Former NBA commissioner David Stern ‘deceased’ following brain hemorrhage

David Stern dead at age 77/

David Stern has migrated north.

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NEW YORK — David Stern has migrated to that big hoops franchise in the sky. The former NBA Commissioner died on New Year’s Day. He was 77. Stern suffered a brain hemorrhage three weeks ago that required emergency surgery. He was encircled bedside by a close knit retinue of family and friends when he took his last breath. The league remains in mourning. “For 22 years, I had a courtside seat to watch David in action,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in a statement. “He was a mentor and one of my dearest friends. We spent countless hours in the office, at arenas and on planes wherever the game would take us. Like every NBA legend, David had extraordinary talents, but with him it was always about the fundamentals — preparation, attention to detail, and hard work.”

“David took over the NBA in 1984 with the league at a crossroads,” Silver continued. “But over the course of 30 years as Commissioner, he ushered in the modern global NBA. He launched groundbreaking media and marketing partnerships, digital assets and social responsibility programs that have brought the game to billions of people around the world. Because of David, the NBA is a truly global brand — making him not only one of the greatest sports commissioners of all time, but also one of the most influential business leaders of his generation.”

Stern leaves behind his wife, Dianne, and their two sons — Andrew and Eric.

Michael Jordan said without Stern, the NBA wouldn’t be sh*t today.

Do you agree with him?

Was Stern the greatest commish ever?

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  1. Died at 77 huh? Always with the numbers

  2. we have lost a great man R.I.P David Stern

  3. David Stern had one and only one “value” in his life… MONEY! The less money-driven individuals out there, the better this world is… I get sad by all the children dying from hunger or all the innocent people being killed in money- and power-driven wars out there and not by the death of a millionaire that was sharing bread crumbs from his profits to play the “philanthropist” (“NBA cares” what a joke!)… He was in charge of an entertainment business (not a sport) that resulted in paying individuals hundreds of millions to just play basketball when at the same time, children have no health care, no housing, no food, no education… Enterprises like his polarize society by creating huge gaps between the rich and the poor… The New Year started well indeed! Well deserved!!!

  4. The Mysterious Now

    The end of an era…I can’t say I loved him always, but the NBA is where it is because of him. RIP David Stern.

  5. Anthony Johnson

    RIP😒😌😞🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀DAVID STERN

  6. Patron Sanchez

    Another slave owner gone, what a great way to start 2020.

  7. You Don't Know Me

    So this is the guy that sold out to China.

  8. 🖕DAVID STERN go to hell ( in my Allen Iverson voice )

  9. So much love for this man. Brought so many icons into my world. Jordan, magic, shaq, starks, KJ.. Bol and david Robinson, Hakeem and drexler and baron davis.. pippen and penny Hardaway and jason Williams.. ray allen.. Patrick Ewing.. horry and Duncan. A.I. and Fisher and Kobe.. and dozens of others. Posters on my wall and sneakers on my feet. Thank you Mr. Stern for your beautiful vision. Rest in piece… jf

  10. Imagine dying the first day of a new decade

  11. eduardo Rodriguez

    My man… rip to the legend. The reason why we are all huge fans ..

  12. RIP Mr. Stern!😔

  13. Every person that has drawn a paycheck in the NBA during and since Stern’s leadership owes him a deep debt of gratitude.

  14. Stern was the man that made the DreamTeam happen.

  15. Derek Brandell

    I haven’t watched basketball in 20 years thanks to David Stern.

  16. R.I.P Mr. stern…😔

  17. AntiMTVMovement

    So what if this piece of garbage is dead? BIG DEAL!

  18. Lets call a spade a spade! Everybody is throwing this nonsense about David Stern saved the NBA. He was minor role and I mean minor role in that! Magic Johnson and Larry Bird saved the damn NBA. First of all, it stared in college when they faced each other in the NCAA championship game. America got introduced to them in that setting and they followed them into the NBA . Second Magic being drafted by the Lakers and Bird being drafted by the Celtics was a major part of the saving the NBA. Both went to two the most iconic NBA franchises who have won the most. Third, college stars who were winning and showing big in college came into the NBA and did the same for their NBA teams like MJ, Ewing, Olajuwon throughout the 80’s. Forth, the rise of black culture with Hip Hop. Hip Hop through rap pushed the free advertising of NBA players in their raps along with the fact black Hip Hop artist and kids were pushing and wearing NBA players shoes and jersey. They also wore the jersey of NFL, NFL and college teams. Hence, these sports franchise specifically NBA teams revenue started increasing. Now its common place across this globe with the wearing of Jersey and shoes of NBA, NFL, NHL, soccer club teams and soccer national team jersey.

  19. TheRealStonerSimpson

    Ummm wasn’t he racist? Isn’t that why he was the FORMER commissioner 🤔🤔?

  20. The NBA today is just another street gang- stop the tattoos & gang symbolism

  21. Nicky Krystals

    Rip!!! He definitely took the NBA to the next level!!

  22. Anish Bhethanabotla

    everyone hated him and now everyone be pretending like they sad for it…. nah that aint right. I hated him and even though it sucks he died, he is still the worst sports commissioner of all time.

  23. Players make sports leagues great. Not coaches, commissioners, & GMs. RIP to Stern, but I never saw him drop 50 on anybody. They giving him too much credit

  24. Who cares if he’s dead man

  25. RIP Mr. David Stern, the Father of the NBA We-Stern and Ea-Stern Conference.😇

  26. May he burn in hell

  27. Death, the great equalizer.

  28. So, who’s the next Jew on deck?

  29. Man,some of the vitriol from some people is unfathomable. When does a man get his respect?If not now then When? C-mon people, you’re better than that!!!!

  30. James Jefferson

    Forget Michael Jordan and magic and Larry 🐦 and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain if was not for this man!😪 RIP Ever African American basketball player in America should up and take a knee😇😇🙏!

  31. Thomas Jefferson

    “Thank you Mr. Stern for getting the refs to help us win Game 6 against the Kings.” -2002 Los Angeles Lakers

  32. Matthew Tesfay

    R.I.P David Stern

  33. Quewon Anderson

    RIP to the godfather of the nba

  34. Stern aint did nothin but collect money

  35. With The 1st pick of the 2020 legends draft
    HEAVEN select David Stern!!!

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