Madonna and her 25-year-old boyfriend “seriously” in love & his parents approve

Madonna and Ahlamalik are getting serious/

Madonna receives parental blessing.

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NEW YORK — Stella ain’t the only one gettin’ her groove back. Madonna and her 25-year-old inamorato — Ahlamalik Williams — have been f*ckin’ for over a year and things have gotten so serious, she recently met his progenitors for the first time. Ahlamalik’s dad — Drue — confirmed scuttlebutt with TMZ and he said Madonna has even uttered the L-word, claiming she intends to “take care” of his son. Go sugar-mama! Ahlamalik first met the 61-year-old singer in 2015 when he auditioned to become her backup dancer on the Rebel Heart Tour.

Still no word on if he plans to change her depends.

Madonna handpicked the young whippersnapper from a talented flock of gyrating contenders. Four years later, they’re an item. Last month, Madonna hosted Ahlamalik’s parents at one of her Caesars Palace shows then escorted them to her suite where a personal chef prepared a gourmet entrée.

The future in-laws are also invited to attend her impending concerts in London and France. Despite the prodigious age aperture, Madonna’s fling has garnered parental approbation. Hell, there’s a chance wedding bells will ensue. “Love has no age,” said an elated Drue who sees dollar signs.

“My son is livin’ La Vida Loca, and I’m just happy for him.”

Do you agree with Drue?

Is a 36-year cougar perforation too much?

Share your thoughts.


  1. that nigga 25 and still needs his parents permission…. lol

  2. Ahlamalik has granny issues

  3. Good for her!

  4. If she could get away with younger, she would. Just another Hollywood pedophile. I don’t understand why we keep putting money in these people’s pockets… Wake up y’all & find Jesus.

  5. R. Kelly, Jamie Foxx, now Madonna. Sick bastards

  6. Ugh, WTH would she fool around with some Alfalfa looking rat? Gross.

    Nobody bats an eye when a 61 year old man shows up with a 25 year old girlfriend. The double standards.

  7. what a straight up freak she is…

  8. “Love has no age”……… unless the money dries up like Madonnas fish market

  9. He looks like one of her adopted kids.

  10. she’s gross

  11. ♡Chica Mami♡ •

    Sorry but they don’t look like a couple. It’s like he’s assisting his granny😐👵

  12. DeadLetterOffice

    She was going through menopause before he was born.

  13. What could they possibly have in common?

  14. Barf, that’s gross! He’s young enough to be her grandchild

  15. Uhg. This is just so icky….. He is a baby! Im not as old as she is and it would be gross for me. He reminds me of a tall Jaden Smith.


    Madona, the icon of a degenerated generation. She was responsible for the surge of an army of pathetic and vulgar females back in 80s. She was actually ” the diva” of feminism, which would destroy countless marriages and families, even to these days. American “culture” is full of bad examples, reason why the mental health of 90% of the population went down to the abyss. So now, she is basically sending the signal that is ok to date someone who just looks like your grandson ! 🤣 🤣 🤣 Only in the freaking America !!!

  17. First reaction is gross/barf, of course it is a horrible double standard. Why wouldn’t she want young D with all she’s worked for in life. OBVIOUSLY they are using each other only problem is if she is dumb enough to think otherwise.

  18. It’s clearly for the money. I mean honestly what sane guy would want to date that?

  19. ewww She could be as grandmother

  20. I wonder who’s older, Madonna or his parents?

  21. Cat gotcha tongue

    shame on him for lickin that old white pussy

  22. If he is smart, he’d get himself adopted. That is where the big money is.

  23. I like Madonna, I really do but she needs to go with men over the age of 40 and get rid of the butt implants so she can get well again.
    She hasn’t been right since thos butt implants.

  24. Omfg gross!!!

  25. TheRealDoodlebug

    That is so gross I wanna barf 🤮

  26. If that were my son I would have a serious problem with their relationship.
    Any good and decent parent with a moral compass would. I would question why she can’t get a man her own age? Money ain’t everything and Madonna needs to stop dipping in the kiddy pool.

  27. That is a big age gap. What is a reasonable age gap do you guys think?

  28. Why do people not understand that a 25 year old dude is a MAN and can certainly make his own relationship choices with or without his parents’ approval.

  29. Scumbag. That’s what she is. She’s always been disgusting, even as a young woman. Now she’s older than God and still gross.

  30. José Carvalho

    Poor thing… Shame on you Bitch!

  31. Public Frenemy

    When women hit the wall, they become in denial and try their hardest to hold onto their faded youth.

  32. Im not shocked at her fucking younger boys…. Im shocked at her doing it in front of her kids. It’s really dysfunctional for the kids. Im shocked at her general attitude, always trying to behave like a millennial, posting fucked-up selfies with filters and dog ears on Insta everyday….. At 40, 45, she didn’t pull that shit, so the “she was always like that” argument is bullshit. Poor Rocco went back to London to live with his father. That says a lot.

  33. Muhittin Sahan

    hate news like this…. a man aged 60 dating a 20 something girls is ok but when a woman does…. ?

  34. Shazeeda Lindemann

    Any woman has the right to date a younger man if so she pleases, men do it all the time.

  35. Lots of Vagisil.

  36. Sabertooth achievement forget about cougar

  37. people should mind their business and let people live their own lives.

  38. She’s always been a pedo

  39. That’s a 61-year-old woman rubbing her behind against a 25-year-old man’s genitals—the same woman berating Trump for his sexual transgressions. He’s nowhere near the depravity of her onstage antics and performances she’s choreographed and partaken in, and those went a VERY long way to promote moral and sexual degradation and abuse. Madonna she ain’t.

  40. DJ Johnny Blaze

    Madonna it’s your life enjoy it. Everybody else just mind your own business and live your own life.🙂

  41. Ewww I feel so bad for him….this is like having sex with your grandma for money very creepy.

  42. I used to liked her, but not anymore. She is sick if she is really dating this child in compared to her. I hope this is just for publicity. I see her no better then Prince Andrew having sex with a minor. This dancer is a minor compared to Madonna. Sad.

  43. BBC African Warrior

    He’s only in it for the money. Let’s be real.

  44. Nasty ass crusty smelly Madonna should hang up that pussy. Put it at the Vegas hard rock.

  45. Marshall Miles

    She 61????? look 23 years younger. Much younger

  46. Is she a pedo??? She’s nasty!

  47. Hunks Appreciated


  48. Jason Shampansky

    Yes love has no age when you are worth hundreds of millions of dollars 💵 I’m sure his parents would be thrilled if there son came home with a 61 year old woman that worked at target, gimme a break so in 20 yrs he’s gonna be changing her diapers 😂 this woman has fucked more men than pornstars she should be ashamed of herself and grow up already, she can’t be this sexed up still

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