Woman files $10 million lawsuit against ‘vocalist’ Trey Songz for “sexual assault”

Trey Songz slapped with $10 million lawsuit/Getty Images

Trey Songz has ‘caught a case.’ 

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ATLANTA — First Bill Cosby. Then R. Kelly. Then Cuba Gooding Jr. Now it’s Trey Songz. Damn, that #MeToo movement ain’t no joke. On the real son, licentious negroes better start practicing onanism. It’s much cheaper and you won’t go to jail. Earlier this week, a Georgia woman using the pseudonym “Jane Doe” filed a lawsuit against Trey claiming he fingered her vulva inside a Miami nightclub in January 2018. They reportedly hooked up after spending New Year’s Eve at Diddy’s mansion.

According to court docs, the Caucasian damsel is accusing the 35-year-old singer of “placing his hand under her dress, without her consent, and attempting to insert his fingers into JANE DOE’S vagina without her consent or permission.” They were seated at a VIP table at the time.

Confidentiality be damned, the alleged victim shared a video to offer an elucidation. “[Trey Songz] pushes me against the wall and puts his lips on my lips,” she explained. “And [he] goes, ‘lets do this.'” Jane Doe is seeking $10 million in damages for vaginal and emotional distress. After news broke, Trey posted a picture of himself chortling on Instagram with the caption: “Blessed. Stressed less.”

Do you think he’s guilty?

Should we get a whiff of Trey’s fingers for corroboration purposes?

Watch Jane Doe’s video.

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  1. kezariuna adams

    This some bullshit

  2. She not lying

  3. Stephanie Drummond


  4. Allegations

  5. treys career is over

  6. She lying 😂

  7. all these thots clout chasing


  9. These bitches be acting up.

  10. I don’t believe this 🤦🏾‍♀️ mfs will do anything to stop somebody else’s blessings .

  11. Eddie Robinson

    Damn Trey 💀

  12. Bro I’m so tired of hearing about all these niggas legal affairs… I’m not a fuckin lawyer, I’m not a cop, I don’t wanna be on the jury, I’m not throwing in no money if a nigga get sued, idgaf no more about every word of every transcript of every crime every single famous person commits… they’re regular people

  13. Trey songz is a bitch

  14. Damnnnnnnn.

  15. Trey Thongz got that prison punk booty and he knows it.

  16. Abram Anguaino

    This guy is irrelevant anyway lol

  17. I don’t see the problem 🙄

  18. audiodopebeats

    Where is the footage, if any? You think with someone as popular as Trey @ a club, there wouldn’t be atleast ONE person recording something? Where is the police report?

  19. Trey Handz.

  20. Nigga better wear a body cam

  21. He’s known to be abusive. Ya’ll look it up.


  23. fuck #MeToo movement

  24. He used to be fine in his younger days now he ugly af

  25. hope trey wore some gloves

  26. he is innocent…… bitches lie

  27. So as long as he pays her 10 mil he can assault and batter her all he wants lol

  28. Yeah we don’t know but now that all this R. Kelly shit hit the fan bitches out to get money greedy bitch gtfoh I’m started to hate a lot of u hoes tryna come up Im not fallin for the 🍌 in the tail pipe smfh thots tryna do everything to hit the Lotto I’m done

  29. Fake ass bitch.ahw a fuckin lie. Ugly ass bitch

  30. Not saying Songz is a perv..but there are men who like to grab em’ by the “P”. Usually it’s the men who are held at a higher status who feel they have this given right to do as they wish. Funny thing is the record labels usually cover this behavior up for these artists as long as they’re playing by the rules.

  31. Black Superman

    I believe she picked the right time to pull this sort of thing because all of the black celebrities particularly males are being charged and convicted with sexual offenses and that’s the new wave that’s going around so maybe perhaps she decided to jump on that title wave and see if she can ride it out also.🏄💦🏊🏂💦🏄🏊💦🏄💦💦🏂

  32. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now

    That’s what happens when you want some new Pzy

  33. Is about the money she is a lying ass hoe her and those other assholes to lying they are trying to ruin this man career look how they did Bill Cosby

  34. this is why I jack off…… to avoid crazy bitches like her

  35. Girl bye call the authorities … I don’t believe it ..If it really happened as a woman seek the hospital for a rape kit to prove he did it! The hunt on the black man is on!

  36. Mb men need to stop giving hoes attention. Girls up in clubs trying to grind on rappers and athletes are prob not good girls. Yet I’m working supporting myself going to school, cant get a decent date to save my life.. Men want hoes, they just say they dont.. all my friends all super pretty, great girls but we have all been cheated on with hoes. Ugly ones sometimes.. why men? Why?? Excitement of catching VD?

  37. women dress lke whores then wanna scream sexual assult

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