Harvey Weinstein hit with additional rape ‘charges’ in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Harvey Weinstein faces additional charges/Photo: BBC.com

Weinstein faces “extra” charges. 

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LOS ANGELES — The #MeToo movement has suspects in the crosshairs of its sexual assault rifle and it’s open season like a mothaf*cka! On Monday, the District Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles filed rape charges against Harvey Weinstein just minutes after he hobbled with a walker into a Manhattan courtroom for a hearing on homogeneous accusations. The latest indictment revolves around allegations of sexual assault from several women in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. One alleged victim claims Weinstein imposed coition upon her inside a hotel room during the Hollywood Film Festival in February 2013.

He reportedly threatened to kill her if she snitched.

A second accuser said Weinstein invited her to his hotel suite a day later where he allegedly trapped her inside a bathroom, groped her embonpoint and masturbated. Rumor has it jizz was all over the place.

The L.A. District Attorney’s Office is charging the 67-year-old producer with forcible rape, forcible oral copulation, sexual penetration by use of force and sexual battery by restraints. As previously mentioned, Weinstein is already standing trial for rape in New York.

If convicted, he’s lookin’ at 28 years in prison.


Do you think he’s guilty?

Is it time for Weinstein to keep his phallus to himself?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Regina Terminello

    Look at Harvey trying to look pitiful..😄🤣😂😹😻

  2. John Christopher Robert

    That walker is really laying it on thick.

  3. That’s cute, he is on a walker now?

  4. REALLY?! a walker?!
    PALEASE!!!! evil pos is going to BURN 🔥🔥🔥
    he is far from the only one! HELLYWEIRD IS VILE

  5. Who cares about this ugly old pervert!! Lock em up and ditch the key for the love of God!!!

  6. Grant Goldberg

    He raped children for decades. Everybody in Hollywood knew it and the rich and powerful of this country conspired to protect him. Never forget that.

  7. You’re next, Bill Clinton.

  8. isartora platz


  9. I’m probably guessing Oprah Winfrey won’t be making a documentary about Harvey Weinstein.

    Oprah only attacks black men.

  10. Funny how the courts believe Bill Cosby’s and Harvey Weinsteins accusers but don’t believe the women that have accused Donald Trump of the the crimes he is accused of.

  11. If you cannot get sex from these women then why be in the business? This industry runs on money and sex. If you don’t want to give it up don’t work in Hollywood.

  12. I wonder if now Oprah will make a documentary about him..

  13. Those women should take justice into their own hands 😁👍 Deathwish style !!

  14. One of those women went to his suite in the hotel what do you think was going to happen

  15. Jeffrey Conlon

    Wonder if Harvey borrowed Cosby s walker. Maybe they ll share bunks in the pen. They can assault each other, and no one will care!

  16. Harvey is gonna die in Prison. Good.

  17. Harvey looks a little depressed
    He just might commit Arkanicide 💀 😭

  18. I did not have sexual relations with that woman. – Bill Clinton

  19. Lock him up right next to Bill…

  20. why all of a sudden is cosby and weinstein having “health issues” using walkers – trying to drum up sympathy? You’re not getting it guys.

  21. Hey, Oprah just in case you’re watching here’s your next “documentary”, I mean isn’t that why you’re going after Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, although I doubt you will!

  22. Ego Eimi no.12

    He’ll make a movie How I was abused in prison 👏🤣✴

  23. Good luck using the walker to gain sympathy, it ain’t working!!

  24. The Old Gringo

    Has anyone noticed how quickly a defendants health deteriorates after an indictment. I recall Manafort briskly walking into the courtroom, then he arrived in a wheelchair for sentencing. Weinstein same thing, strutted about until his court date. Now he needs a walker.

  25. Lol all of a sudden he need a crutch what a bitch they need videos of that fucker walking around

  26. I look at him and i wanna barf

  27. This guy needs to be LOCKED UP FOR GOOD.

  28. Weinstein didn’t kill himself yet

  29. Cosby & Weinstein = Manson & Bundy..no less..

  30. Put his ass in jail, they got Bill Cosby and R. Kelly in there. His ass should have been in there too. Soon as he go they’ll fix his back🤷🏾‍♀️

  31. we havent heard shit from oprah

    when is weinstein’s documentary coming out?????

  32. LOL!! Harvey rocking the sympathy walker at the trial.

  33. whores accusing Harvey of rape, 20 years after making all the $$$ and fame.

  34. Raymond English

    This is great! I guess maybe America is headed a step in the right direction! Fairness! Bill Cosby got 10 years on testimony from Constant! Whether or not true! Nevertheless, he’s in Prison! Harvey wienstein along with ROMAN POLANSKI SHOULD ROT IN PRISON. ROMAN SHOULD BE EXTRADITED BACK TO THE US. FOR TRIAL! HARVEY OFFERED A SETTLEMENT FOR HIS VICTIMS COSBY DID NOT!

  35. Not one woman reported a rape when it happened? This is definitely fishy (no pun intended)

  36. All of a sudden he needs a walker 🙄

  37. Go to hell you piece of shit 🖕🖕🖕perv

  38. Judge: When did you tell the police you had been raped?

    Actress: When I didn’t get the part in his film.

  39. He’s pushing it like it’s a shopping cart

  40. He’s not even doing a good fuckin job of pretending he’s frail

  41. Bill Cosby watching like 😳🤔🤣

  42. Harvey Weinstein

    Everybodys penis get hard. Don’t act like you never dry humped a female against her will

  43. Why do they suddenly get frail when the trial starts? Some use wheelchairs and some use walkers.

  44. Humble Hustler

    Harvey dragging his balls into court

  45. Free Harvey! I don’t believe None of them gold digging white women….they alll claim they heard about him so why the fk you all showing up at his house …. Drinking and shyt…..you all know it’s the “rape house” so what the fk u all think going to happen if you go there..”Not guilty”

  46. Harvey Weinstein is a thoroughly reprehensible individual BUT, how can u convict a man for fking a woman who did it to get a part in a movie??? Makes no sense, they had a choice. Sexual assault or rape u don’t have a choice.

  47. Free Harvey! …I don’t believe None of them white woman…

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