Lady Gaga told Oprah she was raped ‘repeatedly’ as a teen, causing PTSD

Gaga shares emotional secret with Oprah/

Lady Gaga drops huge bombshell. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Here’s a “Bad Romance” for your ass: During a one-on-one chinwag with Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga raised eyebrows when she revealed she suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a corollary of being constantly raped as a teen. While rockin’ a pink hairdo, the 33-year-old singer dropped the bombshell during the launch of Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour. Gaga said she was molested at age 19 by someone she knew. But she eschewed psychotherapy at the time to pursue a risky métier in music.

“I all of a sudden became a star and was traveling the world, going from hotel room to garage to limo to stage, and I never dealt with it,” Gaga explained. “Then all of a sudden I started to experience this incredible intense pain throughout my entire body that mimicked the illness I felt after I was raped.”

Oprah, 65, countered with a poignant acknowledgment. “You were so amazing,” she said. “You were so good. You were so vulnerable. You were so truthful. You were so real. I couldn’t even believe you were doing that. I was like, am I hearing correctly? Oh my God, you were so real… so strong, so you.”

In addition to PTSD, Gaga also suffers from fibromyalgia.

But she’s currently on meds and feeling much better.

Watch the interview.

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  1. For the record miss GaGa, not everyone can afford a trusted doctor. You probably get treated like a celebrity cause you’re one. Try being homeless visiting a free family clinic and trying to find out what’s wrong with you, only to be treated like crap cause those doctors don’t see major profit from helping you simply cause you’re not insured through blue cross.
    My doctor asked me 4 times if I do drugs (mind you I’ve never smoked, drank or done drugs in my life) before I snapped and put him back in his place for disrespecting me. So while you’re trying to help people, you still can’t relate to what the people who are struggling financially are going through.
    Iam just grateful that I have God in my life Who helps me to discover self by really listening to my body.

  2. Isaac Josameovish

    GODGA ❤️

  3. Rebecca Vocal Athlete

    Pure love for her ♥️

  4. She’s annoying😒

  5. I am 41 years old living with Bi polar and ADHd and currently unemployed. I can’t afford my medications out of pocket. I am presently in big trouble. I haven’t been able to get any help… 😌

  6. these 2 satanist are globalist puppets and are trying to normalize mental health. The globalist is causing all our issues by poisoning us in every way etc. Every word that comes out of these ladies(or should I say men) mouths is a lie

  7. I love lady Gaga even more. Knowing she was in chronic pain for so long makes those performances she gave from her album the fame up to born this way when the pain was at it’s worst just makes her even more inspiring………..
    I’m gonna marry the night
    I won’t give up on my life
    I’m a warrior queen
    Live passionately tonight
    I’m gonna marry the dark
    Gonna make love to the stark
    I’m a soldier to my own emptiness
    I am a winner

  8. Good for her! We all have our stories and should never be afraid to talk about it. Growing up in the generation that did not talk about it has done more harm than good to all of us!

  9. “I want pink hair” – it goes to show how influential “stars” are on us commoners, even down to our hair. But I’m not mad either, that pink hair is fabulous!

  10. John Edward Jones

    Good wishes to Lady Gaga❤

  11. Aside from the amazing things she’s saying*** I can’t get over how cute that pink wig is in her 😍💕

  12. Everything she says is true. I’m so glad she is someone of high credibility bringing light to this topic.

  13. I think it is a shame that Lady Gaga who is a big Michael Jackson fan and who bought a very lot of Michael Jackson’s personal belongings after his death for safe keeping, allowed herself to be interviewed by the biggest snake in Hollywood Oprah Winfrey.

  14. Fibromyalgia is NOT A MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION. WTF. First she was all about expressing your identity. Now it’s about mental health and medication. Come on people look past the celebrity and the bullshit she touts. Fibro is a physical/neurological condition. It can cause emotional and mental health issues. If she could get all these professionals in one room…wtf SHE CAN!
    Don’t you realize she is just using these as a new shock value technique. This is no different than her wearing a meat dress. You are a performer/entertainer. She looks like she is in pain from “head to toe”. If pain was a designer. Lol.
    90% of woman who were raped and have PTSD do not go on public yours talking about it to millions. That is contrary to the symptoms of PTSD. Way to degrade other rape victims and her foundation is just a tax haven. Open your eyes people and stop buying into this bullshit. All lies.

  15. Oprah ist ALWAYS so real and so humble…!

  16. Diva Makeup Queen

    Two incredible and inspiring women that make a difference in peoples lives!!

  17. Monique Breier

    Are Oprah’s boobs blending into her stomach??

  18. Who believes this satan worshipers?

  19. I love her! Yes, saying it like it is with no shame. Thank you Lady! ❤️

  20. Lady gága is só Like a demented version of Madonna

  21. She sounds very mentally ill still.

  22. Gilmara Cardoso

    Thank you! ❤️

  23. I’m so proud of her ❤️. But I hope the man that put her thru all of this pain gets to be revealed and pays for his actions. Usually in the music industry is their own managers 😣

  24. Hey! So many negative comments here. Ignore those people. Hope u have a good day. Smile!


  26. She’s such an incredible speaker. It’s one thing to have the strength to even speak about these issues and then to be so articulate and relatable.. she’s pretty magical.

  27. What she shares is so true. I would love to be able to go to therapy but just can’t afford it.

  28. frightening stuff -another celebrity pushing psych drugs the drug companies must be gleeful – psychiatrists are not experts on ‘brain medicines’ this is silly stuff – the evidence is against long term prescribing of psych drugs and that they cause much harm – but short term for some people might help reduce overwhelm – they generally sedate, suppress, dampen, or agitate – they do not treat socially constructed ‘mental illness’ that is another profitable mess thanks for psychiatry drug companies and increasingly psychology

  29. medicine is just a plaster on the wound, the real healing happens inside. No medicine can give you that.

  30. Charmaine Khadaroo

    God was my help.

  31. Avoid mental health medication like the plague. There is ZERO medical or scientific evidence of the theoretical chemical imbalance of the brain. Yet there is endless amounts of scientific and medical evidence that proves nutrition improves and cures mental health. Mental health medication cause an endless list of extremely harmful and life threatening side effects including death.

  32. Gaga had DBT and takes an anti psychotic, does she have BPD? I have BPD and it often stems from childhood trauma. It’s like a combination of PTSD and bipolar, if those two conditions were ramped up on some serious crack.

  33. CherryHookah 2020

    see i went through constant doctors who disregard my illness and pain and i been explaining my issues over and over for 49 F#$%$%^ years!! and no one can seem to help me, i took cigarettes and burning my flesh to ease my suffering

  34. Lol mental health is a crisis… People make shit so difficult. Go in nature, eat healthy, move, quit social media, build a healthy social network.

  35. Gaga is not a good role model , she didn’t go behind her rapist , instead she protected him until now,she is a bad example for the rest of the women with same problem. Gaga with her money can have the best health care team but, Gaga ‘poor’ , no money wouldn’t be where she is now .

  36. So tired of this topic. Suddenly with the rise of Feelings > Facts Millennials…now everyone is “mentally ill.” It’s not that you are just a jackass raised by jackasses. It’s not that you are a garbage, whiny individual. SOMETHING “MUST” be wrong with you. Is that why more and more millennials seem to be killing themselves than ever before? Or maybe their feelings > facts world has been destroyed by the REALITY of Facts>Feelings and they can’t handle their feelings being hurt? I love GAGA and Oprah is serviceable. But this weakass country is a joke.

  37. I pray every day for God to heal my mind.It seems like only the people with money are the able to get the treatment they need! It’s sickens me to my core how this world praises that mighty dollar. In the end, I believe there is a special place in heaven for all of us who suffered here on earth😇😇😇

  38. Gustavo Ribeiro

    wow… one of the greatest interviews i’ve ever watched! Thanks Lady Gaga for sharing this important knowldges about mental health with the worlld! a real SUPERSTAR

  39. Y’all ever find that celebrities feel more entitled that anyone else in the world to speak about shit they dont know. Never studied a decade of your life away, not close to a medical professional, but you feel entitled to be speaking about this. Like WHAT THE FUCK?

  40. Did you see Lady Gaga leaving hotel room in London where she was literally incoherent.The maid said she found a bathtub full of blood in her room.The American media didn’t report on it of course.

  41. Look at these 2 SellOuts

  42. Be kind To yourself

    Gaga is really the strongest women in the world. You know why? Because she can be creative and professional while she is in mental and physical pain and no one can do that but gaga did it

  43. tommy williams

    Fuck Oprah especially after what she tried to do to Russell Simmons

  44. I love you so much Gaga ! You are amazing and thank you for sharing your story in the most positive and inspiring way ! Oprah is so good at interviewing, definitely learnt a lot on how she engaged Lady Gaga

  45. Gaga said so much that absolutely resonated. Bless her.

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