Racism Video: Antonio Brown ‘pops off’ obscenities at cops and his baby mama

Antonio Brown cusses out baby mama in front of cops/ClutchPoints.com

Antonio Brown berates officers.

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MIAMI — Law enforcement officials in Hollywood, Florida are investigating after former NFL receiver Antonio Brown spewed racist obscenities at police officers during a domestic dispute over the weekend. The profanity-laced tirade transpired outside Antonio’s residence. It was also live-streamed from his Instagram page. Cell phone footage shows the truculent wideout cussin’ out cops while lambasting his Caucasian baby mama — Chelsie Kyriss — in front of their biracial children.

She apparently wanted to use his Bentley to take the kids to school.

Rather than throw Antonio’s ass in jail, officers showed lenience.

“This b*tch is broke. That b*tch got nothing. She’s evicted. She’s staying at a hotel. She’s a f*ckin’ lost cause. Look at her? This b*tch is a baser,” Antonio told police. “This is white versus black. F*ck the NFL! White people trying to get over… and the police not helping. F*ckin’ baser!”

Antonio, who recently proclaimed he’s eschewing white women, called Chelsie a “fish head” before offering her a “bag of dicks” as a parting gift. It’s probably the saddest thing you’ll ever see. After all, Chelsie is the mother of his children. She certainly deserves some level of deference.

Antonio, 31, is facing multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault.

Is it time to get him some help?

Is CTE primarily culpable?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. He’s a racist pathetic excuse of a human being.

  2. Get him help something is seriously wrong with Antonio Brown

  3. This guy is a clown and he is making it about race when race has nothing to do with it. This guy is scum.

  4. Can you imagine being a police officer and having to go through that on a daily basis? Can you imagine talking in front of your kids like that? Can you imagine having to work with him? Right now Big Ben and Mike Tomlin are sitting back smiling; vindicated. Gruden what were you thinking. Belicheck wow. Brady why’d you stick up for this racist, crazy. To all those sticking up for Brown I think you should be the first ones to get professional help.

  5. As long as the media keeps clamoring to all his videos he will keep making them because he knows he will get the exposure from branded platforms. its just sad people find this kind of behavior amusing when clearly this CLOWN needs help

  6. No one gonna talk about him just having a bag of dick on hand ready to go??

  7. He’s a racist pathetic excuse of a human being.

  8. The problem is he has never been ignored. He has been placed on a pedestal his entire life. He has been told what a great player he is and how he deserves to be treated better than others. Now that he is nothing, he cannot handle the fall. And he has always been nothing. Great receiver? Yup. But that is fleeting. If he had spent half as much time becoming a great man, father, friend, partner, none of this would be happening, and he would still be playing.

  9. To me, this is a mental health issue. Not an expert by any stretch, but sounds like this young man needs help, badly.

  10. He might have the worst form of CTE yet. Doesn’t excuse what he done but once they open up his brain they going to really find out how bad Vontaze Burfict f*** with it.

  11. “Whether he realizes it or not, Antonio Brown is calling out for help. With every regrettable incident, the question increasingly becomes, can anyone get it to him?” NO !

  12. Antonio Brown is more desperate for attention on social media than a 14 year old girl.

  13. Those kids are going to be idiots.

  14. The NFL bears no responsibility or compassion for this deranged person. His family is sitting by watching all of this and seemingly doing nothing. Normal people, not wealthy or famous, do not let their loved ones treat their children the way he does and self-destruct so publicly. And he is filming it. He is so starved for the attention he is not not getting on the football field, that he has become a documentarian to his own destruction. That is how messed up this guy is.

    But the most important point is a Florida family court judge has to determine if his children are safe for two weekends a month in his care. Her attorney can argue it is not a safe environment and she is probably right.

  15. White vs. Black? Antonio, you are racist.

  16. How sad that these poor children have to be subjected to this kind of craziness.

  17. Mental illness is real… as much as this guy looks and sounds like a person most people don’t want anything to do with, I hope it turns around for him and he can find happiness and forgiveness from his family and friends. Birds of the same feather flock together.

  18. The sad thing is that people believe that money makes people good. It doesn’t. Personality is ingrained by a person’s upbringing and the values that they were taught. Women flock to pro athletes and have children because they are looking for a payday and athletes know that so they treat them like something that they bought from a store, I’m sure that this was not the first time that he spoke to her like that in front of his kids. He sounded like he was drunk but I’m sure he would have done the same thing sober. He blew a potential 30 million contract because” you can take the man out of the hood but you cannot take the hood out of the man”. Simply, put, rich or poor, a good man will stay true to his roots, getting rich just allows a bad man to get away with it for awhile, but eventually it catches up to him. I’m just glad that he did not physically hurt the woman or his child. He might want to stop taunting the police because being rich does not make you bulletproof. The bullets have the same effect that they would have on a poor man.

  19. He is damn near rock bottom, a accident just waiting to happen. Very, Very Sad!

  20. This nut job has got to be on drugs!!

  21. Too many blows to the head. Unfortunately, how on earth can he get help if he doesn’t see the need for it?

  22. Anyone suffering from mental illness has a responsibility (if they have the means) to get help for it. I can have compassion for a victim of mental illness. The compassion ends, however, if they have the means to get help but refuse to. The NFL has a responsibility to keep this guy off a roster until he gets help.

  23. It has become abundantly clear that the world would be better off if this psycho went the way of Aaron Hernandez.

  24. Sorry, guys, I’ve stopped caring about this loser!

  25. AB needs help and guidance. I need help and guidance. Everyone commenting on this forum needs help and guidance. Everyone in this world needs help and guidance. That’s life, no one truly does anything alone. So just because you comment that you don’t care about AB or he’s a child, we get it. You never needed help in your life, so why should he get it. Except we all get help and guidance, we are made by 2 people, we are brought into this world by our mothers, doctors and nurses, so we literally all get help from day 1. The sooner you realize it, the better off you’ll be!

  26. GhosT sheLLz 75

    Loser! Hope his kids grow up to hate him.

  27. Wow, he need to calm down! He is sinking to a new low! Where is mother or father in all this ? Someone need to reach to him and tell that he losing everything that ever meant something to him! Maybe he dont care or he having a mental break down and maybe he dont know how to ask for help but someone need to reel him in before it to late! I have few questions also, why do it in front of the kids? Why not allow your children mother to take the kids to school knowing that she have no transportation? Calling her names and embarrassing yourself, putting your personal business in the street where one time have to come and dissolve the situation! For what? Then you tell the “NFL” to go and fuck themselve knowing well you going to need then when the money run out! God blessing the wrong people or person with a gift and this how mr Brown abuse it! This is a bad look Mr brown!

  28. Stay away from white women lol

  29. She definitely don’t ride no Bentley and that bitch know it. She was really tryna steal blood car and kids, then called the cops first to be safe.

  30. Man’s crazy

  31. He really might have cte holy shit

  32. Kalash Operator

    Fuck why is he doing this to himself

  33. He would have a bag of dicks

  34. swirlieeo sweer

    Damn cops😒 probably made him late for his interview at McDonald’s

  35. This man ONLY cares about candy shaped like dicks. He’s the lost cause. Racist asshole !! Pour kids, hope they made it to school. Dad of the year two weeks into 2020.

  36. Dude she doesn’t need the Bentley. she can get more than a Bentley with her new money after only showing one video of you humiliating YOURSELF in public during your court date. And in front of your kids. Literally this video is gunna be the reason you lose your kids dumb ass.

  37. Suave Citygear

    🤦🏾‍♂️…WTF KIND OF DRUGS IS THIS LAME ON?! Needs to be slapped in his mouth real real hard, dumb ass had 3 kids with this woman! Disrespectful son of a bitch!! The wrong people get money 🤦🏾‍♂️..”like AB, that is the mother of your kids”, BIG DUMMY (Red Fox)!

  38. Tom Wostoncroft

    Why do black men use the race card?

  39. Cameron Bryant

    This guy needs help. “Black vs white” as 2 black cops are on the scene. No children around him…please!!!!

  40. I love how he said this is whites vs blacks, the cop with the girl was black and the cop that was talking to him was Latino 😂



  43. Also who is the other SHMO next to him called PUG? Never heard of either one of these Cats.

  44. Christopher Vassell

    Either AB needs to stop using drugs or he needs to start, I can’t tell.

  45. chefboyarleezy

    AB doesn’t have mental issues He’s just immature kid who’s been spoiled his whole life because of football

  46. If she was black I’d care 😭😭😭😂🤦😎

  47. Curtis Phillips

    that’s why it’s an abomination to have kids with white women now look at him

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