1. Dirty bastard

  2. Divine Mind 666

    The Kingdom of Heaven is Within so fuk Religion.

  3. The dumbass congregation gave Reverend do wrong all the power as usual.Wake the fuk up and stop being A fuking maggot.

  4. love 31 gameroom

    The pastor is playing with sin

  5. I’m so sorry to those who will see this and question Their faith. Our faith is in God not man

  6. SmGDh😳☝🏽🙄🤔👺

  7. he’s not the first or only crooked pastor… bring light to them all please

  8. Saint Alek Rodger

    People from the hood becoming Pastors nowadays
    Reason l can’t go to church

  9. Who does he think he is Reverend Jesse Jackson or Reverend Al Sharpton or Reverend Jeremiah Wright or on and on and on?

  10. Tensa Zangetsu

    was doing it for the hoes


  12. Shocker….. Close ALL churches. They are either full of corruption or child pervs

  13. How much embezzling does a church have to do to get into trouble? A church that isn’t embezzling charity donations. That would be surprising.

  14. Man this world is full of crooked folks

  15. Kenneth French

    He wasn’t a pastor he was a con artist..it was the God who allowed him to be exposed ..

  16. Barbara Erlinger

    Typical. Cant trust those in the church.

  17. The Lord is Good All The Time

    Most black pastors are like liberal black politicians-CROOKS!

  18. Disgusting

  19. This lying piece of shit needs to be sweating through his prison clothes!!!😤😴

  20. Kind of ironic
    The church is the anti-Christ

  21. Organized religion is bullshit

  22. This is religion as a whole. Evil and predatory.

  23. Tammy Roberson

    this dude is a snake

  24. If he didn’t get so damn greedy he could have had an easy life swindling people for a living. Sloppy, like the fat pig he is.

  25. praiseboognish1979

    This is exactly why religious organizations should absolutely not be allowed to operate tax free. Churches are businesses. They need to pay taxes on their income.


  27. i honestly don’t blame him….because i wanna know who in their right mind would give this guy even one cent!!

  28. margarita ochoa

    SCAMMER!!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️😡

  29. Religion was born when the first conman met the first idiot.

  30. Absolute slime. A total wolf in sheep’s clothing.


  32. I clearly think that Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship you build with God. We don’t need a be a member of a big church to show you’re a Christian,give loads of offerings, wear stylish clothes,none of this matters.
    What matters is that you’re God’s child and there’s only one of you. Jesus does not want our wealth , he only wanted us to preach to unbelievers so that everyone have eternal life , to lead a sinless life and to repent, to reach out to him, to give you strength for all the troubles.
    Nowadays we believe only what we see and thats our biggest mistake as Christians ,we ought to learn soon before its too late.

  33. His congregation is at fault too for knowing about this and still giving these hypocrites money. It’s pretty sad that his goofball church is taking money from the poor and sick. Shame on this church.

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