Keke Wyatt & hubby Zachariah welcome ‘newborn’ son, she now has 10 children

Keke and Zachariah welcome newborn son/

Keke Wyatt has newborn No. 10.

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ATLANTA — Call her fertile. But Keke Wyatt has just as many kids as Eddie Murphy. The 37-year-old R&B singer and her husband Zachariah Darring welcomed a bouncy baby boy to the world last week. It’s their first child together, but Keke’s tenth. On Sunday, the fecund wifey shared a photo of the neonate via Instagram with the caption: “My husband Zachariah and I are blessed to welcome our beautiful and healthy 7 pound, 11 ounce son, Ke’Riah Darring. He came to our family on 1/6/2020. #GodIsGood.”

Keke, if you recall, revealed news of her gestation back in October by posting a maternal photo shoot to show off her big ass baby bump prior to accouchement. The curvaceous singer also shared an image that shows her cradling her tummy while chillin’ in a bathtub full of rose petals.

“My husband Zachariah Darring and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting our new bundle of joy,” she wrote. “We are excited to welcome the 10th addition to our beautiful family.” Keke and Zachariah got hitched last year following her divorce from ex-hubby Michael Ford with whom she shares eight children. She has one more child from her previous marriage to Rahmat Morton.

Are you happy for Keke?

Is it time to get her tubes tied?

Or, is it cool to be barefoot and pregnant?

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  1. How many children can a woman give birth to? Asking for a friend.

  2. 10 KIDS?!?!?

  3. 10 kids ,how do she have the energy

  4. Octomom No”2 in the making!

  5. As long as the government does not have to pay for their birth/food/education/living quarters, have all the children you personally can pay for our of your own pocket. Not mine.

  6. I love her, super amazing voice, her talent is underrated. Congrats !

  7. 10 children but she can still afford her lavish makeup, long hair and nails. Her husband the 3rd one must be making big bucks

  8. Why did you not just name him .. Lit’ll-10

  9. I’m glad her baby is healthy and wish them the best in raising ten kids, but I have to ask should people really be having ten kids anymore? The earth is pretty well populated already.

  10. Wow! Fertile Myrtle! I guess if you just look at her sideways…..she gets knocked up

  11. When God said go forth and replenish the earth, it wasn’t a dare.

  12. husband #1 9 kids pull out game is weak

  13. This is why we need population control. Seriously there’s got to be limits otherwise we’re gonna be living in a overcrowded and overpopulated world.

  14. Some women I know at 37 haven’t even had their first, and she’s on her tenth. lol looking forward to her 11th at the end of the year

  15. I would LOVE to see her monthly welfare payments…

  16. 10 kids and a singer? When does she have time to sing?

  17. Wow, her new husband sure did jump right in. Within a year of getting divorced while pregnant and she was already married and pregnant again.

  18. Addicted to the welfare and food stamp program..
    Poor little kids will always be behind in school because they will never be able to even spell their names…

  19. I really don’t care how many children someone has as long as they can provide a stable home, can take care of them financially without government assistance and not breaking the law, the person that had 2-3 kids and living off welfare I actually have a bigger problem with them.

  20. I love KeKe!!💞

  21. Beautiful keke Salute you continue doing great😍😊

  22. Any Man that marry a woman with 9 kids is a super Simp

  23. She needs to close those legs….. 10 fucking kids. Really lol

  24. Sharonda Smith

    She just like being pregnant an married


    She keeps it moving, huh?? I ain’t mad at her..

  26. This woman is full of shit. She go get Married again.he going to leave too. She is a drama queen. I hope the baby stay healthy.

  27. Ruthless Lover

    only a pussy whipped nigga would marry somebody with 9 kids

  28. keke must have some good pussy

  29. Aleasha Latrease

    10 Kids and still look good like she never even had one but honey I had my third one and got my tubes done for life 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  30. that first husband shouldve pulled out

  31. Some women like to be Pregnant.

  32. My friend’s mom had 18 children.
    Why are people knocking Keke?
    Kate Plus 8?
    19 And Counting?
    Leave the lady and her uterus alone…😣😏😂

  33. Lord Jesus She has a football 🏈 team

  34. I’m glad she not having abortions that’s murder👀☝🏿

  35. Paperchacer2010

    that’s my Girl go KeKe

  36. Her ass don’t need no mo kids. PERIOD

  37. I wish her and her children the best,and i hope this guy has good intentions, though i have my doubts

  38. damn keke! 10 kids? keep dem legs closed babygfirl

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