Green Bay star Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick are shackin’ up in a new mansion

Aaron and Danica bought new mansion/

Rodgers bought fancy mansion. 

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MALIBU — Damn! Those State Farm commercials with Patrick Mahomes must’ve really paid off. In a pecuniary development, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his NASCAR inamorata — Danica Patrick — purchased a new Malibu mansion last month for a whopping $28 million in cash. The oceanside villa was sold by Robbie Williams and his wife, Ayda Field, who paid roughly $20 million for the dwelling back in July. So they’re walking away with a profit of $8 million. Not bad.

The exorbitant abode contains 4,636 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a gigantic swimming pool and a 2-bedroom guesthouse. In other words, there’s plenty of room for f*ckin.’ Aaron and Danica are already familiar with the home. They leased the property earlier this summer before closing the deal around Thanksgiving. The pedigreed estate was previously owned by Netflix Content Chief Ted Sarandos.

Janet Jackson also lived there as a tenant.

Aaron, 36, and Danica, 37, have only been dating for a year.

Do you think it’s appropriate to buy a home together out of wedlock?

Is it time for Aaron to put a ring on it?

Share your thoughts.


  1. E.T. The Extra Testicle

    Danica Patrick always looks like she’s sniffin’ her own farts.

  2. nice story! good to see 2 people who worked hard for their money! congrats!

  3. Bet she gives a mean hand job

  4. I think their State Farm agents introduced them

  5. They are both egotistical pieces of shit

  6. These guys are fucking stupid

  7. Cmon Danica we’ve seen your nascar career. You got with him for the car insurance hookup

  8. CRS Donchaknow

    Rich people suck!

  9. She is a c-unt.

  10. Ruthless Lover

    that nigga pussy whipped

  11. phantom 7 cross rose

    ole Aaron is known to have a taste for the old tallywhacker 🐓⚾⚾

  12. Dennis the Menace

    cheaper to take her to the motel

  13. When Aaron Rodgers scores with Danica Patrick, she bears down.

  14. danica aint worth it

  15. One unattractive couple. She is hard looking, and he is weird looking. My opinion.

  16. Danica is lesbo, Rodgers is gay everyone knows they are a fake celeb couple

  17. I swear if you break my man’s heart and make him play like crap, Green Bay will rain furry upon you Dana. No pressure. 😎

  18. She looks like a lesbian

  19. Does she know he’s gay?

  20. danica represented women well in nascar, glad to see her doing good with her man

  21. Philip Lopiano

    Half the times I think these celebrity hook ups are p.r. ploys

  22. Impedancenetwork

    @Ramona: She is an embarrassment to women. If you are going to go into a man’s sport you better fucking win. But no, she performed just like we would have guessed. Loss after loss. She is a #loser. The only reason she was in the sport at all is because she is good looking. She wouldn’t have gotten her foot in the door if it wasn’t for so many guys wanting to fuck her.

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