Rihanna & billionaire inamorato Hassan “calling it quits” after 3 years of dating

Rihanna and Hassan have called it quits/Photo: Shutterstock, Instar

Rihanna and her lover sever ties. 

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BARBADOS — Contrary to global scuttlebutt, Rihanna isn’t gravid. She’s also no longer in a relationship. The 31-year-old singer and billionaire inamorato Hassan Jameel have called it quits after three years of copulation. They’re now livin’ single. If you recall, Rihanna and the Saudi businessman first hooked up in 2017. They were widely regarded as being the most affluent lovebirds on the planet. Rihanna, a native of Barbados, owns a net worth of $600 million. Hassan’s familial value equates to a mind-boggling $2.2 billion.

Still no word on why they decided to sever ties. But, when it comes to optics, they were nothing short of lovey-dovey. When they weren’t busy cheering courtside at Laker games, Rihanna and Hassan made a proclivity of sailing the crystal blue waters of Positano in a lavish yacht.

Last year, Rihanna told Interview Magazine she wanted to have Hassan’s baby — sparking gestation rumors. Turns out, she’s not pregnant after all. Hassan joins a prestigious list of Rihanna’s exes which includes singer Chris Brown, rapper Drake and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Rumor has it Rihanna is now giving up the ass to A$AP Rocky.

Lord have mercy.

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  1. I Predicted it was Not going to Last, hopefully, she and Drake can Get back Together!

  2. She is beautiful, wealthy and talented. She can move on, find someone better. His loss.

  3. Fake news.

  4. Im just waiting for Drake and Rihanna to realise that theyre made for each other haha

  5. She is just cum bucket. Not wife material.

  6. Veronica Antonio

    If it’s not coming from Rihanna’s mouth. I don’t believe it.

  7. Niyaunna Jones

    Rihanna and Chris Brown only makes sense

  8. Men want variety. The novelty of the new gets old quickly and men want new always. Why would a billionaire want to get married and have kids, Plueeesseee. Why buy when you can lease.

  9. Hassan understands he can’t turn a hoe into a housewife….

  10. Drake clapping his hands right now😭😭

  11. strongly suspect the issue was raising her future children as muslims. not unlike janet jacksons situation

  12. Anything Aubrey

    Geeze this year is for breakups and independent women

  13. He will never marry her because she will never be accepted in his community. He’s Sunni and Wahhabbi. Forget it Rhi Rhi. You are his black woman fetish. Even a black female virgin wouldn’t be accepted much less you who has displayed your tits and ass to the world.

  14. Bullshit

  15. Rodriguez Rodriguez

    I’m gonna flag this for misleading information

  16. Lonewolfqueen I shall never bow down to any man

    Muthafuckers are just jealous because a african Queen is with a Saudi man fuck off and leave Rihanna alone.


  18. That’s bullshit, he did something, probably tried to control her, grabbed her ass too hard or knocked her down n maybe tried to piss on her, who knows but yeah..he did something

  19. SexyShell Aries

    Let them Arabs stay wit their own kind

  20. Hope not true.

  21. Nancy Sharmuta

    Back to the slave auction for RiRi.
    Hopefully her next buyer can keep up with the payments.

  22. Senhsational V

    Once a slut, always a slut. I wonder how many guys she slept with so far.

  23. Arab men seldom marry a woman they have been dating and slept with before marriage. It is the Arab mentality full stop . So many women are unaware of this and start relationship hoping. If he was honorable he would have married her from the start. He is rich and so is she but he probably wanted to be internationally famous… how many of you heard of him before he gets with Rihanna even though he is very wealthy ?
    At least Wissam Al Mana married Janet Jackson and even if after, they started to have problems later, God blessed them both with a beautiful baby boy. But Rihanna got out with nothing but another failed experience. Time is precious, I pray she does not waste her beauty and youth on men who do not deserve her. I pray she takes the Time to choose wisely and only allow in her life a man who will bring stability, love and lots of children to continue her legacy to the people she serves . Rihanna you are a very powerful young woman, use your power wisely girl. We all love you and wish for you the very best!!!

  24. Rapmagic Deleon

    It’s just that Rihanna got that Oil Slick Pussy. OUT Slides on cock? And In Slides Another! She’s a Tramp!

  25. Makes me wonder if this is why she cancelled her new album. Cuz she had love songs about him and now they have broken up she probably deleting them off the album and singing about the single life. Hmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔

  26. Yeeey ,sugar daddy is gone.

  27. Saudi Arabia as a country is just another horror story so you can imagine the men in it, how they treat their women is sad, so sad…I was wondering when Riri was going to get her wake up call.

  28. Gustavo Alvarez

    Tell the truth her pussy stank

  29. Rihanna used arab guy to start real businesses and she did dry him out. Arab man will only oppress rihanna nothing else. She only dated him to suceed further in her career. Well done rihan 😂😂

  30. She wasted 3 years

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