Transgender teen Jazz Jennings shared “swimsuit” photo on New Year’s Day

Jazz Jennings officially a woman/

Jazz Jennings reveals ‘scars.’

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MIAMI — It’s 2020 and Jazz Jennings is 100% comfortable with who she is. As a matter of fact, the transgender teen is so stoked, she logged into her Instagram account on New Year’s Day and shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit that reveals her scars from gender confirmation surgery. The upper-thigh cicatrices are on full display for fans to see. If you recall, Jazz had the procedure done in 2018. She’s no longer a chick with a d*ck. Jazz is all woman and she has lacerations to prove it.

“I’m proud of my scars and love my body just the way it is,” Jazz wrote as a caption. “I call them my battle wounds because they signify the strength and perseverance it took to finally complete my transition.” The 19-year-old reality TV star received ample succor from her followers.

One user wrote, “Proud of you and your journey.”

Another added, “You’re the strongest person I know.”

Jazz, who has a boyfriend, is in the 5th season of her TLC series “I Am Jazz.”

Are you happy for her?

Would you date a chick who once had a d*ck?

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  1. he is an abomination.

  2. all that money wasted to change appearance

  3. We are free to choose our actions, . . . but we are not free to choose the consequences of these actions.

  4. Dudley Do Wrong

    I hate chicks with dicks

  5. This is a guy. Mental disorder and her parents feeding into his mental problems.


  7. If no one would have given him the time of day at the beginning of all this where would it be now. I think it kept going because of the notoriety of it all. It’s a mental issue that was making the whole family rich so they all went with it.

  8. Jazz has no sexuality because Jazz never went through puberty. He most likely never experienced an orgasm and now he almost certainly never will. You have to go through puberty to experience sexual maturity.

    All that’s left now is a depressed young man who has been surgically mutilated by his deranged mother and ineffectual father.

  9. I think he went through rough times being transgender. While I wish the best for him, I think his parents meant well but that made Jazz’s life a living hell in school while he was living a transgender life.. He can never be a woman because he has xy chromosomes and that will never change, and he’ll need to take estrogen the rest of his life to look like a woman and that can be costly. I’m not trying to be harsh on Jazz, and I wish him the best of luck. I feel sorry for transsexuals because they will never truly be happy. I think going against nature can be harmful.

  10. Billy bob tanley cult !

    It’s a HE HE

  11. After 3 surgeries and all hopes of a pretty vagina lost,jazz is worse than ever and near suicide.I hope she can find a way through this mess.How she gloated about surgery on her you tube channel and when it happened she dissappeared and ditched her 600,000 subscribers and was never seen again.Her so called dysphoria wasn’t cured by lopping off her penis and now has no fix for the million issues.

  12. Poor young man…

  13. This piece of dirt needs to go to hell…. Funny how society just allows this nonsense… too bad this wasn’t the Stone age because …….

  14. So sad he thinks surgery gave him a vagina….no it gave him a cavity in his body that will close if not kept open…..if only the heart and mind could be healed….

  15. Jazz Jennings = “her?” So gross. Let’s just suppose that Jazz (real name Jaron) was really a girl. Wouldn’t “she” be one of the f’ugliest “girls” you had ever been around? Definitely, you’d pretend not to know him/her after you’d gotten what you wanted.

  16. Werewolf By Night


  17. Jazz wants her man balls back!..

  18. Jazz Jennings is a male and always will be you can’t change biology

  19. This is a suicide waiting to happen

  20. Jason Carranco

    This is not a girl. He was born with a penis.

  21. The haters are STRONG in these comments….🤣🤣🤣

  22. Alexander Eshg

    He is an arrogant, confused, attention seeking person.
    I feel sorry for him and his parents.

  23. Brenda Geertsema

    She has broad shoulders like a man

  24. Claudia Neymour

    One advice for Jazz change before Jesus comes thank u

  25. I want to puke

  26. Get a picture of those busted up beef curtains

  27. Sebastian Hernandez

    Reject your sins not accept them accept Jesus repent or perish

  28. Loini Nekulilo

    A girl born in a boy’s body, she is really a girl

  29. she is so proud of herself! aww



  32. Girl you are so gorgeous, beautiful, and so so cute❤❤❤❤❤😍

  33. OMG she is so beautiful

  34. “I’m proud of my scars and love my body just the way it is,” she wrote.

    Um, you don’t love your body, or you would have no scars and would be able to accept your natural state. It’s pervasive thinking at best.

  35. I may not agree with this, but i do not hate her nor want no bad to come upon her. My heart is softening because i am starting to realize God wants us to love everyone no matter what we are in agreement in.

  36. Don’t get me wrong, I would totally fuck Jazz. I’m pretty sure most straight guys would, even if they won’t admit it.

  37. Joshua Warrior

    You’re a man. This is a perverted demonic unclean spirit.

  38. ja dabosss Adams

    You go girl be the you, you Want to be.
    Live life to the fullest and hold love in your heart.

  39. Damn shit this transgender thing is taking over watch out boys they’re are fake girls out there DAMN!!!

  40. I honestly have zero respect for people who can’t even respect basic things in life like what gender they where born. There are millions of people on earth who are begging for basic medical needs and then there are people who worry about what gender they supposed to be.

  41. This shit needs to stop

  42. SlayedBy Reese

    Shit is sad and sick

  43. Why doesn’t anybody discuss the physiological differences between a trans woman and a man? For one thing, the hippocampus is smaller in a trans woman. Cortical thickness is also different. It may even be genetic. Jazz is just responding to what her body is telling her. She is a woman.

  44. The family should be ashamed of theirselves for what they let this boy due to his self now is having a breakdown he wasn’t old enough to know who he was at a person but you let him do something stupid like this when in if he commits suicide it’s your own fault

  45. Chris Townsend

    If you’re gay be gay and happy love is love but cutting your body off is crazy stuff!!

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