Ricki Lake shaves head bald following “depression” over 3-decade hair loss

Ricki Lake shaves head to cope with depression/HeraldPlanet.com

Ricki Lake has shaved her head.

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LAS VEGAS — Ricki Lake’s New Year’s resolution has everything to do with hair, or a lack thereof. After a 30-year struggle with mane diminution, Ricki shaved her head for New Year’s. Now she’s depilated and no longer depressed. “I buzzed my hair off and it feels so good,” she gloated. No, Ricki doesn’t have cancer and she’s far from ailing. But she’s ruminated suicide on more than one occasion. The 51-year-old television personality shared pictures of her new buzz cut via Instagram with a lengthy caption.

“Liberated and free,” Ricki wrote. “First things first, I am not sick. (THANK GOD). I am not having a mid-life crisis. Nor am I having a mental breakdown, though I have been suffering… mostly in silence off and on for almost 30 years. And I am finally ready to share my secret.”

So, what’s her revelation? Ricki has fought a hair paucity the past three decades and, after many failed restoration attempts, she finally decided to shave the sh*t off ala Grace Jones. “It has been debilitating, embarrassing, painful, scary, depressing, lonely, all the things,” Ricki continued.

“There have been a few times where I have even felt suicidal over it. Almost no one in my life knew the level of deep pain and trauma I was experiencing. Not even my therapists over the years knew my truth.”

By coming out, Ricki hopes to galvanize others to confront their diffidence. “I know that by sharing my truth, I will be striking a cord with so many women and men,” she wrote. “I am not alone in this and my goal is to help others while at the same time unshackle myself from this quiet hell I have been living in.”

Ricki’s despondency began when she starred as Tracy Turnblad in the 1988 comedy “Hairspray.”

She’s been a basket case ever since… until now.

“I am liberated. I am free. I am releasing and letting go,” she declared.

“I am brave. I am beautiful. I am love.”

Do you feel sorry for Ricki?

Does hair loss warrant melancholy?

Share your thoughts.


  1. She could a gave herself a nice pixie cut. But to buzz it off that’s a cry for help

  2. The reason this went viral and resonates is because it’s such a big issue. Ricki just helped millions of women feel less alone & hopeless. Well done sis, and looking fierce with that buzz cut makes it that much better!

  3. This malnourished ho, balding cow is proclaiming TO LOVE.HERSELF since her GHEY husband CAN’T #fakemarriage😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
    #marriageisfraud #bulimiaequalsBALDING

  4. Michelle Rodriguez


  5. Brenda Sanders

    @[email protected]: I feel incredibly sorry for you, not only for the fact you are completely lacking in character and compassion, but also because your English grammar skills suck. Mercy! 🙄

  6. StillHatingWhitePeopleSince85

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with this picture of her. I mean now granted she does look like Pee Wee Herman but still 😩😩😩

  7. It blows my mind that someone would even consider suicide because of hair loss. Some people have worse things going for them. Look around. Some have terminal illness and ending their life doesn’t even cross their minds.

  8. who the fuck commits suicide over hair???

  9. the only struggle ricky lake has had is w/ her lack of notoriety

  10. Ricki Lake is BEAUTIFUL with/without hair. This new look, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!👍👍😊😊

  11. Trying to claw her way back into relevance. With a gimmick.

  12. Sharon Baltimore

    Ricki Lake, you look beautiful. Should have went natural a long time ago. You look amazing!!!

  13. Put a wig on honey. Women do it all the time.

  14. I think this a ploy to get attention. She is probably working on getting a New Show. It used to be her weight now, her hair? Nope!
    Don’t buy it!

  15. Suicidal…over HAIR. Time to quit focusing on yourself and help others. 🙄

  16. Maggie Edwards

    I love this woman ,go Ricki yes I know what it’s like to suffer from Hair loss yep slowly staring to come back edges and middle thank god , think hormonal change was big factor and stress , however the wigs work great to change my look whilst healthy head of hair is forming again , and no hairspray ! 👍🏾❤️

  17. She had a gastric bypass which makes your hair thin over time. Sleeve surgery does the same.

  18. baldheaded hoes suck dick

  19. “NOBODY suffers like a celebrity”.

  20. Beautiful Iove your new look with the baby face💞💞💞

  21. She shave her bush too??

  22. Yolanda Estrada

    There are no real solutions for hair loss. Those of us with that problem know it very well because we’ve exhausted our options. The question is why is this happening? I see more and more women with this problem. Different age groups and different races, it doesn’t seem to matter. My main concern is that I am married and how would this affect the way my husband sees me. He’s always been very supportive but how can it not affect how he feels about my looks? If it were not for him I too would buzz cut my hair once and for all. Thanks Ricki for sharing your experience with the world.

  23. Baby it's cold out there

    I’m sorry she is depressed because of hair loss. I can’t help but think of all the people suffering with cancer and live with hair loss as a side effect of chemo. They only WISH they could trade places with her. So they get my sympathy.

  24. Didn’t this fatso have her stomach stapled? This robs your body of nutrients. She is a genetic zero

  25. Still looking as young and radiant as during “Ricki”!!🙌🏽😘😘

  26. Is she serious?

  27. Cookie Cute as a puppy

    She’s beautiful.. with or without hair! 💕💕💕💕💕

  28. The Bitch got cancer or something?

  29. Leon Black Is Back

    Id still hit it. She always had sexy appeal about her

  30. Ricki started the thick white girl movement.. ❤️❤️❤️

  31. So, men have been getting buzz cuts since the beginning of time. Where’s our outpouring of support?😔

  32. You lol awesome girl. GI RICKI ❤️

  33. Why the hell would we give a s*** about her problems

  34. She’s still so beautiful, she doesn’t need hair

  35. Great job Ricki 👏🏾

  36. Lol share her struggles oh my god really .want to know debilitating here we go . I’m diabetic. Lupus .fibromyalgia .walk with canes live on a fixed income barely surviving on 20 a week on food living on 600 a month no way to get anywhere no car city transit system is 5 miles from me I can’t walk 5 .miles to catch a bus ! So I stay home she is worth millions and she is concerned about hair loss trade life’s with me girl lol

  37. Wiggin' With Christi

    Thank you Ricki for being a voice for us with hair loss! I shaved my head all the way in October of 2019 after 20 years of Alopecia areata and hair damage and hair breakage. Best decision ever!!! We love you!

  38. Pancakes N Weights

    This really hits home, I’ve been struggling with hair loss off and on for about 4 years and within the last year its gotten extremely bad. I am kind of at a loss anymore for it so I just take it day by day at this point

  39. Charissa Everett

    She has the face for it

  40. Kriste Andrea Tujague

    Love her. 💕

  41. She is absolutely beautiful
    I grew up watching her and Jenny Jones 💕memer that one one episode when cleo made a appearance on the Jenny Jones 🤣I thought she was real ..Come to find out she was fake🤣🤣🤣

  42. Kathleen Veronesi

    Get a wig like other women who have your problem. Geesh!

  43. Let’s stop with the stigma, men lose hair big deal….,my hair is thinning and l don’t care….tv ,magazines,radio, all tell us who we should look

  44. It's Me Carlos

    she looks like a little boy

  45. Omg… it’s like she is talking about me ☹️ every time I take a shower and look at the drain I want to cry… I am so depressed about this and when I tell my sons they don’t understand… I feel like I’m always alone keeping this secret..

  46. Jack the Ripper 2.0

    sorry but women look better with hair

  47. Her face is pretty enough for that style. Looks great! ❤️

  48. Angela Jane Lomax

    Amazing Ricki Lake you do look good. xxx 💞❤💕

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