Following a 35-year hiatus, Eddie Murphy returned to emcee “Saturday Night Live”

Eddie Murphy returned to SNL for first time in 35 years/Photo: NBC

Eddie Murphy returns to SNL. 

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NEW YORK — After a 35-year hiatus, Eddie Murphy brought his black ass back to “Saturday Night Live” to host the season finale. R&B vocalist Lizzo was the musical guest. During his opening monologue, Eddie was interrupted by comedians Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Kenan Thompson. The Brooklyn native cracked a few racism jokes before starring in a handful of comedic sketches; most notably “Black Jeopardy,””Weekend Update with Gumby” and “Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood.”

Eddie, if you recall, left SNL in 1984 to pursue a movie career. He needed the money. Eddie is the father of 10 children. Eleven if you count Kevin Hart. “If you would’ve told me 30-years-ago that I would be this boring, stay-at-home, house dad and Bill Cosby would be in jail, even I would’ve took that bet. Who is America’s dad now?” Eddie cracked using his signature Cosby voice.

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  1. I can’t believe it took so long for Eddie to return to SNL. It’s nice that they got him a proper quality monologue to open the show with. That was hilarious.

  2. The G.O.A.T 🤗!!!!!

  3. Bet kevin was pissed he wasn’t invited 🤣🤣

  4. Chappelles the only one that wasn’t a former (or current if you count Keenan) SNL cast member.

  5. Tracy Morgan has never been the same since his accident.
    It’s very sad.

  6. Tracy Morgan: “Not me! I got my money on the road.”
    Eddie: “Through touring?”
    “Nah! I got hit by a truck.”
    lmfao X 1,000,000,000,000

  7. Black don’t crack eddie Murphy is back 👍🏿👌

  8. The Four Black Horsemen of comedy ✊🏾

  9. Am I the only one wishing Eddie and Dave Chapelle would have done a skit as Buddy Love and Reggie from Nutty Professor? 😂😂😂

  10. I wasn’t expecting this to turn into the Mt. Rushmore of comedy! Welp, that was historic.

  11. SNL goes back to their roots to do comedy once again…nice one!

  12. Black excellence at it’s finest Merry #CHRISTMAS to us 🎄🎋🌨❄⛄🌟🎅👼🎁🎀

  13. Kenan been on snl for how long? I keep forgetting he’s on this show.

  14. I love Dave Chappelle☺

  15. Frank D. Rivers IV

    This was historic and a great moment

  16. Eddie is still the man. Can’t wait for Coming 2 America.

  17. Phillip Hudson

    Nothing like having the greatest black comedic legends on stage all at once.

  18. Rigo De La Torre

    Damn it’s 2am, just seeing them all on the same stage was a shot of adrenaline.

  19. Welcome back Eddie! Its been too long.

  20. Lol, Keenan sneaking in at the end, he ain’t half as talented as the others.

  21. Chris Rock, the angry racist who thinks he’s funny.

  22. The real Kings of comedy

  23. Chris Rock Looking Like He Just Crawled Out Of A Crack House.

  24. Watching Eddie Murphy was like hoping Led Zeppelin would tour then being disappointed they did. Show was blah…

  25. Loving all of this blackness on stage! It’s refreshing !! ❤️

  26. Tennille Tomlin

    This is History 🤴🏿🤴🏿🤴🏿

  27. I’ve literally died and gone to black comedian heaven.

  28. Bits and Frames


  29. seeing all that black excellence on one stage together made my heart so happy

  30. Really diggin deep into the past to save your ratings huh, NBC?

  31. I’m a HUGE Eddie Murphy fan, but was disappointed last night. It felt like he was unprepared and just reading off the cue cards.


  33. Eddie is back. Reliving my childhood memories. Classic!

  34. Holy Shit! That was actually funny!! I’m giving all that credit to Eddie because SNL is to suck.

  35. Nancy Dublo Brewer

    Eddie Murphy & SNL….the world was right again….for a short time anyway.

  36. The best thing to happen to SNL since the 80’s

  37. imagine being keenan and standing with the men that blazed every trail for him. what must have been going through his mind… crazy

  38. I may need to start watching SNL

  39. He lost his funny. Just not funny nomore.

  40. He’s funnier now since he has given up the relentless cursing on stage.
    There was a time when he was hard to listen to.

  41. Mildred Bailey

    Epic. For one hour we were able to laugh and forget our troubles.
    I mean I laughed out loud.😂 It’s been a while to feel that way in today’s world.
    Thank you, Eddie Murphy for the gift of laughter.

  42. Richard Willette

    if eddie murphy was back on SNL full time they wouldn’t suck

  43. Four legends…and Keenan.

  44. “Who is America’s dad now” 😂

  45. Love every bit of this! Eddie Murphy back on the SNL stage ❤

  46. scott chadwick

    Nice to see Eddie again. He knows how to make people laugh. Always liked watching him and Redd Foxx.

  47. Jahred Sullivan

    Love to see that. 5 black stars sharing a stage and making people happy

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