose does it serve 🤣🤣🚮 handle that shit in home not for the world to see 🤣🚮

  16. Lord father I rebuke the spirit of Hennessy out of JR right now!!!

  17. Dönkë BossMaine

    I want a women to love me like this damn JR smh

  18. Black women. Pathetic

  19. Girl shut the hell up. Obviously he doesnt respect you nor do you respect yourself. Tamar said it best, if you’re not going to do anything about your man cheating, let him cheat in peace.

  20. Richard L. Major III

    This is what a Queen does. She does not tolerate mistreatment or rumors. She prays over those who she does not even know. She claims change and will not allow mediocrity. She deserves better.

  21. I want to start off to say this woman is truly honored in my heart Am I soul indefinitely before our God and also want to continue to pray for them as a family and everything but it’s the show you that no matter how much money or success people may have and people they may be around morality is non-existent I just pray that she gets the victory he gets victory and overcome this.

  22. Am I the only one who feels sorry for the 4 kids seeing their dad embarrass his family like this? Smh

  23. Willert Frederic

    Black Men Do Not Cheat. I REPEAT WE DO NOT CHEAT..

  24. Simply beautiful Zoe

    He is dead wrong. But you doing this prayer live is too much. I get that your hurt and embarrassed but what ever happened to praying on private. There’s nothing wrong with praying but people do too much online for attention 🤦

  25. He is no different than any other man …please leave him alone

  26. Girl no matter how my times you pray for him, he will not 🛑! You knew he wasn’t 💩 from the jump but you stayed! Please don’t say it was for the kids bc that’s a DAM LIE! Leave him alone and move with your life!

  27. I would pray too if I saw JR Smith mistress Candice Patton….. she’s a baddie!! Anyways You’re doing too much fuck your prayers!! You Married a known Playa….. you get what you deserve!

  28. Shaunte Reneese

    That prayer made me cry 😢 and you see how this man replied like he did not care at all 😡 Jewel 💎 I’m praying for you to move on from this man because his heart ❤️ was never with you…this was the time for him to bond closer with his family and clearly he does not want that at all…he is showing you that time after time..my heart goes out to you because you are truly loved by God and praying for you to know your worth and he is not worth chasing behind to be a husband…

  29. This woman is HURT!💔🙏❤

  30. That’s why I don’t do religion. All it does is have you accepting anything that happens to you as God’s will. I call BS on that. What happens to you is a result of either your decisions, your denial, or both. Either way, at the end of the day, you end up looking like an idiot or fool, and handing out invites to your pity party.


  32. Olusegun.B. Olofin

    I’m not happy with Candice Patton
    esp with what she’s doing
    she’s becoming a homewrecker
    I love her work in the flash but not pleased with all these.

  33. JR and Candice need to be real scared because Jesus does not play.

  34. Nidia Wilson-kelly

    She is fighting in the spirit… Not In the flesh.. Amen.. I stand with u in agreement in JESUS NAME🙏🏾

  35. People who are not spiritual will not understand what she did and why. Those of you with a worldly mindset will not get it. Nuff said.

  36. Breon Mitchell


  37. 😂😂😂😂😂😂…yall know her & JR have been seperated for sometime right?…she just putting on an act…jesus is not going to heal jr from what jr wants…and thats that good pussy Candace is putting on him…the wife know its ova for her…the kids are going to be ok😂😂😂…the wife is attractive as well she can get my holy pole …ill deliver her 😂😂😂

  38. Glamorous Taee

    This woman is an idiot! Who raised her? Wives and husbands don’t take their marital issues to the internet! And THE BIBLE says to pray in private! And how many times does your husband have to cheat on you before your dumb ass gets the picture? How many times does “god” have to show you that this man ain’t for you? He even says that y’all are “separated.” LET IT GO GIRL!

  39. Black and Abroad

    Old girl is a nut. Praying to a white Jesus shucking and jiving on social media. He can still be a father without being a husband to you. I’m sure you knew who he was when you married him. I don’t feel bad at all. These are sports players. All kinds of pssy is being thrown at them. I feel like he upgraded with Candace Patton. Women do it all the time.

  40. Cerese Singletary

    I was through with. J. R. Smith when the cleland cavilierds won the championship, and his pay back to the black community was to have a party on a yacht, with all white girls. This told me then, that he lacked character, compassion , intelligece to.
    Even comprehend the amount of disrepect he showed to the black men and women who supported him unconditionally. I have no respect for him.
    I am a christian, i believe in prayer, but , i have lived long enough to know that we don’t always get what we pray for.
    Some times when we say yes, he says no. I have learned to except the noes, because he knows better than me, what is best for me. Maybe , he is giving her the answet, she just don’t want to except it. I am praying for her and her and her family.
    God bless

  41. Smh I can’t believe women are bashing this female. Y’all are truly the sad ones

  42. Andre J. Little

    Man tough seeing a wife like this


    Prayer does work!!!!! You can pray anywhere at anytime…… Keep doing what your sis. God is in control. Keep praying for your husband and keep lifting him up in prayer and watch God turn things around. It doesn’t matter what people say, never be ashamed of the mighty God we serve……. I pray God’s will be done in your life.

  44. 2-Piece & Biscuit

    blame popeyes chicken

  45. She obviously loves her husband

  46. Black folks and religion 😶.

  47. Baby I would have ignored it… Pray while I’m driving and gone to the bank moved as much money as possible and then pray as I gone to my lawyer… Pray baby just pray.

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