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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth “finalized” divorce after one measly year of marriage

Miley and Liam have finalized their divorce/

Miley Cyrus has finalized divorce.

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LOS ANGELES — You can stick a fork in Miley Cyrus’ marriage because it’s done. After one year of holy matrimony, the former Disney starlet finalized her divorce with actor Liam Hemsworth just in time for Christmas. The ex-lovebirds filed a court indenture on Tuesday that shows they’ve reached a settlement after months of contretemps and infighting. Liam filed cessation documents back in August citing “irreconcilable differences.” But the stalemate was puzzling. Reaching a resolution shouldn’t have been all that exigent. After all, Miley and Liam have no kids so child support isn’t an issue and there’s a prenuptial agreement in place, rendering alimony null and void.

The estranged couple did, however, work out an arrangement regarding parental custody of their animals. Liam, 29, is represented by disso queen Laura Wasser and Judith R. Forman provides legal counsel for Miley, 27. They got hitched in December 2018. One year later, their amalgamation is severed.

Celibacy be damned, both are already bangin’ other people.

Miley is giving up the derrière to singer Cody Simpson.

Liam is knockin’ boots with model Gabriella Brooks.

Oh well, Merry Christmas!

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  1. You know why he divorced her. Watch the 2013 vmas. She’s the drug addict and alcoholic. He deserves way better

  2. I wish Miley would slide away, and stop singing songs about Liam . She obviously wanted to end things then stop singing about it .Just leave him alone and go be with women, oh and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  3. She’s happy to “co-parent their animals”. Wow. A heart-wrenching custody battle was avoided. Sooo grand of her. The world is relieved.

  4. She’s gutter trash and so is he. I really thought that this one was gonna work out. Too bad. The dude that she’s going around with now doesn’t even look like he’s into girls. What’s up with this chick anyway? Seems to me like she could use some alone time.

  5. Smart on that prenup. She’s worth 10x more than he is and an abuser with a drinking problem doesn’t need to get any of her money

  6. He really has no class to have married Miley Cyrus. (Lol @ me accidentally typing Vyrus and correcting it.) Any woman who goes behind Miley deserves whatever she contracts.

  7. Good!! Now Miley can be a skank all over Hollywood without embarrassing Liam. Thank God he was smart enough to get out before they had a kid.

  8. I hope they don’t get back together – he will just get hurt again. Life is too short for that. I love Liam. He doesn’t deserve all this.

  9. miley lost a good one – good luck to her and him. Some things are not meant to be.

  10. I never understood what Liam hwmsworth was doing with someone like Miley !!! He’s such a classy handsome man , and Miley just a ratchet white girl. Regular looking with no ass.

  11. They could get back together because of their pets….who knows…=D

  12. Miley’s going to realized she screwed up when she matures and wants the same exact kind of commitment that Liam wanted from her down the road but she’ll be too late.
    Eventually the party has to stop. Unless she plans on doing this shit and being in her 50’s then more power to her. This girl is going to have a lot of lonely nights now bc the one person who truly cared for her, knows her she pushed away. Her loss.

  13. I feel bad for him. I mean she made their marriage pointless and meaningless. Like why get married if you wanna hook up with others??? In every way you should with just your partner you agreed to marry. Like sexually, emotionally and mentally with one person. Y’all become one. Not share each other with others and bring people into the marriage and could one day break it up. He is fine with just her and she’s not!!! Let the hoe go!!! Hope he can move on.

  14. What a relief for his parents! Miley is a Satanist and
    Liam is a straight man.There is a line-up of respectable woman who would love to have him
    for a husband!He’s just too good for the pansexual
    sleaze bag!

  15. Miley is very nerve wracking, hyper, gaudy, and annoying. Liam was too good for her all along. Her persona is trashy. Miley is a little PG version of Harley Quinn.

  16. She’s mentally Ill, glad he got rid of her before he wasted more years.. shes a wrecking ball for sure.

  17. I’m glad he got rid of her, she’s so TRASHY and he’s so CLASSY!!!! GOD FORBID, she’ll probably end up in REHAB and he’ll end up with a BEAUTIFUL WIFE AND KIDS!!!!

  18. I hope that Miley and Liam will see what have they done to each other, and maybe forgive each other and get back together, but if not, hope that they’ll stay friends ✌💙

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