Grandpa Video: An elderly tenant shoots apartment manager following argument

Old man shoots manager/Las Vegas PD

Elderly tenant shoots manager.

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LAS VEGAS — Law enforcement officials with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have released jaw-dropping footage that shows 93-year-old tenant Robert Thomas shooting his apartment manager. The sanguinary ordeal went down on January 2nd. Surveillance footage shows Thomas — who’s donning a black coat and Al Capone hat — storming into the maintenance office to bitch and complain about his apartment being flooded. Then, following a series of contretemps, Thomas pulled out a Glock 9mm and fired a warning shot — prompting the secretary to egress the building to seek succor.

Seconds later, Thomas shot the manager in the leg; causing him to crumple to the floor like a lil bitch. After allowing the mewling employee to writhe in agony, the decrepit gunman shot him in the other leg. A police officer eventually showed up screaming “drop the gun!” Thomas calmly placed his Glock on the manager’s desk as the cop fired a shot through the door, shattering the glass.

The old man was tackled to the ground shortly after.

Thomas faces charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, kidnapping with a deadly weapon, discharging a firearm within a structure, burglary with a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon. The gangsta grandpa showed no compunction during his arrest and he told investigators he would do it again. He also said he didn’t intend to kill the worker, he just wanted to “mess him up a little.”

The manager was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Thomas had his old ass thrown in jail.

Moral of the story: Don’t f*ck with the elderly because they ain’t got sh*t to lose.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. When you’re old as fuck, thats the best time to commit crime lmao. Old man lived 98% of his life, so what if he loses the remaining 2.

  2. A message to all of you who think you can get over or bully old folks, we ain’t scared and at our age don’t have shit to lose. Pew Pew

  3. Old man look like somebody scared the shit out of him in his mugshot 👁👁

  4. David Harrington


  5. MidnightFireHuntress


  6. Maybe next time management should get off their asses and fix the problem? They might have prevented their maintenance guy from being shot if they gave a damn.

  7. The old g is like I’m gonna die with better maintenance in prison and for free

  8. Man is a mafia gangster , shot his ass like a boss didn’t even flinch ! 😂😀

  9. Follower of Julian

    Robert Thomas – Proof that the good DO die young!

  10. Ruthless Lover

    mr thomas wasnt bullshittin

  11. He’s a real O.G

  12. I mean how the fuck you gonna put E.T. in jail

    Dude needs to phone home.

  13. Modern maintenance people fucking suck anyway. It’s not their fault, they’re either underpaid illegals or understaffed employees. What’s a 93 Year old man living alone in an apartment complex? Fucking world is shit and no one cares.

  14. The old man is a way better shot than the cop

  15. wait soooooooo a white man with a pistol didnt get blasted away , also the officer stopped after the first round I WONDER WHY UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

  16. It would be a safety hazard for this 93 yr. old man to drive a car; the same is true of him owning a gun. Putting a gun in the hands of such a person is dangerous.

  17. the cop was an idiot. Shoots through glass and potentially hurting other people and the guy on the ground. What a dumb ass

  18. that old nigga meant business

  19. Two shoots on the only victim. Now he wishes that he and his secretary were train and armed. Too late now. It took another third guy with a gun to subdue the lunatic. How come the cop didn’t enter the scene brandishing a cell phone?

  20. This guy will get life behind bars no doubt. The remaining 4 days he had left 😂

  21. I’m not saying it was okay to shoot the manager, I am a bit suspicious of how management was treating him. Imagine paying rent in a place that is flooding, and the management does nothing about it. Its never okay to shoot someone, but I’m betting there was negligence on the management side.

  22. Lesson to young people… Don’t piss off old people…

  23. They gave him LIFE without parole (30 Days Jail)

  24. If the guy had time to sit in the office bullshitting, he had time to fix the old mans water leak.

  25. This old man was probably tired of everything already not just the bad maintenance problem. He knows he’ll be dead soon. So life in prison will be a breeze. I think that they’ll treat him like a King in there.

  26. Bet you maintenance moves their ass a little more swiftly

  27. I get it, some landlords forget people are human, and not just money in the bank to them. A lot of landlords need a few bullets, thrown at them.

  28. Dennis the Menace

    they fucked with the wrong geezer

  29. He has good aim.

  30. When you push people to thier limit you never know what they’ll do next so be wary and treat others with kindness

  31. Obviously some crazy whyte💩

  32. Darryl Kennedy

    You can bet that the next person who complains about water damage gets it fixed PDQ….I can sympathize with the guy but boy he was a piss poor shot.

  33. Good job old man.

  34. The first thing I ever learned as a professional bartender. “NEVER pick a fight with anyone much older than your self.” They have a life time of failures, disappointments, betrayals and let downs against others you don`t even know. . And you don`t want to be the guy to cash THAT third party check.

  35. He was dressed like a mafioso boss. 😂😂😂
    Cool and collected, you could tell the bastard was aiming for the leg.
    Water damage to the apartment?! Heaven knows that’s the perfect reason to shoot somebody! 😅💧💦💦

  36. BurntTransistor

    That mugshot… my god the old man is out of his damn mind.

  37. Normally I get mad when the cops man handle people but this dangerous asshole deserved it.

  38. Lashanda Daniels

    Why the hell the maintenance man didn’t just take the gun when he turned away

  39. If he were black, he’d be dead.

  40. The Dark Knight

    The comments are interesting. Had this been a person of color would the responses be as supportive, smh.

  41. I stand with the old man
    Rent should be 20% of your income maximum

  42. Rian Karlo Punzalan

    “He didn’t want to fix the holes in the pipes, so I gave him two holes to fix in his legs.”

  43. Blacknight Sniper

    Manager probably deserved it

  44. This comment section is full of sociopaths joking and being on the old man’s side. Blind hatred for land lords (which this guy isn’t, articles call him a maintenance worker or manager) and we have clue info beyond a basic description of “water damage”. People acting like it’s okay to just shoot people and getting mad at the police dropping an old man WHO JUST SHOT A GUY TWICE. Y’all in lalaland and clearly lack empathy and reason from being desensitized to horrible crap.

  45. Richard Peralez

    Don’t see why they are charging him with attempted murder.. He meant to shot him in the legs.. Not kill him…

  46. johari nichols

    Hey… I hate to say it, but if that had been a black elderly man with the gun he’d be dead. Why didn’t the white officer shoot this guy? It sounds racial, but it’s the truth!

  47. White man with a gun gets dragged by the police.
    Black man without any weapon get shot multiple times.

  48. Please tell me this is not true…Lawd Amercy

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