Singer Teana Louis dropped sexual assault “lawsuit” against rap legend Too Short

Teana drops rape lawsuit against Too Short/

Too Short avoids sodomy lawsuit. 

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LOS ANGELES — Too Short won’t spend the Christmas holiday in jail after all. That’s because his ex-girlfriend and rape accuser — Teana Louis — dropped her lawsuit against the 53-year-old rapper and there’s no turning back. Teana, an aspiring artist, filed court documents last year in Los Angeles claiming Too Short sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions between June and October of 2016. The lawsuit alleges he forced the complainant to siphon his phallus in addition to imposing unwarranted vaginal sex and sodomy. Teana also claims Too Short used his celebrity status to purloin vulva instead of launching her music career.

Too Short, however, denied the allegations; calling Teana’s lawsuit an extortion attempt. The matter was investigated by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office but no iniquity was uncovered. Conversely, encounters of copulation were deemed consensual. Not sure if they’ve reached a settlement, but Teana has filed an indenture seeking a dismissal without prejudice which means the case can’t be refiled.

Turns out, Too Short’s rape case was too short.

He’ll remain a free man for the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. What kind of moron names himself Too Short

  2. Demetrius Stewart

    Short dog they coming at you cause you aint sell ya soul💯💯

  3. lying bitches need to go to prison

  4. Short’s a good dude. Anyone who knows him or has followed him over the past 30 years knows this dude ain’t about doing bad things to women. This makes me sick to watch, because this guy is a decent human being deep down and always will be.

  5. He said bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Robert Weatherspoon

    That’s why you should never mix business with pleasure.

  7. Ruthless Lover

    damn that nigga too short fucked her from the back

  8. Rode the baby doll like a brand new Honda.

  9. Leaders Of The Old School

    Anybody who knows short knows it’s all bullshit. Much luv short

  10. orcawhale scales

    What’s my favorite word!?!?!?

  11. To Short only person I believe
    when it comes to this these allegations !!!!

  12. stuck his dick in her mouth and caught a case

  13. Damn even too short is taking heat! This sht is getting out of control

  14. Sex disclosure form the only way.

  15. Bitches ain’t shit

  16. Short my dog

  17. Don Legend Esau


  18. What’s my favorite word……..Biiiiiiiiiiiitch!!

  19. All these hoes all these years. Now one wants to say my man short assaulted her? Shame on the biiiiiiiiaaaaaatch. Dont act like a biaaaatch.

  20. Dr. Everything B. Alright

    People would think I’m an asshole, but I’d make them hoes sign hoe contracts.

  21. The bitches keep bitchin and the hoes keep hoein

  22. Pimpin Aint Easy…

  23. Don’t mix pleasure with business

  24. THOT there, THOT there, THOT over there. EVERYWHERE!

  25. You know what Short wanna call her (his trademark)😂😂

  26. her story sounds fishy but Too Short and all the rest of these celebrities got to start getting smart and start dissecting all the people that come into they life so this type of stuff don’t happen

  27. What a pussy

  28. Marty McFly clone

    I bet he paid her a settlement which is the same as admitting guilt

  29. Bitches ain’t shit

  30. Too Short lay the pimp hand down cause these hoes really be acting up

  31. That’s thots for you what you expect 🙄

  32. I hope he sodomized the bitch

  33. That’s because he was smart enough to pay.

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