Iron Mike drops Jackson bombshell

Mike Tyson said Michael Jackson was a player/

Mike Tyson drops Jackson’s secret. 

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ATLANTA — Michael Jackson was not only a fabled entertainer, he was also an egocentric nooky magnet — this according to Iron Mike Tyson who called the King of Pop a “cold motherf*cker” on T.I.’s “Expeditiously” podcast the other day. Tyson said MJ hurt his feelings when they first met in 1986. After ascending to heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson was introduced to Jackson backstage at a concert. Rather than show deference, MJ treated Iron Mike like sh*t. “It broke my ego. It crushed me,” Tyson recounted. “That cold motherf*cker. He made me look like a bitch in front of all those people… I hated his guts forever.”

Several years later, Jackson invited Tyson to a soirée where they ultimately squashed their beef. While perambulating the shindig, Iron Mike couldn’t believe his eyes. A concupiscent MJ was gettin’ p*ssy by the pound. The Moonwalker even gave Tyson a few pointers on how to bang hot chicks.

Iron Mike was flabbergasted.

Turns out, MJ’s feeble demeanor was an act.

He was truly a smooth criminal.

“I thought he was a f*cking idiot until I met him that day,” Tyson explained. “I learned to respect him… He was a player. He wasn’t no f*cking stupid little feeble lookin’ boy like Peter Pan. He’s f*cking sharp. He was a n*gga. He knew what f*ckin’ time it was. It blew my mind.”

Iron Mike also addressed racial proclivities that involve his children. He believes his kids hate African Americans because of his failures as a father. “You know what bothers me, too, man? And I gotta say this. Why my kids don’t like black kids? They don’t date black kids. Why is that?” Tyson lamented.

“Sometimes I look at my daughter, I see she’s attracted to white guys, and I think, ‘I didn’t set a good example as a black man,’ then… they must have seen me sometimes when I was vulnerable and said, ‘Hey, I don’t wanna be with no one like that. He’s scary.’”

Do you think Tyson failed as a father?

Are you surprised at Jackson’s risqué deportment?

Listen to the podcast.

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  1. MJ is king 👑 Oprah on the other hand …………..🐍🐍🐍🐍

  2. Belessobvious o'clock

    Micheal Jackson a player??? More like played with little boys

  3. Geraldo Estrada

    I think Tyson is confusing Michael Jackson with Prince.

  4. “YESSS MIKE”……😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  5. This is all bullshit. Nobody believes Michael Jackson EVER had sex with a woman willingly.

  6. SilverBlackGorilla

    Michael Jackson is more popular than Jesus. To say he was a player is an understatement

  7. MJ moon walked on all the women

  8. slinkiegirl2001

    i do not know if MJ was a player but tyson defo was pity it cost him a few years in the slammer on some wicked rape sentence

  9. Lol MJ didnt even have sex to have his kids. The dude was a weirdo and didnt have sex with any of the chicks he was seen with. People dont care if he molested children because he was a good singer. Fucked up but true.

  10. He was a player with young boys

  11. Maybe when Michael Jackson smashed Whitney Houston or Diana Ross, he was looking like his face on the way you make me feel clip and said who’s bad? Who’s bad? 😂 I never believed Robson or Safechuck. Maybe they wanted that Michael bang them and he don’t wanted that’s why they invented sick phantasie’s like they married or something.

  12. Biggest pedophile player

  13. “Can you moon walk nigga?!”

  14. There was a recording of Michael Jackson telling a woman he wanted to get into her jeans. I could never forget that I was so shocked. I’m forever loving MJ

  15. Lies. Michael didn’t like women sexually.

  16. Tyson took to many blows to the head, Mike was gay as hell.

  17. Mike love tha kids 😫😫🤣😂

  18. Mike T ain’t lying Mike is a player, all of the photos I seen Mike with, true story 👍

  19. Steeler Nation

    I bet y’all didn’t know Michael Jackson was with Whitney Houston at one point!

  20. Re: MJ…honestly people just need to watch that music video he did with Naomi Campbell….

  21. Kristian Wilson

    Y’all type in “Michael Jackson womanizer” in the YouTube search bar and watch some videos. That nigga was not gay

  22. Tyson’s right

  23. DENEASE F-Childs

    Who cares?
    Let this man rest in peace.
    When MJ was alive all celebrities loved him and smiled in his face.
    Who am I to judge?
    We all have issues flaws faults imperfections.
    Only higher power knows the truth.
    Wasn’t a HUGE fan of MJ, but care less about him his past at this point in time.
    My heart goes out to his kids and mom. They will NEVER live to mourn his death in peace.

  24. zahraa al-gburi

    Why ain’t nobody trying to know if Annie is ok 😂

  25. Michael Jackson exercised his White Privilege

  26. Eddie Murphy been said MJ was a 🕴🏽Pimp 😂🤣. Stephanie Mills also said MJ loved women. Mj had Dianna Ross loving him at 11yrs old.

  27. Theria Williams

    I love Mike…

  28. marcia archibold

    Micheal Jackson, a pimp? How the tides have changed.

  29. The King of Cool

    Did yall see the way MJ Holla at the girl in The Way you make me feel music video and You Rock my World Video

  30. Tyson had 25 girlfriends at once….. 25 lol

  31. After moon dickin down Annie MJ had to ask if she was ok…visibly shaken by the ordeal,that’s when MJ informed Annie that she was “hit” by a smooth criminal.

  32. demitri duruisseau

    Shit i doubt mj was a player with woman probably with dudes shit he seemed more gay than straight. Shit he even had hella little boys around him. That nigga was gay

  33. Another “story” about MJ the player…. Bwahahaha!

  34. Luis Dominguez

    Mike.may have been a player…but how do you explain him owning an amusement park for kids and had sleepovers with kids…that’s still nasty af. Regardless of his sexual preferences.

  35. Guerda Cherestal

    MJ was a Ladies man

  36. He was a player alright. He went from 1 kids house to another

  37. “…them some good fish.”
    -Michael Jackson

  38. Actually soooo many celebrities said since DECADES that Michael Jackson was a lady’s man. Naomi said it Chilli from TLC said it Chris tucker, Eddie Murphy, Mike Tyson, Stefanie Mills ,Beyoncé and his brothers said it too .

  39. Mike that’s ludicrous

    he was a player with little boys mike

  40. Mike Tyson never hated mj. Ever
    He loved the story of mj saying ‘who are you!’
    Mj was whining him up as a joke

  41. MJ a player? Yeah…RIGHT! Tyson wasn’t even a player – he just had big bucks. He got PLAYED by Robin Givens.

  42. MJ was probably the biggest player and all that shyness was an act. If you really think about it, what woman wouldn’t want him.

  43. Idontlikethatshit

    MJ called groupie women “fish”

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